They call it a crossover but thats more about its shape, rather than its size. No body shaming here its about as long as a toyota corolla as wide as a corolla and only three to four inches taller than a corolla. But it does look nice, its the sibling of hyundais ioniq 5, which is the art deco throwback, built on the same platform, hyundais egmp. Unlike the ionic 5, the ev6 blends in a touch more with current ice vehicle designs. They throw in an added style element with a design line running from the bottom side of the car, through the back as a tail light and finishing on the other side, its a fun feature. If you want your car to stand out a bit more other fun and notable exterior features include the little roof. Spoiler, a bold rim, design a mean ish, but not too mean grill and flush door handles. This is kias first dedicated electric vehicle, since the all electric neuro was modified around a gas car. The car you see here is the wind rear, wheel, drive trim. The ev6 has many trims with various configurations between all wheel, drive, rear, wheel, drive and various battery sizes, providing a good number of options to suit your needs and with decent range numbers to boot. These range numbers are very accurate to real world range and compare very favorably among competitors speaking of competitors. The ev6 is priced well with ranges from 41 400 to over 60 thousand dollars, fully loaded before federal and potential state level.

Tax credits, of course, before we go inside the car, i need to go back to the name of the car. The name of the car is fine. I guess i get that kia is starting a new naming structure for its upcoming electric fleet, ranging from ev1 to ev9, but names that are organized and based on numbers take some of the romance out of car names. Although the ev6 lends itself to some potential good nicknames, perhaps just 6 as an homage to six from the tv show, blossom or the tv show the prisoner or not so much as an homage in just six, because you like the sound of it, you could also Swallow your pride and go with eve six, as in the band or maybe youre more into the far east movement vibe, and go with like an eve. Six like an eve, six, okay, thats, pretty brutal. What are your best ideas for a pet name for the ev6 to get inside the car? You can use your phone to unlock the car, but you will need the key fob to start and drive the car. The fob, of course, can lock and unlock too, but it also has a very unique feature. You can drive and summon your vehicle. Okay, driving is a bit of a stretch, as you can only go forwards and backwards, but you can move your car while youre outside it, which might be helpful to get the car out of a tight parking spot.

It can also be used with the parking assist feature you can have the car parked for you, while youre inside the car like many other cars, but the ev6 also has the option to do park assists while youre outside the car. Perhaps the space is too tight for you or something like that. I did not get any first hand video of this in action, but it does work, albeit its pretty clunky and parks. Like a first time driver jumping inside, you will find one of the best car interiors out there today, especially at this price point beautiful dual screens, sweeping dashboard, excellent steering, wheel, design, a large and very practical center console and a large back seat. The overall design and utility of the interior space is perfectly balanced, as all things should be. There are larger number of buttons and controls, but it doesnt feel like it and i dont feel overwhelmed in the slightest like. I was a little bit in the kia niro ev kia has done an amazing job on its first foray into their fully dedicated ev lineup, which bodes well not only for this car but for others to follow. Look at the practicality of this center console lets start by actually looking under it tons of smart storage here and various methods to power and charge electronics, then up above you have a covered storage area cup holders and a wireless charger. This is also where you start. The car and select a gear via this large dial, you can also set your auto hold preference here, parking assist and on the front end, you will find controls for heated seats, heated steering wheel as well as ventilated seats.

Pretty standard controls can be found on the door and to the left of the steering column, including a button for opening and closing the charging. The steering wheel area is like a poorly cooked stake. Its well done through the wheel is a gorgeous view to the driving screen, theres standard driving, music and infotainment controls on the wheel itself, as well as the familiar controls on the left and right stalks before getting to the driving display. There are a few paddles of note. First is the thumb paddle on the lower part of the steering wheel, this paddle toggles between your three driving modes, eco, normal and sport, which, as with other cars with drive modes, do what youd expect in terms of energy consumption, performance and suspension, but wait theres more. There is a fourth drive mode called snow mode which limits power and regen braking for control. Even if you have a rear wheel, drive version and snow mode keeps both motors engaged in all wheel drive. If you have an all wheel, drive version, snow mode is officially ev up north approved the other. Two paddles are tucked in front of the two stocks, and these are to set the amount of regenerative braking going from coasting like a gas car to going towards one pedal driving as the regenerative braking will slow and stop the car very well. Once you get the feel for it, but beyond these paddles and the stocks is the driving screen, this actually has a lot of info with the bulk of the real estate, taking up by three main graphics on the left.

There is your speed on the right is a graphic showing energy usage and regen, and the middle area can carousel through a few different visuals, including a virtual image of your car and others near you on the road, a compass, a motor usage, visual and navigation. Besides the main graphics, this driving screen also shows things like your battery percentage, driving mode efficiency and torque auto hold status, the level of regen braking warning lights, cruise control lane assist speed limit and more. This display is very handy, especially for those that are turned off by the model 3 and model wise lack of display beyond the steering wheel. The center controls are very interesting in this car, with the controls not only operating as a touch screen, but the controls on the touchscreen change, depending on, if youre setting the climate or setting your music. This then leads us to the main infotainment screen, which has an enormous amount of menus, submenus, visualizations bells and whistles pretty much anything you could want to see or change as a setting is in there. One of the cool main displays here is the battery range screen. This shows you how much range you have until empty and even shows you what the adjusted range would be if you shut off climate control. Also, the ev6 comes with a walk around and aerial view of the car and its surroundings. Almost like a third person viewpoint in a video game, its a very cool feature to help with any blind spots you have when youre, actually trying to look around the car for yourself and as alluded to earlier here, is where you can do parking assist where you Have the option to have the car park itself with you either in the car or outside of it? There is no shortage of pages showing your route and navigation battery and range info, music options, climate options, air purification and countless settings to control the aesthetics, layout and options of all of these.

This is a fantastic system and it fits the car very well attention. Parents, road, trippers and carpoolers its time to look at the back seat and storage of the ev6. The back seat is huge more than enough room for my six foot, four frame for my head and legs. Kia really made the most of the space in here to provide ample room average amenities in the back seat, with a full down armrest with cupholders climate vents on the sides and handy usb c chargers on the inside part of the front bucket seats. Also, there is another charging option near the floor of the back seat in the united states. You get a standard 120 volt outlet the seats fold down nicely while in the back seat, but they also fold down from the trunk going to the trunk. You can see a good size trunk here. The trunk floor is large, but the height of the hatchback is a bit lower, making it a little harder to haul taller things and objects that arent as two dimensional. But if you fold down those seats, there is a lot more available space. There is also a little extra storage under the main trunk floor area, as well now, with the ev6 being the first kia ev on a dedicated ev platform. That means the frunk is fully available for storage right. Well, not quite, but there is a nice little box to throw some things in and i think the frunk looks a little bit smaller here compared to say a tesla or maki, because the other components are not nicely covered up by some stylish plastic.

Kias slogan is movement that inspires while the movement of this car is good to quite good id, say the handling feel and comfort are all above average and what youd expect at this price point? It feels solid and well built if youre more interested in the thrill factor. This trim is 225 horsepower and goes zero to 60 in about seven seconds, but the new gt version that comes out late fall of 2022, touts 576 horsepower and a 0 60 of 3.4 seconds. That 0 60 is very close to model 3 performance numbers and exceeds model 3 performance horsepower numbers, at least according to dyno testing results that is fairly inspiring charging. If you were skeptical of the ev6 being better than other ev competitors. This is where it might win. You over, if you already thought this, was the eev for you at this point in the review. This is what may push you to order yours in the next 10 minutes, even though the vast majority of ev owners do the vast majority of their charging at home, the ability to charge quickly and conveniently outside of the home is a huge physical and mental hurdle For evs to become the norm on the road, the kia ev6 is currently one of the fastest chargers out there approaching teslas supercharger rates on some dc fast chargers. Kia claims that the ev6 can charge from 20 to 80 in 18 minutes in ideal conditions, of course, receiving charging speeds of over 200 kilowatts.

Basically, the charging speed of the ev6 is way faster than most rivals like the id4 and machi charging. Two three and over four times faster. The only possible downside is this: faster charging might be harsher on the batterys long term, health. If the engineering isnt solid, but time will tell on that ford and other manufacturers claim they have purposely governed their charging speeds to protect the battery and claim they can charge faster too, either way its impressive to see kias first dedicated ev platform charge at this rate And exciting, to see what advancements can be made for their future models, this being eevee up north and all we need a winter perspective on this car. Clearly it is not currently winter. While i drove this call around. Perhaps i will update when the snow flies, but i can say i have no doubt that this car will be fine in the winter. There are trims with all wheel, drive and heat pumps, both of which are extremely helpful in terms of ice and very cold temperatures. The ev6 is as heavy or heavier than a model 3 depending on the trim, and the ev6 has a slightly higher ground clearance, which will help driving through snow. The car also comes with heated seats and a heated steering wheel, which is not only comfortable but helps save battery energy by not having to heat the car as much. There is also a winter mode that includes a battery heating system to warm up the battery.

For more efficient use and charging, and also there is snow mode, the driving mode that limits the acceleration and regen braking to help avoid slippage and skidding when starting and stopping kia has not only built a really solid ev, but one that is ready for harsh winters. I think the ev6 is really good. Fantastic, even its solidly built drives well, has an exceptional battery amazing tech, great performance, snappy design, all while being fully capable for daily life in a place that has winter for six months.