It is not just a car, its a lifestyle product, its a cult in itself, the british icon, the mini electric Music, so friends thats the first, all electric mini ever, and this is also called as a three door cooper s e or a car. So well talk about the car that whats different in this all electric mini or up with a car key drive features: okay, exteriors and interiors, so thats, the key of this or mini electric. This is to unlock. This is to lock, and this is to open the boot or yes, like the other three door. Cooper, hatch and it looks very much similar to its sibling because its not about the looks its. What inside this hood, though, be upgraded, because this is not like the other ice vehicles. This is the electric vehicle and well show you the electric vehicle, the electric motor and also take you for a drive, so some navy battery look key. So those are the signature, mini led headlamps with daytime running lights or you happy updating it piano, and this is a closed off grill. So there is no air intake over here, because there is no engine inside normal, regular, even in the inside and on the outside. As we walk on the side, you can see the similar yellow s badging over here and again, the energetic, yellow or vm caps, so thats a contrast, color or a significant egg electric car. Similarly im thinking about hes stylish.

So it is a 17 inch alloy and it look. It looks really cool because its a power spoke alloy, 17 inch in size or power. Spokes uk power plugs taking a similar. If you google, it right now and see the image its similar to this design, so they call it. The power spoke alloy 17 inch and the tire size is 205, 45, r17 side profile key. So its a three door, cooper, hatch, exactly four seater and it looks very sporty and very classy its a contrast. Roof one is a british racing, green other one is a midnight black, then is a white silver or ak moonwalk grey joey color, and you get this car in just one single spec, so thats the charging lid of the car is easily and thats the signature mini Electric logo, for you, which looks very smart and very sporty, so let me take you at the front of the car again and to show you the hood. Let me open it for you and lets see the electric motor, which generates a lot of power and were going to take you for the 0 100 of this car, which is fun to drive its just 7.3 seconds. And let me open it to open the hood. You have to pull this lever twice so once you pull it twice, the hood pops out. We just need to lift it up, and that is the electric motor of the mini electric, its a 32.

6 kilowatt battery, which generates a power of 184 bhp and a torque of 270 newton meters isnt. It amazing for a size of this car, a torque of 270 degrees, im, really excited to drive this car and take you on a driving experience, its really gon na be fun and doesnt. It look amazing guys these frameless doors im totally in love with it. Those are body hugging seats in a nice shape and nice posture manual seats are like the all other minis, the height of the seat, the pc. So those are the manual seats with the four levers that is, the accelerator, the brake and proper dead pedal. So its time to get inside the car and show you the interiors of the car Music, so the dashboard looks very nice and very sporty, just like the other minis nothing different in this. But what is different is this carbon fiber finish with a pinch of energetic, yellow accents, signifying that its electric current? What i really love is this yellow color. Even the start, stop button has changed. Bucky minis. There is another tinge of this yellow stripe on this gear. Selector lever, in fact, its a drive mode selector because there is no transmission, but it looks very sporty and very nice. Let me bring this mini electric into life. Let me just as soon as i push this down and the electric motor is ready to go and it is really electrifying im really excited to drive this, but before we go on a drive, let me tell you more about this cockpit, its a nice leather, wrapped Steering with some piano black finish out here and chrome in in the inside thats the signature mini logo.

This is for the voice, command, mini whats. The tire pressure tire pressure monitor. Please continue using manual control, so there are certain commands that you can use as voice commands in this mini electric, so thats, a very nice instrument, cluster of five inch instrument, cluster, fully digital and yeah center – me, of course, and thats. The full infotainment screen its a 8.8 inch infotainment screen and its a touch screen home button. We can choose whatever option. We want to choose thats the media thats for the apps thats for mini your car settings, your system settings your profiles display date time, driver profiles, vehicle status, so everything you want to know you can check out from this infotainment system the fm bands, the modes, the Volume – and these are the six memory keys controls – this is to regulate the flow of the ac. Its a dual zone, climate control driver can set his own temperature passenger can set his own temperature. These are for the front defoggers the rear defoggers. This is for the vent. This is for the air con control. This is to max the ac. Different driving modes have a mode change. There is a green Laughter Music and this is to switch on and switch off the esp electronic stability program they call. This is a neutral, and this is for the reverse and as soon as you press the reverse, there comes the reverse camera with the parking guidance and parking sensors, and this is to control the whole infotainment system.

So thats, the full navigation. A very nice and interesting display, which i really like so the whole mini infotainment system, can be controlled from this touch screen and also from these controls given out here. The car also comes with apple carplay and android auto in this car. There is a wireless charging. Also yeah cup holders, you have storage, thats, a 12 volt charger, its a cigarette lighter a usb port, a c type charging port Music, which adds to the aesthetic and roominess of the small car it doesnt look so compact from inside. It looks very spacious. You happy. After all switches, the lights, the rear lights and to operate this sunroof, so i can slide these curtains or you can slide it further Music speech up slide. The rear glass is fixed, thats not going to open the front glass is going to open and to close it we will just press this and again for the curtain. You have to do it manually, so thats the sos button in case of any emergency. You can open this and press it its going to connect you to the mini help line for assistance, and this car has a great audio system. It comes with a 12 speaker, hormone carton, sound system and its really fun to hear so its time to take you on the back seat before i take you for a driving experience and show you what the back seat of this all mini electric has got so To get, and let me see that whether i can go inside or not its not that difficult to go inside at the back or a minuscule so im sitting at the back seat of this all mini electric.

Of course it is yes, it is cramped, but panoramic sunroof view here side, maybe product glass, diy on both the sides, so it looks very airy. It feels spacious. It doesnt feel that its claustrophobic, although the leg room, the knee room, is very less very minimalistic so, but you can manage with four people for city drives speakers the way again its harman kardon. Those are the rear, seat belts cup holders on both the sides. Again, your center may be up quick cup holder, and this is to be used as an ashtray or a holder. Whichever way you want to use it, the sitting posture is nice, its not upright thought i was inclined there and jumeirah back here that is resting properly and there are these headrests also for the rear passenger. So i feel for city drives for shorter resistance. This rear seat is okay and it is quite manageable so its time to go for a drive and take your driving experience of this all meaning, electric Music, so its time to wear the seat belts on and they take you for a driving experience. For this all electric mini and we are very excited – i love this sound. So let me select the driving mode and lets. Take you for a drive first things. First, it gives me a feel of a go kart as soon as i turn those steering its very sporty, very agile and as soon as you press that accelerator down the torque kicks in completely so its a hundred percent of torque.

That goes in as soon as you press that accelerator and the car shoots like a rocket and bang on to the target its too much fun to drive the 0 100 of this car is just 7.3 seconds. What gives you that kind of power you get that power from a single speed electric motor powered by the 32.6 kilowatt of battery generating a power of 184 bhp and a torque of 270 newton meters? The ground clearance of this all electric mini cooper is 30 mm. Lower than its sibling, the three door mini cooper rest because of the powered battery pack placed underneath the seats. The acclaimed range of this car is 270 kilometers, but other practically up city conditions about getting a traffic key to up easily 190 to 210 kilometers. A single charge may drive and what is good about this car – that the charging time is very less wall mounted ac charger, multi fast charger. You can charge zero to eighty percent of that battery in just two point: five hours dc charger dealerships charger. So you can charge zero to eighty percent of the battery in just 36 minutes. So you know it is very fast one of the fastest that i have seen till now or battery warranty here. Thats a 8 year 1 lakh kilometer warranty joe battery and the standard warranty for the car is two years which can of course be extended. The price of the car, the current ex showroom price is point: nine, zero, lakhs ex showroom, delhi, delhi may subsidy children.

Here. The road tax for this car is very negligible. Normal register. The road tax is totally free, but depending on state to state, you have to pay taxes that youll have to check from your respective state authorities. This car also comes with a five year, complimentary roadside assistance. So the driving is very smooth. There is no body roll in the car and i really love the drive youre totally in control of the car. The suspension settings is little stiff. However, in the small speed breakers, if you lower the speed well, then you dont feel that hump inside the cabin cabin is silent. You dont feel the road noise coming inside the car so its time to take you for the 000 experience of this car. So lets put it on the sports mod, so thats the sport mode of this car and we are drive mode, one foot on the brake and the other one on the accelerator. It does 0 100 in just 7.3 seconds. Well put the timer for you on the screen. Lets just check it out.