It is the high spec style, oriented SUV option in the companys ever expanding range of battery vehicles, with prices, starting from around 50 000 pounds, of course, this being a swoopier more coupe, like version of the Volkswagen id4, we are talking about the now familiar Volkswagen Meb Platform under the id5, and that means that you get rear wheel, drive in the id5. You get a 77 kilowatt hour battery. I wouldnt be surprised if that does change in the near future as it is this test. Car is actually the cheapest of the id5 version. So This Is The Life Pro that gets 172 brake horsepower. You can get a 201 brake horsepower motor with the performance Pro, which is cool. I think probably Id say that the Mustang Maki looks quite a lot more athletic, whereas this looks a bit sort of chunkier. But I do like the fact its really high spec, even on this entry level trim. So you get the full Matrix, LED headlights on every id5 and you even get these fancy LED rear lights, which kind of do a little jig. When you walk up to it, they kind of do a funny. Tetris thing. Look at that Small Things isnt it, but I do quite like that. Our test car is actually the cheapest version of the id5 that you can currently buy the style Pro, which only gets 172 brake horsepower. You can get the performance pro model which gets 201 brake horsepower and there are even higher spectrums, including a four wheel, drive GTX version as for rear passenger space, its pretty good in here I have to say so.

The car itself is about 26 millimeters lower in roof height than the id4, but even with this massive panoramic roof, which is standard on every id5, I really like it. It still feels like this decent amount of Headroom in here loads of leg room, so I dont think theres much to complain about you even get a nice Center armrest with your cup holders and theres climate control in the back plus a couple of USBC charging points. As standard again in every id5, as for boot, space well thats compromised slightly by having a shallower boot than the id4 or skoda enyak IV, but it is still a very healthy, 549 liters of space plus theres, hidden storage. Beneath the boot floor, however, theres no storage in the nose of the car, so your cables will have to go in that boot. Space. The high spec stuff carries on up here too, so you get your vegan leather and sort of suede seats up the front here, which I really like Center armrests. All of this stuff is included. I really like it. I just think it feels much classier up here than it does in a Volkswagen ID3, for instance, which is exactly what youd expect of this being a higher end car. You get your paws and play pedals. You get 30 way ambient lighting your keyless entry over the air software updates all of this. But then you get no Lumber adjustment on the drivers seat, which really frustrates me, because Ive got a bit of a creaky back, and I really like Lumber adjustment and I do find this seat its a bit flat.

So I would definitely like that for to be a standard edition as well. I dont really mind the manual seat adjustment, so youve got your old fashioned, straightforward seat adjustment. Thats fine feels a bit Stark in a car. Thats got you know an enormous panoramic glass, roofer standard and all of that Volkswagen has updated the software on its infotainment system so that you now get smoother faster responses and weve not personally had any issues with it freezing. It certainly seems to start up more quickly than before too, and you get all the features you want, including Wireless carplay and Android, auto nav with charger search function and natural voice control and a decent 12 inch screen with excellent Graphics. I still have massive issues with this touch: sensitive stuff, that theyve got all underneath the screen, the touch sensitive climate control, the volume control all of that stuff touch sensitive on the wheel. I just think it looks cool and its a bit of an ergonomic nightmare. So I still have problems with that. When it comes to charging, the id5 will take around 13 hours to charge from a standard, seven kilowatt home wall box, its also equipped with an 11 kilowatt three phase onboard charger. If you have access to a fast enough AC charger, rapid charging tops out at 130 kilowatts, which will deliver an 80 battery in under 30 minutes. Music done. I think it would be reasonable for most people to expect the id5 to have a bit of an edge to the handling, because it is the sports SUV isnt it its the coupe like thing the swoopy version of the id4.

So I expected it to have just a bit of an entertainment to it really. This feels more relaxed and more touring oriented than the other ID cars and I have to say clearly I was misled by the coupe Sports profile because even in the drive modes, theres no Sports modes ironically, given that theres a sports mode in everything these days even Stuff that you absolutely dont need it in you just get Eco comfort and individual and thats it even riding on the 20 inch wheels. The id5 rides really nicely very chilled very relaxed, really good refinement in here really really sort of quiet, even on the motorway. I do wish it had a bit more involvement through the steering. It does feel really quite detached, maybe its a little bit boring to drive. I think maybe that is my higher expectations, But ultimately its fine. So, like I said this is the lower powered of the two Motors that you can get, so this is 172 break. The performance Pro gets 201. The naught 62 in this is over 10 seconds, so this is actually not a fast car. It feels fine, particularly up to about sort of you know 40 50 miles an hour after that. It feels a little bit tedious, but you know what I think for most people who are, after a fairly long range electric car, because lets not forget. This thing does nearly 330 miles to a charge. Officially, our car, with the big wheels youre, looking at more like about 315 miles, I think officially that in warm weather, though, and every EV is less efficient in cold weather, so expect more like 200 miles of solid winter Motorway driving as a worst case scenario, while Around 240 to 280 miles is a realistic range to expect from the rd5 in varied driving conditions in the summer in real world, even on a long Motorway run, Ive seen nearly 300 miles out of it maybe its the aerodynamics, but I think it seems to be A little more efficient than some of the other ID cars Ive driven honestly, it just has such an unashamed touring, feel to it its very comfortable, very relaxed, very quiet, and I think, if you go into it like me, with expectations of it being perhaps a little Bit sportier and a bit more fun.

You might be a bit disappointed if you go into it. Thinking yeah I like that its cool it looks sporty. I like all the equipment, really cool and high tech. I just need it to be comfortable and chilled and long range, but this is absolutely spot on, because its exactly what the id5 is. One of the things that annoys me about Volkswagens new systems, the lane keep assist its actually really very effective on the motorway. No problem with it there at all, but it frustrates me so you have a shortcut button here which is useful and then you can turn the lane keep assist off and on in the touchscreen here I would rather to have a simple button to turn the lane. Keep assist off and I would rather it stayed off it defaults to being on every time you turn the car on. It interferes, particularly when youre out on country roads like this, so its a little bit intrusive. That is something that you can pretty much level at. Almost every new car these days, the Volkswagen id5, is really very good. If youre after Comfort, Tech and you know fairly long range, but I do think it might struggle a bit to find a bit of fresh air in the market because Ive got to say, the Kia ev6 certainly drives a bit better youre up into Tesla Model y Sort of territory for this as well and thats kind of a more practical option and thats, where I think Volkswagen would do well to perhaps do a sporty version and make this a bit interesting in that respect, its a Volkswagen id5 might be a disappointment to you.

Then, if youre expecting it to be a particularly sporty drive, if, however, you just want a stylish but comfortable and fairly practical family EV well, it is well worth considering just remember that there are a lot of other options in this class and price range, including more Practical stuff, such as the Tesla Model Y and the Ford, Mustang, Maki and theres, also cars that offer better value for money all round, including our favorite of all the skoda enyak ivy head to for a whole host of fantastic used. Cars. Well, even tell you, if its a good deal or not do please, like the video subscribe to the CarGurus UK, YouTube channel and turn on your notifications.