Our todays video is about top 5 best, EB Charger reviews. Thats are available in the market. If you want no price and more information about the products that mentioned in this video, you may check the link in description box below so now lets get started. Music. Our first product is Grizzle EV chart. Grizzle e is one of the organizations which quickly adapted to the EV Market, with one goal of providing an affordable charging solution for all EV. This brand has been constantly developing Chargers competitively influence the market, the grizzle e Avalanche 1424. Pb is a level 2 truck. This charger comes with adjustable amperage from 16 of the 40, which is 80 of the actual amperage rate. This ensures no overloading occurs through the charger and gives a wider choice of output. The charging rate is also adjustable from 10 miles. An hour to 30 miles an hour, the charger is UL certified, which means it has been tested for rigorous conditions resulting in safer operations. The i 67 rating for water resistance, fire resistance, temperature monitoring Etc adds to the safety of the charger. A built in GFCI circuit breaker keeps the user from getting electrocuted. The cable length is 24 feet long with a 1450 Nema standard plug which suits normal 1450r Outlets. This charger comes with an aluminum bracket for easy mounting on the wall. The charger body is sturdy and water resistant. Now, our second choice is charge. Pointy, the charge Point has been working on expanding its charging networks for Ev to assist these programs.

They have also introduced charging solutions for UB Landing hardware and cloud service. Their smart charging is catering to a wider consumer. Now the charge Point home Flex, electric vehicle charger is a fast charger that works on a 240 volt circuit line and hence qualifies as a level 2 charger. It has an adjustable charging amperage setting from 16 to 50 that can be controlled by an app the charging speed hence becomes adjustable as per the capacity of the EV battery. A maximum of 37 miles per hour can be added through charging. The charging cable is 23 feet long and comes with a standard Nema 650 plug this plug is easy to remove for upgrading into a higher amperage setting. Charging schedules can be set with the remainder, as this charger can accept inputs through the Alexa voice command. Now number three electron EV charger. The electron EV charger is a level 1 charger that supports 110 volts. The charger might be a level lower than the 2 140 volt Chargers, but it offers a decent 16 output sufficient enough to charge EB. The charging cable is over 21 feet long, which follows the standard SAE Jones 772 protocols. This makes the 515 ammo plug compatible with several EV out there. It can also be connected to the standard residential electric Outlets. The Charger body is equipped with different notification LED which indicate the charging status. It also warns against any detected fault from the charging process being robust and equipped with overheat protection.

The charger can work between 30 degrees to 50 degrees, maximum and number four Juice Box EV. The juice box – 40 smart electric vehicle charging station is a level 2 charger with a maximum amperage of 40a. This charger can offer high speed charging. Even such high output using the charger, is safe. Thanks to the energy star certification, the 25 feet. Long cable helps connect EV cap at a longer distance from the charging station for increased safety. The charger is UL listed after undergoing different sets conditions by installing a plug for Nama, 1450r electrical outlet, the charger compatibility increases. The charger is connected to a dedicated app for controlling and monitoring charging process remotely. It also accepts certain voice commands from Alexa slash Amazon Echo. It can automatically sync with the local energy grid and schedule charging time to reduce the price of charging. Now number five wall box, EV the wall box, Pulsar plus electric vehicle charger, comes with a compact body that is water resistant. This is a 240 volt level, 2 charger that is capable of providing an adjustable current of 6 up to 40a, with a feature to connect. Multiple Chargers to the same circuit power sharing is possible. It also has a power boost mode which allows maximum charging, even through the normal residential power circuits. A longer cable of 25 feet length helps in connecting the charger and the UV ports. The standard Nemo 1440 plug is compatible with many EV.

A dedicated app is connected to the charger for remote commands. It can also accept power adjustment commands via Amazon Alexa for Google assistant. So what do you think about this video? If you think this video is really helpful to take your decision easier, kindly subscribe, our Channel and click the Bell icon to notify our upcoming video.