This is Aditya and welcome back to electric vehicles. Friends, today we are in the Telangana state to review this recently launched bike from bendling called Bilu in this video. We are going to see the detailed review and specifications of this bending below electric scooter and, along with this, I am going to write this electric scooter now and Ill share my real time. Experience on how this bike rides in the city, traffic conditions so stay tuned for that and if you havent subscribed to our electric vehicles Channel first do subscribe and dont forget to press the Bell icon foreign. First of all, if we talk about this Building Company, it has 350 dealerships across 22 States and 150 cities in our India, and not only in India. This building company has its dealerships Network around 85 countries in all over the world. Friends, first of all, if we look at the front part, they have used black white combination at the top and give LED dual headlamp and bulb side indicators at the bottom. Under the number plate holder, they give badging of their bendling company and we have a non functional air vent under it. We get telescopic Forks at the front and dual shocks at the rear while coming to Breaking. We get disc brakes at the front and rare, and it also got Combi braking system and regenerative braking along with this bending below, while coming to tires, we get 90 by 90 12 inch tubeless tires at the front and rear the design of this scooter is so Minimalistic limited stickering is used on the body to make it look simple and attractive while coming to switch gear, we get high beam, low beam, switch indicator, switch haunt switch and parking light switch at the left.

We also have Smart breakdown, assist switch at the left, which helps to travel 25 kilometers with 25 kilometer per hour top speed when all the electronics failed in this scooter. This button is directly connected to motor and battery and can run without BMS or controller while coming to right. We have three way switch to operate headlight and we also have a button to switch between parking mode and drive mode. And beside this we have a button to switch between four riding modes which are available in this bending below, while coming to seat. Part bending below gets a wide and comfortable seat for Rider as well as billion. I personally liked the comfort and space provided for the riders in the scooter. We get a decent amount of legroom and a comfortable riding position in this. Now, if we look at some of the technical specs of this building below, we get a 3.1 kilowatt hour, removable battery with lfp chemistry, and it can give you a range of 120 kilometers on a single charge, mind you, as this battery is based on lfp. That is, lithium, ferrous, phosphate chemistry, its huge and heavy. This battery weighs close to 30 kgs. If you are staying in an apartment and planning to charge it daily by detaching it from the scooter, its not possible, you have to plan as to charge it from the charging port which is given under this seat with 10 amp stars are provided along with this Scooter it takes 3.

5 to 4 hours to get fully charged and we gets a 3.2 kilowatt bldc motor which can attain a top speed of 70 kilometer per hour. This bending below is available in total of six color options, so this is all about the technical specifications of this building below electric scooter now lets write this code and lets see how it behaves in the real life conditions. Friends here we have the bindling below electric scooter, and now we are going to ride this electric scooter and we are going to know how it rides in the daily Drive conditions. This is the key of this building below electric scooter. If you ask me, I personally like the design of this, if you see the design of the seat, the rider seat is so comfortable, as well as the brilliant seat. Also now well start the test set of this electric scooter and lets see how it rides on the highway. Currently, we are on the suryapad Hyderabad Highway Lets test this quarter on the highway, and the company is claiming 70 kilometer per hour top speed on this electric scooter Lets test the top speed. Also, this bending below electric scooter supports the keyless entry. This is the remote key of this electric scooter. If we press this button twice, the electric scooter will automatically switch on you can see, and if you want to off this quota, we can press this switch. The scooter is off now now Ill manually on this electric scooter and lets start our ride.

If you can see the bend link below electric scooter is on right now. The information which you will get in this display is, we can see. Here is a p symbol in the display that indicates the scooter is in the parking mode. If you press this button, the scooter switches into the dry mode, we get the battery percentage indicator. Here we get odometer, and here is the gear position indicator. This scooter has totally of four gears. We can switch the gears from this button here you can see. Currently we are in the Force Mode. Lets start our ride off this building below electric scooter in the first mode. So let us begin our ride in three two. One so before beginning our ride, we should press this button so that it comes into the drive mode. Lets start our ride, as you can see in the first mode, the scooter is super fast, and if we talk about the top speed, I gave the Full Throttle in the first mode and the top speed goes to ‘ kilometer per hour. The company claims that in the first year it goes up to 40 kilometer in the second year 50 third gear 60 and in the fourth gear it attains a top speed of 70 kilometer per hour. Now it is the top speed of the scooter in each and every mode in the first mode. Its going up to ‘ kilometer per hour now lets switch this scooter into second mode, as you can see.

Currently, this scooter is in the second mode, and the top speed goes to actually it has to go 50 kilometer per hour. Now lets see how much it goes. As you can see, the top speed is limited to only 48 kilometer per hour in this second mode. Lets push this electric scooter some more and see if it touches 50 kilometer per hour, speed or not. Okay, I gave Full Throttle and it stopped its speed at 49 kilometer per hour itself now lets switch into the third mode. Lets. Take a: U turn here and lets test the brakes, also building you put with the disc brakes on the front and rear, so the braking performance is not bad, its really good friends. Currently, we are in the third one now and lets test the top speed in the third mode. According to company, it has to attend 60 kilometer per hour in the third mode, but its limiting its speeds to only 59 kilometer per hour. I dont know why yeah yeah now it attained 60 kilometer per hour top speed. I can see 60.. Okay, the suspension is really so good. If you can see, there are the there. Are these white line straps on this highway its easily taking the traps without any problem? That means the suspension is really good. Okay, we attend a top speed of 60 kilometer per hour in the third month now lets switch to fourth gear. Now we are in the topmost gear of this bending below electric scooter and now lets see what stop speed we can attain in this fourth mode according to company.

This has to go 70 kilometer per hour in the fourth mode. Okay, the top speed I can see in the fourth mode is only up to 64 kilometer per hour, its not going more than that, and when it comes to range with this 3.1 kilowatt hour removable battery pack, it can give you a real range of 120 kilometers On a single charge in the first gear, that means, if we limit our speed to 40 kilometer per hour, it can give you a range of 120 kilometers, as you are increasing the gears and speed. The range also automatically decreases while coming to the pricing part. This building below launched at a extra room cost of 97 520 rupees. The deliveries are not started yet the scooters has to reach the showrooms in all over the India. We got this vehicle from a local dealer in suryapet District, which is in Telangana state. So in overall Telangana State he is one the only dealer who got this talk of this building below electric scooters. The company is not yet dispatched the first batch of electric scooters to no other showrooms in the country, so this is the first test review in India as of now so till now we discussed the positive points of this electric vehicle till now. I rode about 10 kilometers in this electric scooter till now I found only some major native points and that are the indicator lights. If youre on the indicator, there is no beep sound indicating that we uh we switched on this indicator light.

So if they provided that beep sound, it should be better, and the second native point I found is the sidestand sensor. The side stand is also not visible when we want to on this side stand. So if they provided the sidestand sensor and the size 10 feasibility, it should be nice, and one more negative point I found is that pillion food pack, the given automatically foldable billion footpegs. In some cases it might get difficult to pillion to take that foot pack and to close that food pack. So these are the three negative points I found and one more negative point I found is this handlebar The Handlebar is so tight at some positions. In some cases we could not maneuver this handlebar in the peak traffic conditions, so the company has to fix some of these issues. If the company manages to fix these minor issues, it can be a good electric scooter in the one lakh segment budget, but right now it competes with the Ola S1, which comes under this same price segment. So the bending company is not yet ready to dispatch its electric scooters to dealerships, so this is the final conclusion of this bindling below electric scooter. Please comment on your thoughts on this bending below electric scooters and if you found this video helpful, please, like the video and dont forget to subscribe. Electric vehicles see you in another interesting video with another interesting bike.