I would like now to introduce you to jack whos done, displaying the installation for today yo. So I am Jack from jrc electrical, as Jamie said today were going to be installing seven and a half kilowatt car charger. Weve chosen this brand to go with because were happy with all of BG and the Seacoast other products theyre smart products. Everything like that, and also because its got the seven and a half meter tethered charger lead, weve installed. Weve chose to install it. Obviously, because theres block Paving down here were going to be installing it on the wall and the seven and a half meter will reach perfectly to where the cars located foreign, Music, Music, foreign Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music Applause, Music, foreign Music, is all Complete by Jack and the team today so uh Jack first time, installing the Sim TV VG tethered unit. How did it go brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I cant fault it at all. You can tell that a lot of thoughts went into the design of the product. From the look of it, which is obviously really important its stuck on the side of your house, you want it to look nice to the installation everythings been made. I think to make it easy for us to install from the push fit connectors once youve wired it in push in your lead, pushes in your CT. Clamps is push fit in the back of that and it also comes with the wire goes to connect on the CT and so yeah perfect.

I really like this as well. I think thats a really good feature that the holster holds it in perfectly tight, its not going to fall out yeah brilliant if this was fitted somewhere else and obviously we needed different scenarios such as not tethered or things like that or if theres poor signal on The Wi Fi, which you do get in different properties, what other products as theyre out there, that you do well. This model today has Wi Fi and 4G. If your Wi Fi is poor theres the 4G model – as we have here today – also if not its just the Wi Fi model, but then also you can go straight through the unit and actually plug in just using ethernet as well just for hard wiring. So that would be just plug and play option if you do have an end user, that doesnt want a tethered unit. We also do a socket version, also so again the socket version, but slightly different to this model, but its still nice and Sleek looking and then, as a manufacturer, we do provide the EV cables to uh Plug and Play myself also brilliant. Thank you very much for sending it out and providing it just to install today, obviously were really happy with it. No Faults at all fast installation looks nice. What more do you want was the installation as quick and easy as you thought it was going to be. I did think it would take a bit longer to be fair.

I didnt know obviously about the bushfit connectors and things like that, but everythings been thought about even down to scanning QR codes to get videos of installations up on your phone. It all helps it all speeds the process up, so you can just get in and out its nice really happy yeah. It looks great on the wall, nice Leaf looking and the end user is very happy with it. Also. Today, really, I feel yeah. Thank you. So thats it that wraps it up for today, so you can see a nice great installation here by uh Jack and the whole team at jrc electrical. If you enjoyed this video today, please tap on the like button and leave any comments below to find out further information of all the EV products that we manufacture. Please visit our website on simtv.co.uk, just like say a big thank you again to jrc.