That was a hybrid plug in electric vehicle and it was pretty cool. It was pretty Swift pretty fast, but not that many people bought it. So the company didnt last very long so it went under, but the guy who started Fisker. He went ahead and made this new Fisker. The Fisker ocean is a part of the new Fisker company that is put out, so the original Carmen was bought by uh and not Karma. The original Karma was bought and now theres, a company called karma making that car. So this new Fisker car is the Fisker ocean thats, going to be the first one produced and its going to come out in 2022 November. Now the entry level car is going to cost 37 4.99. That is an extremely valuable number, because its going to allow them to hit a very broad Market, unlike the first Carmen that came, they came out with it, was priced so high that not to not many people were able to buy into it. With this one theyre able to do more mass production – and it is a fantastic looking car – I mean the specs on this – you could do 350 plus miles with the solar panel. Itll, get you more than the 350 plus miles. In fact, they say: itll get you 1500 to 2500 more miles each year and then the entry level car will put you in it has 275 horsepower. 550 horsepower is saved for the top of the line model and the uh the entry level.

One is the one that goes 250 miles. The Fisker extreme also has 360 spatial audio within there and parking assist and all the safe features that all the cars today have I mean if your car doesnt have all these safe features like crews. Could you know like the upper cruise control that almost feels like self driving, theyre theyre lagging at this point, but the ultra and the sport trim are also going to be their popular trims. The sport trim is their entry level trim and the sport trim goes 0. 60 within 6.7 seconds, with a 20 inch wheelbase, the the ultra and the uh extreme cars are going to have. Those trim levels are going to have a 22 inch rims on them. Its going to be amazing and theyre, really leaning into this uh responsible car company narrative, they have the all recycled materials, so inside of it, you can get the carbon fiber recycled, carbon fiber on the outside and the Recycled Plastics and leatherettes on the inside and the Company thats building this car, in fact, is Magnus Tire. They are developing this in their uh carbon neutral Factory. So this car is really trying to make sure that theyre not adding to the carbon footprint that other companies and manufacturers still do so theyre, really putting their whole leg into this into this attempt and its looking really great, I mean it has a California mode in These cars, where all the windows will open up theres a slit in the back behind the passenger windows that opens up so that you can have your dog reach like put its nose out there and have the wind blowing and all that you know how dogs do.

But it is really amazing and Im loving these rims here, because theyre not like the other rims that I see in these other cars, everyone, you know, jumps on a fad and they go with it. But this one actually does look like its Stone. Lets see, recycle materials, blah blah infotainment screen. Ah, another thing thats pretty interesting about this car, I must say I have not seen a car do this – is that the infotainment screen in the center in the console there it rotates it will go from portrait mode to landscape mode. Now Im told this only happens when its parked, but it is still a really cool feature if you like the Tesla, the Teslas that have their their is in landscape mode, but some days you want to put it in portrait. This car is going to be able to do that, and the entry level for this car is extremely extremely workable. A lot of people are going to be able to get this, and this is before incentives thats. The big thing now, when looking at the design of a car at the top its a total glass roof from front to back but half of the roof, is able to slide backwards its the forward half it will slide backwards to give you the feel of having A top down you know, get the air in and this car is designed in California, so it has that kind of California Vibe, where you want to be able to reach outside and just have the wind come in, so its its a very nice design to it.

Its drawing a crowd, there are crowds, they come in waves, theyll come in, look at it. Take the pictures, hang out there for 10 15 minutes just checking out the car. Now this. What youre seeing here is their new skateboard platform. A lot of the EV companies are finding it a lot easier to just build out the platform for the undercarriage where the battery is stored. The motors hang the tires are held on and putting other bodies onto them that way, but this is fiskers first car theyre. Looking to use this towards the future for other uh offerings, but I I have to say its pretty nice, it keeps everything low to the ground low center of gravity, which is the plus of having these giant batteries in there, and it gives you a smooth ride. You have the motor here in Orange, and that is up front and in the back, and you can get a lot of power out of these cars with those two Motors. In fact, the entry level car which will have one motor will have a horsepower amount of 275 horsepower. The highest tier version you can get will have 550 horsepower, so you get a nice bit of range, but even the entry level car does give you a lot for the money youre getting because youre getting it sub. 38. 000. So you getting 275 horsepower and all of the features that theyre packing in there, its a nice, its a nice decent amount that youre getting there and you see how this rotates to Hollywood mode.

The TV is showing you what the infotainment system does when youre inside your car and parked youre able to switch the orientation of the screen, which is really cool. I I got ta admit, but the issue I have is that I would probably sit there and do it over and over again in to where I would need to replace it, but knowing Fisker they use quality products that would be able to handle my proclivities. You know in looking at the suspension there, the coils and everything its it looks like its just going to have a really nice ride at the end of the day, and the battery does seem big enough to handle their uh supposed 380 miles. And then you add in the uh, some trims are going to have the option to add in the the solar power once you add that into it, youre just gon na keep going and going and going so I this thing does look like. It has a lot of potential and it will be moving really soon so this time next year, orders should be filling out and being sent out well be able to see what these cars are able to do once theyre in our hands, and I have high hopes For this car it looks fantastic and it has a lot of things that are Creature Comforts for the average consumer, and it seems Forward Thinking so this is this is going to be one to look out for this is my prediction: Im still deciding my heart is With the Ford Mustang Machi, but after seeing the Fisker and the entry point, is a few thousand dollars uh lower than the entry level Mach E, I think theyre going to be able to pull a lot of different people and it has a premium feel to it.

This thing Im looking at it Im seeing the pictures Im seeing what they have to offer and knowing the history of this company or the owner is going to deliver. I have no doubts about it.