Well, currently, you only have a flurry of electric scooters to deal with and not a lot of electric motorcycles. Well, you do have a couple of options in the form of the Revolt Motors, a couple of motorcycles out there. You have the talk Motors Kratos. Well, that is still not a finished product up until this time, and now we have another proposition in the form of the urban roll or even, if you see it in your rear view mirrors, you wont really be able to tell that this ones an electric, because, Unlike most other electrics, this one doesnt look spindly and narrow up front, but like a regular old IC motorcycle with this chunky, telescopic fork and front wheel, the LED ring around the headlamp does look cool, but a little too Honda want to be for me. So come after the display! Well, you have a 7 inch reverse LCD unit, which gives you just the basic amount of information, not a great deal to toggle, with honestly its a little hard to decipher out there riding in the Sun. But yes, well, you do have connectivity via an app. You can connect to the motorcycle by an app and you get a lot of more additional information via that app rather than on the motorcycle itself. Well, the tanks on this particular motorcycle houses, the cable that you can use to charge the motorcycle and the best part about it or the unique and even more unique part about it.

It is a three pin plug that you can extend out of the motorcycle and plug into any three pin. Wall mounted socket moving further back. You have a rather narrow seat and the tail end well its rather simplistic, but of course it being an electric vehicle. Not an IC engine, you have no exhaust unit or n can or anything like that, so its pretty open and very airy. Looking at the back now coming to the right hand handling once you actually swing a leg over a motorcycle, the urban row. Well, oh yeah, that might take a little bit more of an effort than you usually would. This is a tall motorcycle and it has around 200 mm of ground layering, so its pretty tall and it seems very appropriate for Indian Road scenarios. The riding position quite comfortable its a bit on the sportier side, uh your knees, your legs will be placed so and it feels a tad sporty and nice flat, handlebars well within Reef. Everything where you want it to be. My unique one with this particular setup is the tank which basically, this the shape of the tank. Well, it sort of intrudes it sort of juts into your inner thigh. When you really want to ride fast and uh. Yes, the more you ride the motorcycle. Well, it is going to be a little more. It is going to be a little more painful to deal with, but the company says that it is going to address certain problems like this from feedback from its customers and people like me, so lets see how it goes.

The seat on the narrower side could be better in my opinion and uh for the pillion. Well, it gets even a lot more narrower, so Im, not too sure. If that will really be supremely comfortable for a pill in Rider over a relatively long distance foreign. The row feels nicely balanced, with a slightly aggressive riding stance and neutral handling. The suspension is a bit on the stiffer side and the electric could in fact be compared to a sporty 150 to 160CC ice motorcycle. One of its main USBS has to be that big. 4.4 kilowatt hour battery that you see right there, its a lithium iron phosphate unit, not the regular lithium ion unit that most other EVS currently come prepped with now. What makes this proposition so unique? Well, first of all, it offers you a good 150 kilometers of range or, of course, in eco mode, the most economical mode of this bike and Ill just explain what makes this battery so unique compared to regular lithium ion batteries, lithium ion phosphate or lfp batteries are Cheaper to construct, and since they are nickel and Cobalt free, these units do not create their own oxygen and its energy, creating chemical process which often spells disaster in the event of a camel tournament. Also, these units can withstand a higher temperature before going to Thermal Runway. So technically they are a lot safer. Now the biggest disadvantage of these battery packs is that they are lower in energy density in comparison to lithium, ion battery packs, meaning its less efficient, and it has a shorter range for electric vehicles in comparison.

So to address that particular issue, we have a large 4.4 kilowatt hour battery in the row and the best part is the company claimed that the battery will take just two hours to complete charge, which sounds brilliant when talking about performance. Yes, well thats, a big standout feature about the urban draw its one of the highlights, so you have three right modes to contend with, primarily so, first of which being Eco, you have City and Havoc Eco, of course, being the most economical mode, which gives you the Best range capability of this vehicle and Havoc being the most fun you could say where you have a limitation where you are limited to a top speed of 100 kmph. Now the room might be an electric mute with no real exhaust note, but this thing really takes off in Havoc mode. I think that its 10 kilowatt motor could even put some proper small capacity Performance Bikes to shame with this level of performance with sounds like heaps of fun and it is and Havoc mode the throttle definitely feels most rewarding, but what doesnt feel so much so is The calibration of the throttle and brakes on this motorcycle, which were definitely off this time around yes, now at being an electric theres, no clutch lever on this bike, but the brake levers on either end of the bar felt really hard to employ, which took a bit Of effort, but the brakes themselves function very well in a state like Maharashtra.

This motorcycle will set you back by a good one: lakh rupees like showroom, thats, inclusive of States, subsidies and the further down south. You go like in a state like Telangana. This motorcycle will cost you around 1 lakh 25, 000 rupees.