At this price point and this cars battery is incredible, the vehicle offers unparalleled value for the money in terms of its driving range stay tuned, because today well be talking about all the unique kinetic and nimble aspects of this incredible work of art, which is exclusively available On tech, electric, the all new mg4 ev compact crossover, comes in a rainbow of six different hues, but the mg 4ev waiting in your driveway improve your life with its advanced connectivity and many convenient features that will help you get around town and have fun. Because of this, the mg can facilitate your convenience. It is anticipated that the mg4 electric will make its debut on the continent during the fourth quarter of the year 2022. The vehicles just begun its final endurance test in europe, which entails traveling 74 hundred miles to a wide range of climates and terrains. The length of this electric vehicle is four thousand two hundred eighty seven millimeters. The width is one thousand eight hundred thirty five millimeters and the height is a scant one thousand five hundred four millimeters making it the same size as the volkswagen, ed mg4 evs battery chemistry was developed to cater to user preferences for the increased driving range and decreased Charging time with the mg4 ev, you can enjoy everything that the mg family is known for, but at higher speeds and with a more refined driving experience than ever before. With a 164.7 horsepower versions, battery that has a capacity of 51 kilowatt hours.

The mg4 ev has a range that is greater than 300 kilometers in the wltp cycle and with the 198.2 horsepower versions battery that has a capacity of 64 kilowatt hours. The mg4ev is a range thats greater than 450 kilometers behind the wheel. The new mg4 ev. You can have an adventure in motion, not just travel from one place to another, now its time to show the electric vehicle battery pack for the mg4 when it comes to electric cars. The mg4 ev is among the best on the market because of its class leading smoothness and stability during driving, amazing battery life and high voltage charging are just two of the features of this electric cars mini features. An increase in strength will make your exploits more tangible. The smaller battery produces 125 kilowatts or 168 horsepower, while a larger battery produces 150 kilowatts or 201 horsepower. You can take it on the road, the trail or anywhere else. You want with complete confidence and agility. They both turn the vehicles rear, wheels, keeping off roading an exciting experience. So is this all about the advanced battery? Probably no well come back to it later, but right now the question is: why is mg4 unique? It can be said because of its unique advanced technology. Now well, try to understand a high end. Electric vehicle that can handle city driving is the mg 4 ev, the vehicle that has a large touchscreen infotainment system with voice command and an advanced safety system with lane departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control and active blind spot detection by taking the human element and digital driving Out of the equation, the ride becomes more relaxing and secure for everyone.

Due to its advanced security features, you can drive without worry the whole way there and back. When you get behind the wheel of a brand new electric car, you can take advantage of the 360 degree parking, camera and other cutting edge features to get where youre going as quickly as possible use either the bluetooth key built into your phone or the satellite navigation System, if you own an mg4 ev, you may never have to move again, because this incredible electric car makes you feel like youre driving a regular vehicle. It has a beautiful design and its quick and fun to drive pick the trim, the body color and the wheels that speak to your individual style. They offer a wide selection of exterior additions that can make your car look better. The active grille systems ability to control air flow into the front compartment, contributes to improved fuel economy and range. You can extend the life of your battery by doing this. The combination of a two tone – black roof and a twin arrow rear spoiler, gives your car a unique an eye. Catching look thatll make it stand out from the crowd. This all electric vehicle is a great option for those who value spacious, seating and a quiet ride. The mg4 evs long wheelbase, in addition to its high ceiling, provides a lot of legroom with the demo packages convenience features you can take apple, carplay and android, auto with you. Wherever you go.

Those are pre installed on the 10.25 inch color touchscreen as standard features providing instant and easy access to a world of information. Now before we move to the advanced battery technology, lets talk about pricing for just 29 895. The mg4 evse has the lowest starting price of any new mg4ev model. Long range, automobiles cost around thirty, two thousand seven hundred seventy dollars. So, to put it simply, the mg4 ev trophy life battery is bigger, lasts longer and can drive 270 miles before needing to be recharged. A silent motor keeps it as quiet as possible and its long range and high quality construction make it a fantastic choice as a daily driver. The base price of an mg4ev trophy is hundred 36 dollars and if youre gon na spend that much money on a car, it deserves to be protected. Having the freedom to bring your children along on trips is a blessing, but it also comes with its fair share of anxiety. Give your kids the keys to a super mini suv, which is equipped with all the safety features you could want and has seating for up to five people in the back, making it perfect for long road, trips and other adventures with the family. What does tech electric say about mg4? The new mg4 might well offer value for money, but it provides a whole lot more than just that. The mg is a fantastic electric hatchback. That would well be worth the extra cost because it provides such a desirable combination of driving range interior volume and features and ride comfort.

It would appear that mg has skipped a value for money level altogether in favor of going straight to the top of the heat. Well, we do think there is some room for improvement in the entertainment department. We do feel that, despite the fact that the mg4 ev features a redesigned, infotainment and control system mg, stripped this car down to the bare essentials with just a dial for the driving controls, an electronic parking brake and a few buttons for de misting, the windshield and Rear window traditional indicator and wiper stocks are present, and there are also controls on the steering wheel. The 10.25 inch monitor is used for everything else. The climate control interface, for example, does not remain visible for long enough to make extensive adjustments, despite the fact that the menu system has been improved since earlier versions. Although you can activate the front and rear window demisting, it would have been preferable to have separate buttons for adjusting the fan, speed and temperature hey. The wait is now over. We are going to reveal the advanced battery technology which has been used in this amazing car. Most modern electric vehicles use a lithium ion battery due to their high energy density compared to other types of electrical energy storage systems, and the same has been done for the mg4. The power to weight ratio in this battery technology is excellent and they perform well at high temperatures and have a low self discharge. The majority of lithium ion battery materials are recyclable.

Lithium ion batteries are used in the vast majority of modern evs, though their precise chemistry often differs from that of batteries using consumer electronics. Although the term lithium ion can refer to a wide, variety of chemistries ultimately refers to a battery based on charge and discharge reactions from a lithiated metal oxide cathode and a graphite. A node and efforts are being made to lower their relatively high cost, extend their useful life and address safety concerns regarding overheating. The lithium ion chemistrys, nickel, manganese, cobalt, nmc and lithium iron phosphate are two of the most popular options: electric vehicles, home storage and utility scale systems are just a few of the many applications of lithium ion batteries. So if youre wondering has the mg4 the greatest electric vehicle deal ever, you may have noticed we havent compared tesla to anything else or called the mg4 ev a tesla killer. Until now, musks company has released nothing that can be compared to this one, so it isnt. Perhaps in the long run, but for time being we have no doubt that elon is pleased to see the mg4 evs introduction drive down the price of electric cars, causing other manufacturers to cause concern. The mg4ev is accommodating fun to drive and long distance capable, most importantly, it offers great value for the money making evs accessible to a wider audience and as mg is targeting its audience, we also need the support of our audience. So please, viewers subscribe to our channel and watch more amazing reviews.