So its not got all the bells and whistles on and starts around about 75 000 quid which for for a porsche its pretty sensible, um its not only a porsche its an ev so again, very sensible. This particular model believe it or not. According to those that tell me is outselling the 911 in germany, and you know why not now im really pleased to be able to showcase this as a car um and for those who want to try and buy and get themselves into a porsche. This is really the one to have its got a 92 kilowatt battery pack and should return with a wltp of a 301 miles. But you know we should get three point. We should get three miles to the kilowatt hour on any electric vehicle today and not just a porsche so its about how you drive this drive. The car youll see a lot of cars today that are pulling fours and fives, and and even those who, who were really into this space of driving up and down the country trying to get six or if you can manage three or four on something like this. You know do the math yourself, 90 kilowatts, you know, you know it certainly should be 300 miles all day. This particular car at the moment is doing about about 2.5, but again its brand new or very nearly new, with less than 5000 miles on it, but it is a fantastic car.

You know really is something to behold. Lets have a quick look around it before we take it for a run. Lets push the button and see what happens when we start opening some of these uh, these air buttons well actually, as in a lot of cars, whereas the perfiela no porsche. The boots are very small anyway, and this is not well not by a lot of exception, but it is a small, a small boot, but its a lovely car. Let me just double check that i did complain bitterly about having electric boot and to close it ourselves. Do we close this ourselves? We do so look at that electric boot excellent um door. Openings are like a lot of modern cars. Now they pull out and theyre ready for you to to entry its a really solid, well made car and some of those who have seen some of the the conversation about tesla theres. No comparison, you know the difference with this is a very, very well made car. You know its superb, absolutely superb, so this car has got a charging point on that side. I dont know whats under this one well well, well! Well, what can i say absolutely fabulous. I think, when i close this one so ac and dc charging, so this car will charge 722 kilowatt right up to 150 kilowatt on dc, so really effectively be able to charge this car from flat to 80 percent in about 40 minutes, or so so i mean Its its a again its right out there 150 kilowatts, though 90 kilowatt battery, lets assume we weve were down to flat, which is charging 80 kilowatt.

You know its 30 35 minutes for to charge it up, which is again really really useful, really sensible, yeah um. I cant believe that id like to look twice how fantastic is that a charging point on both sides of the car, which is the first time ive ever seen that now look fantastic car, lovely colour lets, take it for a run and see what this cars like Inside whoa, so here we have a oh keys. Flashing things are coming on powering up itself because it its recognizing the keys in the car, which is great, fantastic, so look around it. I mean what we have here is. It is um a its a typical porsche layout. You know great sports steering wheel, i say a lot of times: theres a in cars, especially you know. This has got everything you need, and probably you know nothing. You dont need and theres not a great deal in the car um, but lets have a look at what there is. You know, traditional clock, love that you know absolutely fantastic: great great stereo um its its roomy theres enough room in it. Um ive said it a few times on some of these evs. The room in these cars is quite its quite spartan, but um. You know wed, expect to see a bit more average field average consumption in the car. You know 41.9 kilowatt hours to 100 miles, which is you know, really just a bit more than two and which i think is this cars capable of much more than that, and i think thats um something that uh.

Perhaps we can, we can work on going forward. Its done very, very um small miles, so hopefully it will improve as it goes along. This car is more than capable of three 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour. So three certainly should be something to work towards. You know thick kind of 100 kilowatt hour battery. You know 300 miles should be easily easily doable and lots of uh decent things in here that its its got all of the the the bells and whistles youd see in in in the porsches, and, as i said, you know the great thing about this or the Interesting one interesting to me is its outselling, the 911 in germany, which you know fantastic. What what a nice looking car so lets give it a see we can find out how these things work, as as most people know, i just push the buttons and hope for the best, so gear lever, if you like, is on the dashboard down for drive um And well, uh were up and powered and were good to go so lets lets. Lets take this out for a run. Now, of course, i thought before this car starts at an entry level about 75 000 quid for and for it for a very high end, electric vehicle, its very sensitively priced, i think in when you, when you consider that um, the the the big portion, the big Audis are yeah all sorry. The the big tesla and the audis are all at 100, 000 plus.

So these cars do move up and move up quite substantially. When you look at the different uh, the different trim levels and and the way theyre set out, but it gets you into an ev, a very nice ev at rather center monic, a decent sized battery pack. You know big car like this. You know needs to be looking at 100 kilowatts, you know and and its its right up there and most of the big players now who are putting batteries into these cars are looking at 100 kilowatts for this. This type of car, because everyones expecting to see a 300 mile range, and i think i think its justified when youre paying a lot of money. For these. You know and and some of these vehicles now are pushing a hundred thousand pounds, which is an eye water. In some, when you look at promoter car, but then for that you need to get some return on your money and especially with the cost of fuel. Today, this car needs to be doing three or three point. Three three point five miles to the kilowatt hour. To really start to to pay some of it back, but lets give it a go and see how we go, and this is in normal mode. Its got several modes, including sports and all sorts of other things, but well keep it in in the normal mode and and and push out from from there and see how we go wow.

Its pretty quick, so um its pretty quick in normal mode and we think well leave it from sport today. Im not that brave. A few things on this car, which i was quite surprised about, um regen in all of the electric vehicles, ive driven um to be fair um, has been in at all times been automatic. If you want to set it up with automatic ive tried setting it into auto on a number of occasions it keeps popping out and having to push a button to put into to regen, and i think you know i think that should be automatic. Now maybe its me thats not doing that properly im sure as many people who have chance to look at these videos later on and comment on on, the things i may have may not have missed, and that may be one for you to pick up on later. But certainly i have not been able to to do that. One thing i do like about this um and i like a lot of things about it. One thing i do like about this is its got a little button that you can press and you probably cant, hear it properly, but it it has an engine sound outside if, when youre driving it, so you can push a button and it sounds like a petrol Car or something like like that, i guess with its um traditional engine, growling noise. So if you heard the pitch change, when you push the button, it now sounds, and certainly like a more of a petrol car.

However, thats great for well great for me because i like the sound of it, but secondly, more importantly, i think in certain cases the electric cars are very quiet and not only theyre, quick, theyre, extremely quiet, and this is really quick. Wow um really quick, um, normally theyre quick. They sneak up on people. So if this has got an engine, growling noises coming down youve got something that people can hear when youre pedestrians crossing et so thats thats, really cool, really cool. So i guess, to a certain degree, well take this for a spin and and and see how we get on, because i think this is a something im going to enjoy for for quite a little while yeah and ill come back to you very shortly. So i have to say this is really enjoyable. You know, and i do enjoy talking about electric vehicles and i do enjoy driving electric vehicles and never get tired of it and ive said it so many times over the last couple of years, where you know i just i get a real buzz out of driving Electric vehicles and sustainability and all the things that go with it, you know we we do a lot of work in the commercial vehicle world and in pro green as well. You know one of our big things about sustainability and how we drive this, but the commercial vehicle world doesnt will never develop unless the car world develops for it because thats, where all the moneys been invested and its great to see cars like this being invested.

So the battery packs on here talk about battery packs, etc. You know this is a german car, german manufactured german battery packs. I mean do you, research on porsche theres, several battery manufacturers that theyre joining up with and theyve invested heavily, and so you look at in in this space when, from from battery manufacturers, all of it looks like its a german german product and, as you follow it Through, depending where the cars have been made, theyve moved and made more and better investments, but you know its its its really brilliant to see what theyve done with this car and i love the way that its been constructed the way its built. You really know that this cars been theyve been really built, really really well its solid. It drives really well its so positive for the steering and its been its been designed around the the porsche pedigree, and you can really feel that you can absolutely feel it. Um im still a bit dubious about the the the range you can get from this car and – and i think its its its driven, really well to get three miles – should be a basic requirement, not not something. You have to work hard to do and i think that thats, probably something that we we need to try and feel as we go forward over the next 12 18 months and really see what some of these cars are bringing back in, because i think thats really.

Where you want to be waiting, listen, something like this is about 18 months and um thats a long time to wait for a car uh. I think if you can buy one at 75, 000 quid and it comes at 75 000 with 18 months. Youve got a cheap gap, i think thats. The way the world is at the moment, but supply chains everywhere are really really hard and really restricted. But you know this love this car great great thing: um a real sports car, an ev sports car. So maybe i have to to decide that this is going to be hard on kill because it is, in my opinion, its hard on kill. But, as i said before, the technologies that are putting into these cars will be in the commercial vehicles and the light bands of the future and thats how the commercial vehicle world you know, the the the the piece we do on on our commercial extendability for pro Hire and pro green were putting electric vehicles on the road all the time um in the commercial world and its great to see where some of this technology is driven from and its driven from vehicles like this. When you look at the group behind this and how much is being spent into ev, this technology will flow into their commercial vehicle side as we go forward over the next few years, and you can really see that. And but this car is fantastic.

Its a great car, you know its um, but it should be its a lot of money. It should be. It should be a great car theres. A lot of cars weve been in theyve, got so much tech on board. You dont know where to start. This is not one of those cars, you know theres its, like, i said its um, with the exception of the of the y from last week or last time, you know, which has got an a an a and an ipad on the or a tablet on the On the dashboard and thats it, this car has probably got as little in as the next one down in that in that space, where theres this is just this could be a a standard, petrol car. You know this when you, when youre sitting in it and ive, mentioned that when you look at some of the truck videos, weve done uh, certainly with a daf and things like that, where you absolutely are sitting in a vehicle which is instead of being space age. Instead of being trying to be something it isnt is absolutely ready to go its a it could be a diesel vehicle, it could be a petrol vehicle. This is exactly the same this this is youre getting into a porsche. It feels like youre in a porsche youre driving like in the bush, and it drives just like the porsche wood, and that has got to be one of the finest things about this car.

You know its its quick, its really quick, its fast. It drives well, and everything about this car feels like its ice cousins, brothers sisters. How are we going to put it, and that is brilliant, absolutely brilliant and an entry level where this pitched in at at around 75 000 pounds. This car is good enough for anyone who wants to be in that space at that size of battery and thats. What you want to do, and i suppose the eco person in me and sustainability piece youd, expect to get more miles to the kilowatt hour. I think we would, if you drive it differently, but then are you going to buy a porsche and then drive it differently? Im, not sure so. Thats it weve been in cars like you know, full well are gon na. Do four and four and a half miles per kilowatt hour, so i suppose its its all of those things that go through your mind when you are driving a vehicle like this um. You know hats off to him another great electric car and i will never get tired of doing this job. I enjoy it so much and looking at some of this technology and looking at the things that are developing and one of the things for me, the most exciting thing for me is the amount of development thats been achieved in a relatively short period of time. I just cannot wait for whats coming out next, but lets just carry on and well uh well be back again soon, so guys you know, as i always say i mean i think you know id love to spend more time on some of these things, and we Only get a very few minutes to look at something which is you know, an extremely technological car with so much tech on board and so much things are so many things that we can actually talk about and get into.

Of course, everything we do available on the pro green website pro website, you can tuck it take a look, have a look at these things, talk about sustainability and, of course, we offer many many more things when we talk about these, these elements, whether its battery charging Sustainability, all the things you can do in your business to try and help you get to where you need to be in that transition from from whats going to be ice into into eb or alternative fuels over the next few years. Thank you again for watching. Please subscribe if you can, if you like, what were doing wed love you to do that and ask as many questions as you can. Weve got plenty of things coming down the line, some really smart stuff coming up as well, and the last thing for me to do is have a quick look under the bonnet. We should try and do a lot of these things to see where youre going to put your cable um, have a look at this key by the way weve been talking about keys, very impressive, key lights on it. Everything when you get inside the car recognizes it straight away. Fan fantastic key weve had some very high quality keys recently, since the last one we looked at, which was very poor. Oh there, we go that opens up and lets have a look at this whoa. Quite a deep bucket and has a lot of things on here.

You know water washer, bottle push cable in there plenty of room for a cable and maybe a football or two, but really is great car.