So welcome back to all cargill. I am john and this video is not going to be about the new equinox ev, my opinions, a walk around or the different trim levels, theres plenty other videos about that, and this vehicle isnt coming out for another year. So i think its a little premature to talk about all that, certainly when they havent released pricing of the different trim lines. But this is a good looking vehicle and theyve come out with some information, and i had a conversation with my wife last weekend and i think its worth sharing honestly, because i think this vehicle will be a major major hit for gm now. The first thing is the equinox when it was released. Originally, it was too large, too heavy too underpowered with a really terrible interior, the next generation, the most recent generation. I really like it. They right sized it and its stylish on the outside doesnt quite work. For me, the interior is stylish, but ive had people talk about the quality of the interior and i always have commenters come on and be like yeah thats, a piece of crap, but i really really like it. But our opinion of gm keeps it off the list of the top tier. You know i have had multiple gm cars and every one i had was worse than the previous one. My wife has had gm cars and she has a negative opinion of them as well.

So when we look at a vehicle, we look at the durability and long term, reliability of it and gm falls, even if we like the engine, transmission, interior and exterior styling. So the new equinox, i think, is very attractive. I dont think its earth shatteringly beautiful by any stretch, but i do think its very, very attractive, very contemporary and i think the interior looks fantastic. But most of all, i think this is built on the ultimum platform and i dont think gm is getting quite the notoriety they need to for this. They built a platform that is intended to underpin multiple, multiple different models, so, while theyre a little behind the curve in terms of the hyundai kia or vw ev movement, what they have is a tsunami of new models that are moving our way. Of course, theyve got the bolt theyve already released the blazer and the hummer, and the silverado theyve got a lot coming our way – and this is another piece of that puzzle and i think its very, very strong. I think gm is going to become a major major major major player in the ev market. In just a few years. I think tesla isnt untouchable theyre, the cream of the crop in a lot of ways, but i think gm is going to just overwhelm everybody with volume to get the equinox ev right. Theyve got to put the effort in theyve got to get the exterior styling right.

Theyve got to get the interior quality the materials right theyve got to get the ultimate platform right, but assuming they do all of that theyve got a really really compelling Music product that they say is going to be around thirty thousand dollars. Now i expect thats going to be thirty thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars, but with tax credits, if they get it thats. 7. 500 off. This is a really compelling product, and so, while i think it looks great on the outside, i think it looks great on the inside and certainly i think the price is right there is that overwhelming, oh, its a gm product. Well, i was talking to my wife. This weekend and bless her heart for listening to me ramble on about cars again, but i was telling her about this and honestly she was on her ipad doing something and im like oh its, the new chevy equinox, its going to be. You know uh 250 to 300 miles its gon na, be you know, blah blah blah blah and its gon na about thirty thousand dollars, and she paused. What she was doing looked at me and went is that our next car – and that was really really powerful. For me, because at no point have we ever talked about cars and a chevy comes up and she thought thats our next one, but she has talked a lot about evs in the past. She thinks its in our future.

She knows its in our future. She thinks its possibly next. She listens to me lust about the ford maverick but wonders if maybe an evie isnt more correct for us and she works with a lot of people who have evs who absolutely rave about them and so for her to put aside her lets, say: prejudice against chevy Against general motors to hear the facts about this equinox ev and to think that might be our next car, because the price is so right. That tells me something that not only are they going to be able to tap that vast majority of people who dont have a negative opinion of chevy theyre fighting equally in the market, but those rest of us who grew up and have a negative opinion of gm And their quality and everything else for it to be able to overcome that and put it on the list, i think the equinox is going to be a major hit guys. I really do i look forward to finding out a lot more about this and being able to chance. You know have that chance to walk around it, sit in it and drive it, but based on the numbers and based on what were seeing, i think gms got a home run on their hands.