If this first effort is anything to go by nope, the Koreans have been quietly making decent electric cars. For some time now, the old teardrop shaped ionique was available as a pure EV, though most left the factory as mild hybrids, and for a few years now, weve been seriously impressed by the Kona electric, a small crossover which embarrasses the likes of an Audi e tron And jaguar i pace for battery range worthy as those cars are Hyundai realized it wasnt going to get a foothold in the EV Gold Rush alongside the likes of the VW ID cars, unless it wrapped up everything it had learned about going Electric in a body that Turned a few heads and then dropped Jaws into laps when we clapped eyes on the interior – and this is what makes the ionique 5 one of 2021 standout star cars, its an EV youll want to own just from clapping eyes on it before the range and features Seal the deal, this is easily the biggest head turner among EVS right now, no fake Grill, just a light Motif that bleeds through the front trim. The front frown, looks purposeful. The creased sides are brave and the lead festooned rear is pure Pixar movie, robot its a tremendous piece of car design that somehow hits all the Aero and pedestrian safety targets, while looking like a cross between a DeLorean, hot hatch and a prop from Blade Runner optical. Illusion that, while the ionique 5 can appear in pictures to be the same size as the Wii, Honda e and Fiat 500e, its actually a large Range Rover of Oak sized crossover masquerading as a family hatch, it rides on a new bespoke Hyundai platform set to underpin A fleet of new EVS with the usual mix and match approach to front and rear Motors and a skateboard slab of batteries under the floor.

Hyundais made a boon of that by giving the ionique 5 array seating position and an upright Airy Glass House. So it feels spacious and its easy to place in town the entry level. Ionique 5 costs 36 995 pounds. The only propulsion option is a 168 brake horsepower rear motor powered by a 58 kilowatt hours. Battery good for a clean 238 miles of range go for the ‘ 000 pound middle trim, and you have the option of a 73 kilowatt hours. Battery upping range to 298 miles. Power is also boosted to 215 brake horsepower, or you can go all out with a second motor up front, dropping range by 10 in exchange for over 300 brake horsepower and 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds on the near pound, 50k ultimate trim level Called um ultimate, you still get the choice of all three powertrains, but Hyundai will tempt you with 20 inch, rims a head up display and the ability to use your car to power other electrical devices even other EVS seriously. That Hyundai is now confident enough to put a car as bold looking as the ionique 5 on sale is impressive, but the fact this retro XXL hot hatch Bodywork conceals one of the most complete family. Evs money can buy his downright remarkable. If Hyundai can maintain this momentum behind the upcoming members of the ionique family, then the likes of vws ID cars and even mercedess EQ Clan ought to be extremely worried by taking the pump that people are more likely to be converted to EV ownership.

If the car is desirable as an object and an experience and gambling that theres more to life than the European players, softly softly daunty offend any one approach, Hyundai has built one of 2021s exceptional cars. Of course, we said much the same about BMWs Brave I3 and that pretty much sunk as a business case, whoops hoping beyond the pre order hype Hyundais onto something here, future of semi interesting family motoring could depend upon it. The world has plenty of normal hatchbacks pretending to be SUVs. The ionique 5 is the opposite. This is a commanding driving position in a car that looks like a chunky. Hatchback, you sit eye to eye with van drivers. The drive selector control is a bit of a fiddle hidden low and to the right of the Slender steering wheel twist it this way and that for drive and reverse the paddle shifters intuitively, add and remove regen braking slowing up for a roundabout by clicking them. Instead of tapping the brake pedal quickly becomes the ionique 5s inbuilt game. Brake pedal feel itself is better than the likes of the Mercedes eqa. More Progressive and reassuring Far Weve Only tested the flagship range topper complete with all wheel, drive and 443 pounds foot as youd expect for a car thats quicker from 0 to 62 miles per hour than a Golf GTI. This grunt shrugs off the ionex 2020 kilograms, curb weight and makes this car a serious piece of a road overtaking kit.

Emphatically not and while Hyundais end division has mooted theyll be working. Their magic on the ionique in due course were not necessarily sure thats. A good idea: this is a deeply unsporty car but dont for a second presume, thats, a bad thing, sure its fast but tails off about 80 miles per hour, theres, no discernible motor wine and though Hyundai went for old school mirrors instead of rear view, cameras, wind Noise is well hushed. It steers quickly to imbue a sense of agility but hear the weight and general unsportiness catches up with the ionic 5.. This is not a car youll seek out corners in its a car that deals with them just fine and gets on. With its day, the suspension comes from the old school of soaking up bumps, not keeping the car as flat as possible in a Bend. Instead, you Marvel at touches like a rear view, camera view popping up on the digidash whenever you indicate to expose any hidden cyclists in your blind spot. You lope along and let the ionique 5 waft as a big premium.