We will get up close and candid with the mg4 and answer if its the cheapest EV or not stay tuned and dont touch that dial lets get started and see what the mg4 packs on the exterior previous mg. Automobiles had a fairly lovely look with a significantly more modern exterior. The mg4 EV Alters that the new design borders near sexy sake says that the mg4 hatchback is the first mg vehicle to have a true Global appeal. Both Chinese and foreign consumers will find it appealing on the cars front profile. You get a shark like nose. Section pedal shaped three eyed headlights, a muscular bumper with vertical side, air intakes, a split, lower air intake and a lip spoiler with a rising Beltline angular creases. On the door panels and shoulders orange brake calipers and two tone black and silver alloy wheels with an aerodynamic design characteristic of EVS. The mg4 electric has a sporty aspect from the sides. The charging port is above the left wheel, Arch on the quarter panel on the rear of the mg4. You get the sake, Vision, LED lighting system, a big, almost full width, tail light a clean bumper, a split rear, spoiler and a sizeable skid plate. The mg4e TV will come in the new colors of volcano orange, Camden, gray, halborn blue Dynamic red black pearl and Arctic White in the UK. A two tone: roof option will also be available from mg. Next lets look to the interior and see what the car offers.

The interior of the mg4 is simple, but modern, with a floating center console housing, the driving mode selection and electronic parking brake a streamlined dashboard with thin AC vents. A small two spoke steering wheel with flattened top and bottom a light, white and gray. Two tone upholstery 7 inch thin display for the instrument cluster. The center of the dashboard has a 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment panel mounted on top of it, despite the interior being fairly good, the materials used are not very premium. This vehicle offers lots of space for the driver and passengers due to its large wheelbase. Even if youre six feet tall, you can sit in the back with ample head and knee space. Although the base capacity 365 liters or around 13 cubic feet, is more than most subcompacts but less than the VW ID .3 or Cuba born the cargo space is typical. When the back seats are folded down, more space is available than in most subcompacts, 1177 liters or around 42 cubic feet, but once again, less than in Volkswagen group Rivals next lets go on and talk about the specifications of the mg4, the mg4 electric is a custom. Ev built on the nebula platform in Europe, the platform is advertised as modular scalable platform or Ms autohome.com.cn referred to as a super platform built from the ground up just for electric cars in a study released on June 26, 2022. According to the Chinese Source, the internal code name for this platform is E2 and it is the replacement for the mg Marvel E1 platform.

The scalable architecture of the MSP enables the creation of EVS with a wheelbase base, ranging from 2650 to 3100 millimeters. The new platform allows for the construction of EVS with various body types, including hatchback, notchback, Saloon, SUV and Van. The new platform will be crucial to mgs expansion across Europe. Moving on lets take a look at one of the most important things. Any car should do to compete with its Rivals performance in the UK. Both the standard range and long range versions of the mg4 EV will be available each with a single motor positioned at the back. The motor for the long range model delivers 150 kilowatt, 201 HP and 184 foot pounds of torque, while the motor for the standard range variant provides 125 kilowatt, 168 HP and 184 foot pounds of torque. The former features a battery pack with a capacity of 50.8 kilowatt hours that provides a wltp range of 218 miles, while the ladder has a battery with a capacity of 61.7 kilowatt hours that provides a WL TP range of up to 281 miles. The mg4 EV has a peak speed of 100 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.5 seconds for the standard range models and 7.7 seconds for long range models. There will soon be an AWD model with a separate motor driving the front wheels to compete with the VW ID .3 GTX. It may be a performance oriented version with a Sprint time, from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour 0 to 62 miles per hour of less than 5 Seconds power and handling go hand in hand and for the mg4.

This has not been compromised. The 50 50 weight distribution of the mg4 electric should improve handling. Additionally, it receives a dual pinion assist electric motor steering DP EPS, rather than a traditional rack, assist electric power steering at least in China. Reps. Introducing the new technology to the car industry coincides with the global shift in consumer preferences toward SUV body types and electric drivetrains, due to the heavier weight of the batteries than in gas powered cars. Steering loads are greater in EVS to accommodate the extra weight they need. A different steering system, the secondary pinion in DP EPS, is tuned for aid, while the main pinion is geared for vehicle Dynamics and performance. Having talked of the range the mg4 is capable of, we cannot feel to mention the technology of the battery since its very distinct. The one pack Battery Technology, also known as the Rubiks Cube battery system in China according to mg, is what allowed the company to keep the height of the vehicle so low. The battery that the parent firm sake has created is the flattest one. Yet the recruitment cell arrangement of the one pack battery system allows for a market leading minimal battery height of 110 millimeters. The mg4 electric is one of the most Innovative EVS produced by the company to date, thanks to sakes usage of the Revolutionary cell to pack or CTP technology. This technology allows for the creation of battery packs with energy storage capacities, ranging from 40 kilowatt hours to 150 kilowatt hours.

Sake will be able to Market msp based EVS with bass since battery switching is also an option battery as a service users May update and even switch to a smaller battery when necessary, according to zoo Jun. Deputy chief engineer sake, additionally, supported by the MSP platform, is 800 volt charging technology. The versions with 800 volt charging technology will reach 80 capacity in only 15 minutes and have a range of 200 kilometers, 124 miles after just 5 minutes. The models fitted with standard 400 volt charging technology will have a range of 100 kilometers 62 miles after 5 minutes of charge and need 30 minutes to reach 80 capacity. The mg4 will be available in different variants. Lets talk about these more in the next segment. In the UK, mg will offer three variants of the four EVS SE standard range. Se long range and trophy long range automatic, LED headlights and tail lights, 17 inch alloy wheels, the mg pilot, Adas, Suite adaptive cruise control, Etc will all be standard features in the basic version. The active Grille shutter AGS system will be added to the long range SE configuration which may extend range by up to 10 percent by controlling airflow and improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the EV by up to 30 percent. The trophy long range configuration will have a two tone: roof rear privacy, glass, rear, spoiler, heated front seats with driver seat, electronic adjustment, heated steering wheel, Wireless smartphone charging and more a 360 degree.

Camera and additional mg pilot functions blind spot detection, Lane change, assist and rear cross traffic alert will also make the range topping configuration safer. Next, we will see if the mg4 is the cheapest EV before we see that shout out to you for reaching this point. If you are enjoying the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more videos with that done. Lets go on and see if it is the cheapest. The mg4 evs affordability is, however, its strongest selling point the SE trophy cost. Thirty. One Thousand four hundred ninety five euros: thirty, seven thousand five hundred dollars the SE long range cost twenty thousand four hundred ninety five euros; thirty four thousand dollars and the SE standard range cost. Twenty five thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars – Thirty one thousand dollars these prices – put it well below almost all its Rivals, notably the Renault Zoe Nissan Leaf, all stalantis vehicles, Vauxhall opal pajoto and Volkswagen group EVS, making it the cheapest in its category youll notice that we Never directly compared Tesla to mg4 in this video. Nor did we refer to the mg4 EV as a Tesla killer thats, because Tesla has not yet released anything in this category, perhaps in the future. But for the time being, Elon will no doubt be pleased to see the mg4 EVS arrival reduce the cost of owning an electric vehicle. The other manufacturers need to worry. However, although it isnt Flawless, the mg4 EV is still really nice.

It has a fantastic range, is convenient and is fun to drive. The best part is that it offers great value, making EV somewhat more affordable to everyone and thats about all for the mg4. Do you think its good value for the money? Also, do you think you would get a better deal for the same price tag? Please let us know in the comments section thanks a lot for watching the video until the next one peace.