Well, come back inside Ill! Show you, the interior functionality of this car and well take it out for a drive as well to see what it is like and well start with some facts and figures, though uh this is the Kia ev6 GT line S all wheel, drive and it retails at 55 195 pounds uh now one thing that KIA do fabulously as uh. Similarly, Hyundai did with the ionic 5 that we reviewed. That is your all in price. So everything in this car comes as standard. The GT line. S is the top spec GT line. You can also get the air, which is a basic model which starts at 44 000 pounds. You get the GT line, and then you get GT line S and this been the all wheel. Drive has a bit more poke, so its fitted with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery that kicks out 321 brake horsepower and 605 newton meters of torque, which means not 60, is ticked off in a rather brisk 5.2 seconds were touch upon that a bit more in the Drive along um but lets get started and have a look at the outside, and here it is the Kia ev6 finished in this rather fetching red, paintwork um. I think theyve done a really good job in the design of this looks traditional enough yet futuristic enough to sort of fit the EV mold. Oh, you get these rather fantastic, LED headlights and they do a really fantastic job at night.

As we come around the side. Theres been a GT line, S version does come with 20 inch wheels. I think 18s and 19s are available at the lower end of the spectrum. Um, one thing to note is a really short distance between nose and the wheels here that does create a bit more space in the cabin which is good and you know obviously no need to put an engine up top there theres a bit of storage space in There as well now, if we unlock it and just see the way the door handles present themselves there, so theyre sort of in the left handed configuration there well come back to the cabin in a minute as we come around to the rear. So we get the Privacy glass as standard. Well, just have a quick look in here, actually um yeah, because its a really comfortable environment to be in actually so you get these nice suede seats and you also get the through loading so very easy to drop the seats down get through into the boot there. Youve got ice fix a couple of charging points, but you get a nice low floor line here, so you can actually get three people. Three adults in the back here quite comfortably. Just have a look through to the drivers view there, because I think its a really quite nice driver focused cabin that but yeah well touch on that a bit more in a moments time uh the charging port for the car is at the back here.

If we press that in there so yeah all the cables you plug it in there and everything else and the cables are kept in the boots, which well have a look at in a second. But I really like this light bar that comes across the back here. I think it looks really good um yeah, quite futuristic. It stands out in a positive way as well. Actually this car, but without being too garish. In my opinion, um weve got charging cables here. I dont know it does fit in this bag. I dont know how those people do it. I mean it must go to Scouts and get all your, not Badges and all that sort of stuff um. So you get 490 liter boots theres plenty of space in there it is split level, so you can get a few more bits and pieces in there as well um you get the retractable cover here as well. You can take that out and Ive Ive got a bike in here pretty easily so easy to jump the seats you can do something you can do from here as well, so yeah very easy to do all that and you get hands free, tailgate as well and Well, just come around the side here to complete the look um one detail: internet lights, get these nice 3d effect here. I do really really like this light bar across the back. I think thats um yeah, its pretty stylish looks, looks pretty good.

I think the Privacy glass suits the car as well. I do like those Wheels as well – I must say um yeah, all in I do think this is quite handsome car, its certainly one that you notice, when you see it out and about on the road, but it being a Kia it being fully loaded. The real value is to be derived inside, and this is the view from the drivers seat of the Kia ev6 and, like I mentioned, I think its a really nice driver, focused environment. This youve got a nice array of controls down here from Wireless Mobile charging. Heres your drive selector here start button and well fire it up now. Actually so its 12.3 inch curved screen across here, which is yeah, really quite easy to use, actually um just comes fully loaded. This car – I really like it so we come down here. Weve got ventilated seats, heated seats and heated steering wheels to get ventilation heated on the passenger side as well, and you get heated seats in the rear um. Now these seats are finished in suede, then with some vegan leather across here. So a bit of a contrast there between cow and synthetic, but there we go um and you get these headrests as well. Um. One minor complaint with these headrest actually is because these theyve got these bits that protrude out the side um. It does just swallow up a bit of your blind spot when youre checking and you do get a blind spot monitor, come up on the wing mirrors there, but yeah theyre, just um theyre, just quite chunky, so just makes turning around and seeing your blind spot a Little bit tricky at times, but um yeah, I dont, know a button minor complaint.

I guess, and plenty of functionality on the steering wheel as well. Its got things like cruise control adjusting speed, um distance from the car in front. One button that youre going to want to press quite a lot. Actually, if you hold this down, look at the steering function up there. It just turns a lane, keep assist off, um Id, say thats, a bit of a weakness in the driving experience it just beeps and rumbles the steering wheel. A bit. Doesnt really do a great deal and its incredibly annoying because it starts beeping as soon as you come within, like two centimeters of the line, its just a little bit a little bit irritating um other good features on the steering wheel. So youve got the drive mode. Select here um, so this is worth keeping handy and just a couple of times. So when you have it in e code there, the throttle response is quite muted, so you might just go for a quick Gap when youre pulling out in town and it doesnt really go forward with too much urgency. So you want it in normal or sport. For that – and you can see that that that affects the range down here as well depending on what mode you have it in um normally get up and running, then stick it in Eco, uh, yeah, very easy, very comfortable to use um. You can open the charge port and Boot and all that sort of stuff down here as well and yeah all your windows and usual gubbins.

There um another thing you get the ambient lightings, I think, is 64 colors. You can choose from and theyve got it in a Bluey purple at the moment and its a really nice environment to be in at night, and you also get this 14 speaker. Meridian surround sound system as well and um Id say, thats, really quite good, actually um. I do quite like that another feature as well get the panoramic roof here. It is raining at the moment. Otherwise I would open that up that does open up there as a summary, so yeah, another nice feature to have in warmer weather, um loads of storage space. In here so theres a cloth box, I mean I cant even reach the back of it from theres loads of space. There, the door bins, perhaps a bit smaller, but you get youd get a larger bottle in there. But as we come across here and so youve got USBC and USB charges uh, but theres a big storage compartment underneath there. So you can get loads of bits and pieces in there. And then we come up here. A couple of cup holders. Another storage bit there and theres another deep bin in there for all your bits and pieces, so yeah plenty of storage, space and practicality, um, one other cool feature actually of the infotainment. So Ive got this here at the moment to slip between you, know, map and media and all that sort of business, and then thatll do the volume.

If I press this button here, it changes to be the HVAC which is really good, so yeah. If you just need to quickly adjust the temperature on either sides press that and then you can go back to radio and settings and all that sort of thing. Um. Just have a quick look at the screen to wrap this up: uh yeah, very usable um, not too laggy. Actually, I think its slightly better than the one in the Hyundai ionic five, its a little bit easier to reach for starters, because the screen does curve towards you um a lot higher and ionic. Five, though it doesnt have wireless Apple, Auto or Android carplay. Whatever those things are called, and so you have to plug those in down there but um, you know just Sports, Bluetooth, audio and all that sort of thing um. And finally, there is a head up display. Ive turned that off because it did make me feel a bit sick, actually um, as it did with the high end ionic five um other cars. We reviewed recently the BMW I4 M50. I loved the head up display in that I dont know just something about these ones, that you know. Hasnt sat right with me, but very easy just dive into the menus turn it off and Away. You go uh, so yeah all in all, um yeah really comfortable. Nice environments being just comes fully loaded, um, so yeah thats a thats, a huge tick in the Box for Kia, as it was for height and dive, but anyway lets take it out on the road too its like and give it a comparison to a couple of Other cars as well so whats, the Kia ev6 like to drive well, as we mentioned, does not 16 5.

2 seconds were in sport mode. You do get that instant hit to talk like you do with all EVS. That yeah just throws you back in your seat, and is you know its impressive, its impressive, but I wouldnt say that that is this cars resonatory. It doesnt ever feel like its there to be a race car or a tract a weapon, or anything like that. Its very much a family, SUV and Id say the biggest selling point of this car as it was with Hyundai ionic 5, with which it shares many underpinnings. A lot of buttons in the infotainment system, Etc are similar its just get that all in one price. Theres. No messing around with the options list and, as you mentioned this being the GT line S, it is the top spec. So it comes fully loaded and its just that price is 55 000 pounds thats what you pay and everything comes to stand with it, and it just doesnt disappoint its just a really competent car and another flip side of that is it doesnt necessarily stand out in Any ways um it doesnt, provide you with hugely memorable driving experiences Thrills and spells, and all that sort of thing um, but tended to. I guess, um its just a very amenable car, its very easy to get on with incredibly easy to use. All the functionality is laid out superbly here and they thought about everything like the driving position. Everything else is just really good all the buttons that you want here, and you know the touch screen on here to change between infotainment and HVAC and all that sort of stuff.

Its just all really well thought out its and I think its good looking car on the outside as well, and that matters as well um, just here very easy card to get on with a very easy car to drive. I did mention that we compare it to a couple of others, so the last call we reviewed was the Ford Mustang Mac e. Now Id say. The main weakness was with that was that it didnt have that many options on it. It was 61 000 pounds compared to this at 55 and yeah. It just didnt have all that many options fitted to it um. So this is six thousand pounds cheaper and comes fully loaded. You get things like the panoramic roof. The ventilated seats, the 360 parking camera. The upgraded stereo hands free, but um. All of that just comes to standard in here. Youd have to get Tech pack in the Mustang, which would take the price up to 65.. Is it worth 10 000 pounds more than this? No! No, its not I mean thats thats, the simple answer and Mustang, arguably a better driving experience, but not by ten thousand pounds and other more play for Thailand. Steel was a bit better, just more communicative with the road I mean. Are you buying a family SUV for driver feedback and the tail end slipping out a roundabouts and that sort of thing Id argue youre? Probably not. I mean youre never going to take this on a track day.

Are you I mean? Obviously not. It weighs over two tons and theres, no hiding that when you get into bends and down Country Roads and that sort of thing um, just not what this car is all about, and what its about is just fitting in seamlessly with that family livestock loads of space. In it got your ice, fixed loads of storage, all that sort of thing you get a decent range out of it. Um now Ive done 180 miles of two 2.8 miles per kilowatt hour. I have had it in sport quite a lot so that has affected it. Um did a commute in it got 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour, so thats nudging, your rain jumps around 270 miles. That is thats achievable um. You know yeah. If you are knocking into sport, if youre doing longer, Motorway runs um sort of push on a little bit and you are going to lose quite a bit of range. So youre gon na have to stop more frequently but thats the same with all leaving so thats thats. Nothing new um, just really a lot of usability of this car um very nice to drive very smooth Driving Experience, its great having speed bumps and potholes, and that sort of thing and its very quiet its just. I just love the functionality that its got in here is just everythings really well thought out, like I said, um all the buttons here within easy reach, just very easy car to use um yeah, plus it doesnt necessarily stand out in any way it would just if Youre buying this for family use.

You just want a car that blends in the background this does here its just so unfussy from options listed Driving Experience, um, yeah, theres, nothing to criticize um, but yeah like I said, the flip side of that is nothing. You know. Advertently amazing about it either, but its nice having that bit of grunt as well to get off the line and not that long time is quite handy. They just need to make gaps and that sort of thing. But then you just cycle background to Eco. All the driver buttons steering wheel – I mean that was another weakness with the full Mustang Mackie. Actually is it didnt have all that functionality up top of where we had to dive into the menu using the big screen to change driving modes, which was a bit of a shame. Um yeah, I mean the driving Modes, quite succinct in this as well its a good sport in a moment you stamp on it, and it throws everything back if I just put that back through to where you can it ease off again and then Etc so Ill Stamp on it now just much slower to that initial pickup, but thats good, because it means youve got 360 driving modes to an Eco, normal and Sport, but um yeah. I should probably stop rambling on them. You know um if youre, just looking for that sort of family, EV, SUV type thing practical, good, looking really easy to use that everyones just going to get on with then yeah theres.

So much to commend these cars with. I think here have done a really good job, as I felt that um Hyundai are done with the ionic five um, so I guess I will try and make a decision between those two cars now its very difficult, because there is a lot of similarity between them. I think I would give it to the ionic five just on looks Ive read the way that looked that sort of moon, buggy styling. I think this will probably look better in five years time, though than that did, I think, thats. So the ionic five is outlandish in the Here and Now, whereas I think this will look better to go for, but I mean that is all there is to choose between them really is just the Aesthetics. The driving experience in both theyre both really well thought out. Cars and most crucially, really well priced cars as well. That would just fit into Family Life very very easily. I hope youve enjoyed this video. If you have please give it a thumbs up and please also consider subscribing Ive got loads of videos on the channel weve. Just finished a run of EVS uh up next. Moving back to the old school weve got Lexus LC 500 convertible so from Battery to naturally aspirated V8. So looking forward to that and the other ones weve got booked in the moment are the Lamborghini Huracan and the new BMW M3.