Now, of course, there are various variants. The trim range goes up to about 11.8 lakh, but for that pricing you get a whole lot of cars, so thats. What were gon na see in this video so join us lets. Take a good look around Music now, as you can see at the front, it does remain very much a Tiago, but there have been a lot of cosmetic changes. Youve got this really icy cool blue here, which signifies you know. Tatas electric uh Drive frames. The grill has been changed. The tri Arrow pattern, which is on the regular petrol version, is no longer here. You get a flat panel below as well. There are some changes on the tri Arrow pattern does feature over here now it does look nice and sharp, and I really like that you know a lot of the elements that made the Tiago really handsome car have been retained, thought I havent really gone over the Top with the EV, there are some bits that have been jazzed up. However, in fact, if we move over to the side, youll see the alloy wheels, or rather in fact I should correct myself. They arent alloy wheels theyre, actually steel rims with wheel caps, but they do a very good and convincing job of looking like Alloys, uh, very nice, very up market and really suit the car. If you look at the car, yes, you wont notice, but it does sit. A little lower, but only by about two or four mm thats, on account of the heavier batteries in the Thiago, so ground clearance is down from about 170 mm to about 166, which isnt all that much of a problem.

In any case now over here at the back, what youll, probably immediately notice, is the new lettering in a really nice cool font. I really like it and its got thiago.ev thats how Tata Motors are marketing the car, so you have uh. You know the model name as well as the fact that it is an electric vehicle also proudly displayed on the boot, speaking of which the boot lets take a look inside, because Im sure you want to know whether the battery has intruded in boot space. Now the good news is that it really hasnt 242 liters is what the standard Tata Tiago boot capacity measures. This one Tata says is 240.. However, if you look underneath youll notice, there is no spare tire. What you get with the car is a puncture Repair Kit. Only now at the back, one thing I really wanted to see was what happens to the floor. Typically in a lot of EVS, the flow gets a raise, and you end up sitting in a very knees up position. Im really happy to see that thats, not really the case with the Tiago you see what happens here is the battery its a split battery pack, its towards the back under the seats here and in the boot and as a result, the flow here remains at its Standard position so its a fairly natural seating position. You know you dont have that knees up and quite comfortable speaking of comfort, as well as with the Thiago.

It is a spacious car, so theres ample leg room. You know theres a lot of Headroom as well too features, however, arent that many at the rear you have to remember. This is a budget hatch. So things like you know, rear AC, vents or USB ports are missing, but space Comfort are really fantastic. Foreign Music. At the front, uh similar to the Thiago, the standard Thiago, which is a good thing, because the Interiors really look nice and and a market uh, you know the texturing on the dashboard uh on the on the Plastics here below. They are hard plastics, but thats. Only when you touch them you realize, and otherwise, when you look at it, it does look quite nice. You also have a touch screen and it is a Harman sound system. So it does sound nice in our time with it with uh. You know the regular Thiago. We were impressed with that That Remains the Same on the ev2 uh, the steering wheel and the instrument panel is as well. You know similar to the Thiago, so its a familiar environment, uh and uh thats, not a complaint, its actually a good thing. What is different, of course, is this little guy down here the drive mode selector and interestingly, you have Drive modes as well, so youve got a city mode or regular mode, and you have a sport mode as well too. Now there are two battery capacities offered with the Thiago EV.

You have a smaller capacity, which is a 19 point. Two kilowatt battery has a range claimed range of about 250 kilometers and theres. The larger one, which is 24 kilowatt hours, which has a larger 315 kilometer range so thats, how the two battery packs work out. Uh range, of course, will vary and stay tuned to our autocar India Channel, because we will be driving this car very soon and we will make sure we test the actual real world range Music. Thank you right so over here. As you can see in the engine bay, there is no engine, but it is a full Bay and thats because you have the motor and the Power Electronics all over here, the motor well, the Thiago EV comes in two with the two motor outputs. You have a 61 horsepower and a 74 horsepower motor uh, obviously with the two different battery packs as well uh, we dont know what it feels like to drive but, of course, stay tuned to the autocar in their Channel. Subscribe, of course, and youll be the first to know when we drive it and test drive the car thats all for now, though, this is the Thiago EV.