Typically, when I leave, I walk away with something that made me smile enough to pull out my money and purchase. They have so many different things located at 5607, Florida 54 Newport Richie Florida, three, four, six, five, two tell them John. The wireless guy sent you welcome to Silver Dollar Pawn shop here in Newport, Richie Florida, where we have a special guest with us today. The Hummer EV foreign Music, Music, foreign Music, got your head, rests up and down. You can adjust the seat belt plenty of room back. There looks like you have some entryway on both of the rear seats and Center youll see. Here we have a little compartment. I am a sucker for compartments. I love. It looks like its got a pathway through here and hear that tone in the background, because the vehicle is on and I have the doors open. So its letting me know that same on that one we knew we lift. This up, so youve got more storage there, underneath in the rear window, does go down. You have your air conditioning controls in the back USBC USB, a auto mode. You have looks like heated seats. Is a nice feature for your rear, Compadres cup holder, very nice Bose sound system, passenger side rear? We have this compartment here, which is very nice, always love extra space. This also pulls up its like your bow is a subwoofer. This section over here also pulls up, looks like you, have a cubby tray here and thats nice 10 volts is good to have, along with your USB C and USB a matte pockets Music.

On your passenger side, you have your lock and unlock and window. You have the same power seats on the passenger side, its a cool day at least currently summer. In Florida we do have one overcast. It was probably in the 80s with some humidity, and you really dont feel hot inside here, theres a good tent on the glass. You can see that it actually feels decent foreign jumping in the vehicle. Youll see we have two screens that light up. You have your push button there. Your accelerator and Brake got your plus and minus here, possibly to do with Towing. You have a wireless charger capable USBC USB a cup holders. You have different modes and then, when pushing the brake holding the power Music, letting us know, the hood is open, Buckle, seat belts. We have a volume knob here, start navigation. That, I believe, is initiating your crab walk the four wheel steer button that one possibly this also could be part of the four wheel. Drive heated steering wheel, your parking, sensors, air conditioning controls. You have your infotainment here, so if we were to go to home, you have audio Maps phone energy Play Store, so it has Google built in your radio navigation to make a pair so thats going to be your phone with your Bluetooth, activating off road experience, and I am feeling air through the seat, which feels amazing, so cooled seats. Imagine here so you got your cooled all the way, youre heated and if you wanted it off your trailering, so you can add a new trailer.

If you have a GMC account, maybe you have other vehicles on there. You can do that. Lets look at energy, so it has youre driving. You can see charge levels 100 and were at a range of 376.. You can put it on a schedule. Energy usage, so climate and Battery driving accessories remote start settings, so you can condition your battery for fast charging its on the driver, so theres different users that you can manage and profiles right here. We have some sort of paddle, plus and minus having to do with the battery since its showing a battery. Have your lights, Auto! You have your compass here now. If we were to Lets see, we have resume thats your cruise. This does have the smart Cruise, whichever GMC is calling it. You have a sensor here that can read if youre, attentive and looking so we see this indicator here, which indicates that, and you have this button lets see. Doesnt look like its doing. Anything could be possibly the radio, so it looks like this particular screen. You might be able to customize doesnt, look like its touch screen and hitting these buttons doesnt do anything in terms of this Music. Windshield wipers just goes Clues as well. If you wanted to cleaner experience, foreign s up, there looks like your OnStar the window in the back. So you have this latch here. You have this latch here, then you have two Id say: Allen keys, but theyre, not almost like Star wrenches kind of um.

Then you have the same on that side and that one looks like on this one. You have four two and then on the other side, three and four, so you can have all four of them off. You would just have this bar here. We were to youve got some buttons here. So if I wanted to close the trunk, I could do so here. So I hit the button. I hold the button down and it is closing and then, if I hit this button, the trunk latch on the bed will release electric. We have your windows window, sink its Tracy get steering wheel. So we turn that on and feel it warming up in this area. Definitely, warming up there. I dont feel it so much in the other areas, its mainly in this area here turn that off you got your hazards, traction control. There is a picture on this, so this must be your trailer. Your gain Music dashboard feels good its soft to the touch, and you got these uh bronze accents, which are nice speakers here. Grab bars no grab bar here, but thats because of its part, looks like there wouldnt even be a beam here. You would just have your your window or your door rather would be the beam this pops off, so theres no grab handle there. There are some grab handles on the rear. Your windows, one touch down on the driver. Not one touch up, see huge mirrors.

There. Visibility looks really good, I mean you could see just about everything and you have all the so weve got Auto down, but no Auto up and then on the back. Youve got Auto down, but no Auto up its the same on all of them. You have an actual stick here, so right now its not in any gear. Well, I guess its a part neutral, reverse driver low. These are your different modes based on the suspension and lower or raise the suspension would be concerned about this particular color. I imagine theyll have something to keep it clean, see the owner has a towel here. For now plenty of space in there looks like you have a 12 volt tray comes out. It actually feels cold in here to the touch. I wonder if this is air conditioned weve got this here, pumps out so yeah it is uh, it is cold to the touch. People say its a refrigerator, but it does seem to be cold in terms of how the air conditioning is running through using clothes very comfortable seats. When we hit this button here, all four Windows go down at once. Music, very nice feature three motors over a thousand horsepower. Eleven thousand five hundred foot pounds of torque. This is an absolute Beast: 0. 60 in three seconds three seconds: zero to sixty. What do you think of the Hummer e v? Now we have Tesla, we have rivian. We now have a Hummer Ram, is working on something you have Tesla, creating the Cyber truck.

You have many other companies that are stepping up to the plate, because theyre being pressured by the manufacturers to produce electric vehicles, are you on the electric bandwagon? Yet maybe youre going from a gas to hybrid and youre stepping a slowly to that electric? What do you think of this vehicle? What do you think about electric? How do you feel about the technology in todays electric vehicles? Let me know in the comments, as always like and share subscribe.