Thank you again: foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, Music, Music, foreign Music, foreign XT, 9.99 lakhs XZ, plus Veronica 10.79, XZ, plus the tech luxury edition 11.29, like so peanut, 7.2 kilowatts in Asia, angle, ZX, plus another model, ZX plus Tech collection, awareness, foreign, foreign Music. Who is your right target, so the right target for this vehicle is people who want convenience who and yet they want comfort and premiumness, and the ability for the car to drive well okay. So this is the kind of customer segment that we are looking at. People who make a smart choice of Shifting to EVs and therefore doing well for the environment and yet be able to move around very, very fluidly, very flexibly within the city traffic conditions, without having any difficulties or tensions at all, thats great. In fact, Ive added a little more Global by giving out two range option: yeah, because in India nobody has done it yet you have two range option. What was the thought behind that? Well, you see. We have two range options, even in the next one yeah. We have the Nexon Prime, which is with 312 and then, of course, the max, but I think the uh, the intention and the idea behind this was uh to be able to offer uh choices to people okay, to be able to offer convenience to people in order To be able to choose the right solution for their use cases, therefore, if you have someone who still needs a car, but whose commute is going to be very, very small, maybe a few kilometers one way yeah, then why would you want to uh not give him That option of a smaller battery so today with charging infrastructure coming up in a lot of places, and when we see that 95 percent of our customers do home charging yeah, then anxiety is about range which have which, over there to a certain extent earlier.

Okay are fast dissipating, okay and therefore we think that these options are in fact a way of democratizing the entire EV thing and allowing people to exercise the option that they would like. Okay, cool fine. So talking about the range again and the anxiety, you are already providing some solution, especially in a community living by providing uh already done 200 plus. So what is your future plan with that? Will you be having something concentrating to our market like Kerala Market, because you know Kerala also, we find lot of Community Living happening, correct complexes, many cities coming up correct. So what would be the plan for that? So, first of all, I want to tell you that Kerala is a huge market for electric vehicles and you guys have absolutely nailed it, because the kind of acceptance that Kerala has had to EVS, particularly the Nexon EV, is just incredible. So thank you for that uh. But the second thing that I want to tell you is that, yes, we are rolling out this community living or residential welfare associations. The rwa thing and Tata Tata power has already rolled this out in 200 places 200 plus places now in three cities: okay and looking at the success, I think it would. It should be a logical extension to go into any other place as well. What I would encourage – and I would use this platform to encourage your viewers to say that if there are any uh societies, condominiums or communities, then if those people approach Tata Motors, slash Tata power, saying that this is what we would want to give.

We would be all the more happy to provide these Solutions. Okay and then you will see that it truly uh expands the ability to use electric vehicles, so just explaining, in my own language, Society living alone, residence of socialism dont miss that chance, okay, so another. Finally, so you know talk about Electric Mobility, so its a future, we know. So this is the first step now in your range uh. Two things are either. Actually, this is more anxiety or I mean excitement for me to ask this question: will you be expecting something below Tiago? Second, my question will be like we have seen some exciting concept already uh from your stable. So will you be reflecting on your future product coming up so uh? I would. I would say that we are working on a three pronged strategy: okay, uh generation, one which was about conversion programs, and there you saw uh the tigor. You saw the Nexon and now the Tiago, so that is completion of one phase of our strategy. Okay, the second phase is what you referred earlier about curve curve, yeah, yeah and so thats going to be one of the uh second generation products, okay and then weve already showcased avina, which is uh generation three products. So you see we have a entire lineup of products, okay, spanning from the most accessible to the most premium, the most luxury, the most uh aspirational, also yeah. I think this in itself is a very wide portfolio, so the question about whether can we do something below this Diego? I think there is a certain expectation of premiumness of range of performance that electric vehicles have to meet and therefore, for now I think the Tiago is in a Sweet Spot, yeah and thats.

That calls for a celebration right now, so actually its a time for celebration. For us also celebrated were getting a EV Im saying, like 8.5 lakhs were getting as Eevee, so that is a real time to celebrate. Thank you arent for your great time and thank you so much wishing you good luck for Tata Mobility. Thank you and Kerala is doing great, so continue all the great work guys. Thank you.