However, this time well be tapping into the affordable end of the spectrum, and this time we are talking about the third EV from Tata Motors, its the electrified version of its entry level. Hatchback, the Tata Thiago EV its finally here in the middle and lets take a close look at it before we begin heres a reminder to like share and subscribe to the carwale YouTube channel and while at it do hit the like button as well, so that you Can be notified about all our latest videos Music. There are two battery options to choose from the 19.2 kilowatt battery or the medium range version as Tata likes to call it develops. 60 BHP and 110 NM of torque Tata also claims a 0 to 60 kmph time of 6.2 seconds with the claimed electric driving range of 250 kilometers. Meanwhile, for buyers looking for a more powerful alternate, there is a long range version that packs in a 24 kilowatt battery, which generates 74 BHP and 114 newton meters of peak talk. This one has a claimed range of 315 kilometers on a single charge. The Tata Tiago EV supports regular as well as fast charging, the XZ, plus and XZ plus Tech. Lux variants are offered with a 7.2 kilowatt AC fast charger, so other charging options include a 15 ampere and 3.3 kilowatt wall box, charger of which the latter is offered. As standard in XE and XT variants, Applause in terms of styling, the Tata Tiago EV, has its overall design and silhouette with the standard Tiago.

However, to signify its EV nature, there are some recognizable EV bits. These include this blank of Grille in the tri Arrow pattern and the EV badge then theres, a blue strip that runs across the width of the Bonnet further down. The triro pattern is much more prominent on the bumper and towards the side. You get these fog lamp housing with the stylish blue outline and this daytime running LEDs over to the side. Here there has been no real change to our Dimension and things look pretty much the same. However. Tata Motors has given the Tiago. Evs 14 inch wheels. These arent Alloys, but these are steel, wheels with stylish wheel caps and for a contrasting look. The Thiago EV gets a contrasting black roof, blacked out orvms and the door handles that have also been done in gloss black at the rear. The changes are limited only to the new Thiago EV badging and the boot can now be electrically operated with the Press of this button. The boot space at 240 liters is more or less the same as you get in the standard Thiago. However, unlike the tagore EV that gets a spare wheel, the Tiago EV makes do only with the puncher repair kit, and some of the storage here is taken up by this portable charger pouch, the Tiago EV is available in five different exterior Shades. These include pristine White, Daytona, gray, midnight Plum, tea, blue and the new one which we have here is the tropical mist.

Color Music on the inside the overall design and layout remains identical to the standard Thiago. However, theres EV subtle changes that the dashboard gets. For example, theres this blue accent around the aircon vents and inside the instrument cluster as well. The standard conventional gear lever has been swapped for a geared dial, which frees up more space on the center console area. However, the biggest change here are these two Drive modes City and Sport, along with multi mode region functions. You get these three level functions that can be operated with city as well as Drive modes. Now, usually in case of electric vehicles, the battery is placed below the flow and, as a result, the floor is a bit High and the Tiago EV. Despite the flow Place battery, there is decent amount of leg room in the second row. The Tata Tiago EV lineup is broadly divided into four variants: XT XE, XZ, plus and XZ plus Tech Lux. The entry level XE variant that is available only in the medium range guys gets basic features such as a flat bottom steering wheel fabric upholstery, automatic climate control, tilt adjustable, steering wheel and a fully digital instrument. Cluster heres a look at the features offered in the top spec XZ plus Tech, Lux variant. You get projector headlamps with bumper mounted, led drls, a leather wrap steering wheel, cruise control, electric tailgate, Auto headlamps rain, sensing wipers, a rear parking camera electrically, adjustable and auto folding or VMS; a cooled, glove box, leathered upholstery, a height adjustable driver seat and over 45 connected Car features on the safety front features like dual front: airbags, a tire pressure monitoring system, ABS with EBD, reverse parking, sensors impact, sensing, Auto door locks and a puncture repair kit are standard across all the variants.

Foreign Music, that is often in x, e and XT variants, are priced at 8.49, lakh, rupees and rupees 9.09 lakh rupees respectively. Meanwhile, the long range version that can be had in XT, XZ, plus and XZ plus Tech, Lux variance, have a price range between 9.99 lakh rupees and rupees 17.79 lakh. However, it is to be noted that these are introductory prices and applicable only for the first 10. 000 bookings the bookings will open from next week on 10th of October, while the deliveries are stated to start from next year in Jan 2023.. Now that the Thiago EV is the most affordable hatchback you can buy in India right now. It does not have any direct Rivals, however, for its pricing it competes against the usual range of Premium hatchbacks, as well as select variants of the sub 4 meter. Compact SUVs and if you have any queries related to the Tiago EV, do reach out to us on our website. Carwale.