. Now this has been launched in the country today. This is the 14th model from Mercedes, Benz, India to be locally produced, and it is indeed a proud moment for the make in India initiative and also for Mercedes Benz, because this is an all electric equivalent of the S class. And that is really the big deal about this vehicle, this being produced right here at that Chakan plant near Pune. Now, because this is an all electric, there is no powertrain to worry about, not a big engine to worry about, so you can see that the Bonnet is actually quite stubby. Whats even stubbier is the boot and the big battery pack, of course, is in the floor, and this is running a dual motor setup, which means there is one electric motor on each axle and that also gives it the 4matic or all wheel, drive capabilities. Now the battery pack in question its a hundred kilowatt hour battery pack and it promises a range of phenomenal range of 857 kilometers, arai, certified yeah Ill. Take a moment. Let you guys absorb what I just said: 857 kilometers of pure electric driving range. That is a phenomenal number now, with the kind of wedge shape that theyve got for this car, it manages a dry coefficient of 0.2 that makes it more slippery than something like the Tesla Model S, of course, that also contributes to that phenomenal range that we were Talking about the car rolls on 20 inch wheels, but Im told going forward.

You will also be able to spec this car up with 22 inch rims. If you want up front, you get a design theme that weve seen already on the eqc, which means that you get this blacked out Grill kind of a treatment, and if you look closely something like what weve seen on the C Class, you get these little three Pointed Stars within this element within this oblique, so the design is not very much like the S Class lets put it that way, though this is the S Class equivalent of electrified luxury cars from Mercedes Benz, but on that thought you also get these three LED dots For the DRL, the signature – and that tells you this is the top of the line luxury car with the wedge shaped silhouette. You also get this pinched window line and you get this quarter glass up ahead with the eqs badging on it, and you also see an outward facing burmester speaker right up there and all these materials that you see here both inside the car. All of this. These are all man made materials Im going to step inside the cabin and give you a closer look but lets first take a look at the tail. The taillights have this nice. How do I put it a ribbon effect? You know it World effect. A 12 ribbon effect, it looks quite nice – adds a sense of occasion to the tail end, its not just the typical tail lights.

Of course, if you look at it from the side, you will only see segments, but if you get a three quarter view it has that nice 12 defect to it, which I really like, like I said its a two motor setup, which is what gives it the 4Matic credentials and while the boot might look stubby, the boot space is huge, its phenomenal and for the seeds you get a 60 40 split. You get a net here. You can put a net up there using the hooks. This is where the toolkit goes and thats. The parcel shelf or The Hideaway panel right there, and because this is an electric, no tailpipes in there, the other nice design element is frameless front and rear doors. Let me know what you think about this feature. Of course, this glass stays up. Similarly, the glass at the front also stays up now, because this is the S Class equivalent lets first start off from the rear seat, so thats the rear seat. You get this nice perforated upholstery right here, no quilted pattern on it. You get a segmented pattern and you get that ambient lighting as well youll see that on the doors and just the way we saw on the S Class, you get these capacitive panels for adjusting the seats and, of course, these will adjust both the side seats in The center this doubles up as an armrest and that hides the control screen for some of the infotainment functions that you can control from the rear.

You can also control the settings there. If I go into comfort adapt over your writing adaptive the ambient lighting, the seat, you can make changes to the seat, seat, position, seat, climate control, Etc, massaging functions all those kind of things and the settings vehicle lights. That will essentially let you control the lighting of the car, both into your Excel writing in as well as the ambient lighting system is, of course, the display audio, and then you can reset the tablet, because this is another bit of software and Hardware that you can Worry about in a car like this, you also get a wireless charging pad right here in the center armrest and thats what it is, so the space of course is generous its huge, but whether it feels more comfortable than the S Class or not thats, something that Ill answer in my review so, as I was saying you get man made materials, so these are soft, but not too soft to the touch, but they have a very different feel and its its really nice. Similarly, you get this open. Paw wood finish right here on the door trim and also in the center console, and then the similar materials follow at the rear. So yeah, what you get inside are two USBC ports. You can also specify a wireless charger in here. If you want, there is one wireless charger right there, two USBC ports there two cup holders and then you have some controls here.

This will start the engine. This is a touch sensitive panel that you can use to essentially control some of the stuff on the infotainment. This will get you to car settings. You can see that right there EQ switch, will essentially give you all the information about the battery pack, the range Etc so theres 31 batteries remaining with about 172 kilometers range still to go. Thats the parking camera switch. The car will need to be on for that and then here you can just simply turn off the display here. You can also select how many displays to turn off. Do you want the passenger display to be on or off? You can see that theres a passenger display there. If I just turn this on again that one comes on or you can just turn off the central display here. If that is getting a bit too intrusive for you when youre driving – and you only want that display to be on for entertaining the passenger – the co passenger, you can do that the moment you touch it. This one comes on and the final thing is, you can just turn off the whole system if you like, but we are not going to do that Im going to show you a little bit of the system as well so home you get this big satellite navigation Screen this is easily the biggest satellite navigation screen I have ever seen where to will essentially help you uh, you know, choose your destination, you can simply click on this little switch on the side and it will show you what are the charging stations in the vicinity.

Thats, a very good feature to have you: dont have to type charging stations its right there, its like a hotkey that theyve, given you right next to where to. If you were to hit EQ Itll, ask you where you want to go the previous destination charging stations, parking spaces, other routes that you may have saved so thats an under the root tab. If you go into the range tab, this is not available right now, because the car needs to be running. For that then, charging this will essentially give you all the charging information again, how many bad, how many percentage of batteries remaining Etc, and if there is any charging interruption. Those kind of things – and this will give you the consumption again unavailable because youll have to switch on the vehicle, but it will give you the uh, the average consumption that youve done over the last seven and a half minutes: 30 minutes, 90 minutes three hours, Etc. So you just get an idea of what your consumption on your particular driving style or driving route has been like. Similarly, you know the kind of options that you get while uh, you do, your satellite navigation, so you can avoid motorways avoid toll roads, avoid certain areas. Ferries, Etc, so you can do all of that, and all this is for the navigation so well head back on to the home screen, so tapping that again now brings up this menu. So this is the Mercedes EQ menu that was the menu that we were in lets.

Go back, lets again hit the home. Now you go into Apps, you get various apps right here you can install different apps, you also have games. I mean you have a big screen and you are just parked and you want to play games or your software wants to play games. Well, they can do that over here as well. So there are some games. There are some apps right there. So lets close. That settings will essentially give you the vehicle settings, so all the assistance you can either enable or disable them you have. The active distance assist active steering assist, so this has forward forward facing radar. So you have all these kind of systems right here. There is collision avoidance, uh, theres, camera, uh front and rear camera 360 degree, camera parking, sensors, Etc. So you can control all of that from right. Here again, the vehicle needs to be switched on Im, not doing that right now, because we are in a very silent environment and have been told not to switch on the car right now, so not that it makes noise but anyway. So these are other vehicle settings. Uh, like the dynamic select, you can select the different driving modes, you can select what they do, uh, what they control, Etc. This is for the lights again, the interior and exterior lights, or you can also control the ambient lighting from here so thats. The ambient lighting setups that they have so they have created these uh presets.

For you, its multi color. You can also go monochrome and then select from 64 different colors thats 64 thats color number 64 and thats color number one. So there are 64 colors in all that you can choose and you already can see. This is just selected. This dark blue. I can make it red or orange sorry or we can go green and you know it is making all those changes right there. Similarly, you can also make changes to the seat, so you have the seat kinetics, which will essentially keep making changes to the the seat back and the seating position so that uh, you know your muscles dont cramp up on a long distance Journey. Similarly, there is lumbar support side bolster support. You can set all of that heating settings position the seat automatically when you say start positioning, it automatically starts positioning the seat, its doing that right now you can see that yeah, okay, fine. I think it thinks Im a three footer or something anyway, but thats that and then there is the massage massaging functions plenty of massaging functions in here. So you can select all of that right here right now, comfort, that is what we were in phone is self and explanatory Im not going to go into this radio media info. All of that is uh. You know quite self explanatory its your typical infotainment settings. Smartphone is, of course, once you have apple carplay, uh paired with this, then its the carplay logo that will come there, tapping that will give you the carplay screen and thats something that Im waiting to Now find out because Im recording from my phone, I cant do That right now, but a huge carplay.

I want to see what a big carplay like this looks. This is bigger than an iPad, its big, in fact, the three screens together yeah. There are three screens one two and three, so the three screens together is 56 inches of screen space screen real estate, so thats huge. Now. This is very similar to what weve seen on the S Class Im not going to go into too many details other otherwise. This video is never going to end, but yeah you get the drift. This is the hyper screen. I think its it looks phenomenal. I dont think its going to be too intrusive, but Im going to hold those thoughts until I actually drive the car, which is going to be soon now. This is, of course, mated to the burmester. Audio also show you that outward facing speaker right here and apart from producing some brilliant audio, what its also going to do for you is act like noise cancellation, headphones noise cancellation speakers, so its going to pick up noise from the outside filter that and give you A more silent, cabin experience and well that just shut on its own, because there are gesture controls, a thought I want to open it. I guess so yeah all that is happening on its own, its a bit spooky anyway. So yeah. There are gesture controls in this car. There are these stud sensitive panels. There are multiple ways to control multiple things inside the car and I am pretty impressed with the overall design right see now that is opening on its own, and I also like the AC vents.

The way that theyve designed these AC went so nice and Sleek. These are the sleekest ever AC vents that Ive seen inside a car very nicely designed – and this design, of course, is complemented with these round turbine, like wines which are installed in this screen. So the installation process weve seen it today and it looks phenomenal. It looks very detailed, so yeah. This is what the car is all about now. Mercedes Benz also tells us that by the end of the year they will have across the country, 20. 180 kilowatt fast charges or Ultra fast Chargers as they are calling it and therell be also more than 20 60 kilowatt fast Chargers and more than 100 AC charges, 22 kilowatt capacity. So that is going to sort of make them the car maker, with the best possible inventory or the best possible network of chargers fast Chargers included and the eqs can also charge at a highest capacity of 200 kilowatts. So if there is any private service provider for charging stations who are able to provide 200 kilowatt fast charging options, the eqs will be able to take benefit of that. So that is very good news, so guys, please let me know what do you think about the eqs at rupees 1.55 crore X, showroom? They have actually priced it cheaper or lesser than the full fledged S Class. This remember is the electrified S, Class of sorts. So for that, I think this pricing is phenomenal, but you let me know what do you think about the pricing? What do you think about the design? What do you think about the overall numbers that theyre talking about not just in terms of range but other Allied numbers as well like, for example, the service interval two years service packages? They start at one lakh rupees, so I think they are keeping even this super luxury electrified vehicle, pretty accessible for the typical buyers in the luxury space or the premium space.

So let me know what do you think about all of this? Let me know what you think about this car overall and if you have any queries about it, please put them in the comment section below Ill: try to answer them in my uh review and if I cant Ill come back to this video and answer them in The comment section itself, thank you so much for watching. If you havent subscribed to our Channel, please do consider subscribing.