The Thiago behind that family of face that youre. Seeing of the Thiago a car thats been on the roads with a petrol engine is now going electric, and that is the reason why this has the power to completely change the way the Indian car buying population has viewed electrics. They hope that Tata Motors has is, of course, to make electrics more of accessible, more affordable and deliver that same experience that we people have had with cars positioned Above This price segment right. So the Thiago EV, as you can see, is very very similar to the regular Thiago conventional fuel Tiago that weve seen. Of course, what you always are going to be observing is some of the changes to the front fascia, where the breathing that the conventional fuel Thiago needs is not required in an EV, and so you have a flush clean, finished front, fascia from a solid Bonnet Grill. Some of the changes of course and additions that you see, including the the metallic blue, which is the Tata Motors signature color for the electrics, giving it a new front profile, the tri Arrow design, fitting into the lower part of the fender and the overall finish quality. Somehow, maybe its probably got to do with the color, and yet, in my view, it delivers a much better looking car overall. This, of course, is the Tia ago platform built on the ice Thiago platform, which is in here for the EV and adapted platform, which then means two things.

One is from the company standpoint. It delivers a platform that is adapted, so it has been sort of depreciated shared and from that perspective, gives them a pricing advantage, and for the customer too, it does deliver the more accessible, more affordable price point which an adapted platform can deliver, but it doesnt come Without its challenges, it is a platform that is more difficult to engineer more difficult to work with for an electric compared to the Next Gen 2 and gen 3 platforms. The Tata Motors is already announced, but here the engineering challenges have been worked with. They have packaged the battery at the rear where the fuel tank would be and behind the passenger seat. There are two different battery packs that will be available, one for a longer range and one for a shorter range. Both, of course, are focused on delivering that flexibility and affordability for the customer in this segment that is looking to just commute or is looking to buy a hatch as a primary vehicle for the family, fundamentally thats. What you get a lot of the features would seem very familiar to you, the design again being very similar to the conventional fuel Tiago, and yet a lot of differentiators have been built into it. It looks smart now and it does get more features and more premium finish quality compared to even the tiger, which is currently already available in electric form. But of course, Tata Motors officials have confirmed that the tiger also will get software upgrades that will help current tiger EV owners come up to speed with this new Thiago EV, which gets a lot more or kit overall and including all of that software embedded already in It so were sitting in the cabin of the new Tiago UB, and what I can tell you, of course, is that it feels like uh, the regular conventional fuel Tiago that we were all already aware of.

But the point here is that Tata Motors wants to get across the message that there is absolutely no compromise with this vehicle and that just because youre buying EV it doesnt mean that your experience should be any less compared to the conventional fuel. Tiago that you would have bought already Target, of course, is to make you feel that you are driving a premium hatch, so it gets a lot of the features that you know. The people in this segment expect so leatherette C cruise control LED projector headlamps, Auto folding dough mirrors a lot of these features already built into this Thiago EV. Of course it, depending on the trim that youre going to be buying into there, will be differences in terms of the cabin features and things like that. But what you will get, of course, is connected car features across all the segments. Even the base variant, which has been priced at about 8 0.5 lakhs, gets connected car features already built into it. Similarly, its got Auto wipers, its got Auto headlamps. A lot of this, of course, will be dependent on which trim you buy, but the message Im trying to get across is the fact that this is going to be quite a loaded hatch, despite being an electric and thats a key message that other Motors wants to Get across – and I think the will be to experience the car, of course, to get to the bottom of this, but its good to see all of these features in the cabin of the new Tiago EV.

So what we have here with the front Bonnet open is the engine bay area, where you would have conventionally found the petrol engine located in this engine bay area. Instead, what we have here is a bunch of controllers, cooling, equipment and some of the sensors that are required for this Thiago EB, you dont get a frunk because, of course, its fitted with a lot of the other equipment here, but what the Tiago EV gets is Two sets of battery packs, one which is a 24 kilowatt and capable of delivering a rated driving range of 315 kilometers, and the other is a 19.2 kilowatt battery pack, which is capable of delivering a rated driving range of 250 kilometers. These two battery packs send power to 55 kilowatt permanent synchronous e motor electric motor that delivers power to the front wheels um. The talk delivered is about 140 newton meters, so in terms of capacity, the battery pack and the electric motor seems like a good fit for a vehicle of this size. I cant wait to get my hands behind the wheel and to experience this car that will have to wait a little bit today is just being launched and the price announcement has has happened. The electric motor is also offered with two different drive mode. Uh. One is a city and a sport mode and of course it gets four different region modes, also, which then means, if youre going to be driving in really slow moving traffic versus.

If youre going to be on the highway, you can differentiate the level of region, uh regenerative, braking that you would be getting from out of the system. It also is capable of being charged in four different. You know capacities. One is, of course, the 3.3 kilowatt uh charger that you would get with the car. If you do by that trim, there is also a trim which will be offered with a 7.2 kilowatt charging cable and, of course, you always have the standard 15 amp charging socket in your home, which you can use to charge the Tiago EV. It is also possible to use a 50khz or DC fast charger, which can literally give you about 110 kilometers of charge in 30 minutes and also get a zero to eighty percent charge in about 57 minutes. That could be a lunch stop or a or a coffee. Stop on your way, if youre going to be doing a long journey overall, thats the uh electric ecosystem that this car comes with. Of course, Tata Motors says that they are constantly adding more charging units in their dealerships in in even apartment complexes. More than 200 plus apartment complexes have already been fitted with their charging stations. The one that is here on display, of course, is something that you can sort of consider as a as a sort of Benchmark that you would find on average. The ecosystem is growing, and that is the reason why Tata Motors is expecting that this is going to be adopted at a much faster rate than in the past, so thats the Thiago Eevee.

The prices have been announced today. They range from about 8.5 lakhs to about 11.8 lakhs. The car is inherently safe, its its a its a car, its a platform thats already been tested, its been driven extensively and its a platform that is a GN cap, Four Star platform and thats. What the Thiago EB also gets, the uh car is being positioned for people who already own an EV and also for people who will be first entrance into the EV space. The pricing from that perspective is just spot on, and deliveries will start by January 2023. Bookings for this car will open from October 10th this year, so we are talking about a window where it is going to be available for buyers in this EV space, which is fast growing, and the point here is Tata Motors – has got such a lot of positive Feedback from current Nexon and tiger EV owners that theyre actually reserving 2 thousand of the first batch of the Thiago Eevee for these buyers, because they all want to buy a second electric vehicle in their family and its only the remaining 8 000 or the first batch Of 10 000 that will be available for others. So if you are looking for getting into the EV space – and you are looking for a vehicle that will be of this size and footprint here is a great option for you, and this is certainly going to shake up the EV segment.