Now let us understand some basic differences between nav and a diesel auto patrol car come on. Oh lets get started Music. Do you hear that thats the sound of silence, the sound of an Eevee disengage, the parking brake, engage, drive mode and gently tap your foot on the accelerator to move forward drive on as you would with an automatic transmission car and remember an EV does not have Gears its a whole new experience, Superior silent and absolutely free of noise and vibrations. Now, electric cars are extremely efficient in delivering power to the wheels they help accelerate almost instantly. Now its helpful in some situations and also fun to drive. You know the Instant Power can be pleasantly surprising, the first few times Music, the biggest difference is the amount of expenditure you save on monthly fuel bills. If you drive an EV for 60 kilometers per day for 22 days in a month, you can save up to 5 lakhs on Petrol. In four years. Im gon na give you some tricks to extract maximum range from your EB as like in ice cars. Good driving practices play the most crucial role in maximizing the range potential of your EV lets divide these in five broad categories: anticipatory driving and controlling speed, maximizing regeneration through multi mode region, climate control, Comfort, settings, regular monitoring of tire pressure and other maintenance and charging lets. Look at them, one by one, EVS, have instantaneous stock available at the slightest input of the accelerator pedal Music, a superior acceleration experience and absence of engine noise needs the user to perceive any speed to be lesser than it actually is these two factors lead the user To drive at speeds higher than he normally would in an ice vehicle, higher speeds, aerodynamic losses play a very important role and hence maintaining a speed band of 80 kilometers per hour is recommended.

Also, please note Drive in Eco or city mode for range. Maximization, the sports mode immediately delivers power and the user can feel the thrill of the drive but be mindful, as it consumes greater energy and affects the range delivered by the vehicle. Light right foot and one pedal like driving, helps to improve range. The vehicle should be accelerated lightly and, while braking coasting should be used to the maximum extent possible, with light braking towards the stop your Tata EVS are equipped with regenerative braking systems. Let me explain you: how regenerative braking works? Regenerative braking converts the available kinetic energy during the acceleration or breaking a vehicle to electrical energy which can charge the high voltage battery of your AV, which, in turn helps extend the range of your vehicle. Multi mode region gives the choice to customer for setting regenerative braking levels depending upon driving conditions or their driving style. Now this results in overall Improvement in the efficiency and range of your EB recommendation for selecting regenerative, braking levels, level, 3, maximum regeneration, heavy or stop and go City traffic level, 2. Intermediate regeneration, moderate City traffic level, 1 minimum or default regeneration, sparse traffic City drives costing on highways, freeways, expressways and level. Zero leads to longer costing distance coverage, but without energy, recuperation can be used as needed. With regenerative braking you dont need to use the brake. So often, and you get the energy back into the car now, we all know the hot tropical climate in India and The crucial role AC plays in our lives, and so it becomes critical to set the AC on Optimum level, neither too hot nor too cold following Are the recommended settings for air conditioning auto mode? You cant activate it 24 to 26 degrees Celsius depending on individual Comfort level.

These settings minimize battery consumption, while maintaining cabin Comfort. Additionally, Nexon EV is equipped with a connected car feature of remote air conditioning using this feature consumes energy from the battery and has an impact on Range. Now it is recommended to use this feature only when the remaining charge on the battery is adequately High, maintaining specified tire pressure helps to maximize range by minimizing rolling resistance of the vehicle. It is advisable to monitor tire pressure once a week and maintain it to specify limits. An Exon is equipped with itpms, which will notify the driver in case pressure in any one of the tires is below the recommended pressures. Always order to service schedules and fluid levels should be maintained within tolerance limits both of these also help in realizing maximum range potential of an electric vehicle. Also, let me mention a very important point about service compared to an ice. The scheduled service cost for an EV is much lower due to less number of consumers and parts. In fact, scheduled. Service cost is lesser by almost 30 percent compared to petrol and almost 50 percent compared to diesel variants do not use any unauthorized electrical accessories. In Tata Motors, all electrical components are designed for minimum electrical consumption. They are also strictly monitored for compliance to design specification. However, same is not the case with unauthorized aftermarket electrical accessories. Apart from any potential complication in the long run, electrical accessory consuming higher than specification will also affect range directly.

Let me show you how to find charging stations using the z connect app its very convenient to find charging stations around you through the z connect app. Alternatively, you can visit Tata Motors EV website to find out different Chargers across India. There are three types of charging Solutions available to charge your Nexon TV for range improvement. Over a long run, it is recommended that for every three fast charges one complete slow charge is recommended to ensure the health of the battery. This will ensure appropriate energy quantity in the battery and hence range will remain consistent over a longer period of time. Music. Unlike me, as you do with your phone, do not wait for SOC to go down below 10, as this will lead to longer charging times. Let me quickly summarize the tips and tricks for extracting maximum range out of your review Music light pedal on acceleration, avoids sudden acceleration plan, your trip bases the charging locations zconnect app, helps locate charging points, anticipate, braking and avoid sudden braking use, regen and acceleration well with One pedal like driving regenerate more energy by anticipating, braking, regularly check tire pressure and keep it at Optimum level. Other to recommended service schedules do not use unauthorized electrical accessories, maintain AC temperature at 24 to 26 degree basis. Individual Comfort levels Park in shade charge your EV when socs more than 10 one complete, slow charging is recommended for every three fast charging cycles for consistent range over longer period of times.