Weve got something here from Nissan. We think might be of interest. This is the Nissan Qashqai Music. Nearly 50 of the UK population doesnt have access to off street parking, and that means that they may be considering a hybrid vehicle rather than electric vehicle as their next step. The Nissan Qashqai e power is a different type of hybrid. Its closer to an electric vehicle lets, take a look at how it works. So what is it, then? That makes Nissans e power system different well in a traditional, hybrid car, a self charging hybrid, as they tend to call themselves. Weve got an electric motor and weve got an engine and the engine on the electric motor work together. So quite often itll set off on electric mode and then once youve got going over a 20 miles an hour, the engine will kick in and it will then drive mainly on Engine with the electric motor, providing a bit of extra power occasionally and trying to smooth Out the gear changes and thats the thing a normal hybrid car has still got Gears because its relying on the engine to power, the car and engines need gears because otherwise youd get so youre doing 15 000 RPM in one gear and it wouldnt be able to Go but 40 miles an hour, so electric motors help theyve got instant torque Instant Power theyre able to give you all the drive and thrust but theyre. Only quite small, on the normal hybrid car.

Nissans e power system is different, so with Nissan weve got a full size: electric motor thats, capable of driving the car up to 100 miles an hour or more and effectively thats the same sort of mode that youd find in a Nissan Leaf. One is an aria that motor is always driving the wheels thats whats, providing the force the drive motor selector down here. That looks just like the one in the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan area. So weve got effectively an electric car in that respect, but weve got a really small battery on this, so its only a couple of kilowatt hours in size and the way thats recharged is by the engine on board, acting purely as a generator. So theres no mechanical link whatsoever between the engine and the wheels, and that means it doesnt need a gearbox, so that saves a bit of weight in that respect. It also simplifies things because the engine only has one job. It doesnt have to drive the car and charge the battery. It just has to charge the battery, and it also means that the engine doesnt have to kick in as often or as fiercely as it does in a normal, hybrid car. So traditionally, if youre driving a hybrid car say from Toyota or Honda, what you tend to find is that they uh. When you put your foot down the accelerator, it makes quite a loud droning noise as the engine thrashes away, trying to create enough power to a drive.

The car and B give some power to the motor in this. You put your foot down and it takes off electrically. It is Swift, it is smooth its very quiet, one of the things that Nissans done is made it so that the car actually has a smart function. It can listen to road noise and when theres, more road noise thats when itll bring the engine in. So, if youre stationary in traffic, it will try and avoid bringing the engine in, but when youre doing, say, 30 40 miles an hour and down a roughish road. Like we are now thats when itll bring the engine in, so you dont perceive theres no perception of the engine, actually starting up its all, very clever, its all very Nissan Music. So, unless youve been living in a hole for the last 20 years, Nissans Qashqai has been one of the best selling crossover cars in the UK. All that time, in fact, its the car that started off the crossover generation uh – and here it is this – is the latest iteration youve got some fancy LED daytime running lights, its got projector headlights, its got big 19 inch alloys, its a very nice very polished product. It feels quality lets move around the car got this two tone: roof going on here: integral roof rails, nice glass, panoramic roof, giving plenty of light to the interior. Around the back. Weve got parking. Sensors weve got a round View.

Digital cameras as well in the boot weve got a power. Tailgate on this model got a really spacious boot. With the stacking um boot floor. That means you can chop and change it and, if youre doing a couple of bags of shopping, youre able to just stack that up and stop it sliding all the way across the boat, its a family car. It does what it needs to do very, very well. The space in the back for three kids, three adults, a couple of car seats as well USBS in the center console electric windows, its all. What youd expect, but its all done very, very well. It feels premium. It feels quality and its built to last. So the drive mode selector here is very much like the one on the Nissan Aria um. So just let it drive you just squeeze the side and move it down to put in park. You just press the p on the top to put in Reverse you squeeze it and move it upwards. The drive mode selector just down here towards us drops it down to Eco forwards, moves into back to standard and then forward to sport. Weve got e pedal button here. That means that you can basically just take your foot off to accelerate and apply the brakes. Brake lights come on at the back and it uses regenerative braking and also friction brakes to slow the car down theres an EV button. What you can do there is, you can press the EV button and so long as theres enough range in the battery itll try and prevent the engine from starting.

So if you, for example, outside of school or youre in a um, a busy urban area put EV mode on, it wont start the engine until its absolutely run out of battery completely, and then it will start the engine if it has to. It just means that it wont be firing up creaking noise, creating emissions in those areas, weve also hold handbrake. Uh electronic parking, brake and weve got uh Pro pilot Park on this as well, which means that the car can park itself into parking spaces. If you dont feel quite as confident overall, the interior is very well laid out very intuitive, its not all just working off a touchscreen, although this 11 inch touchscreen is a really nice feature. Um, you have got physical buttons, which iron quite a lot of other people. Do like because it means that when youre driving along, you can press a button rather than having to swipe around on a screen and have your finger bounce about the place now so before this panoramic roof gives loads of interior light. The displays up here can be customized and changed around, so youve got an option of normal dials or you can switch and have a different view if you prefer, and on this model, weve also got a heads up display displaying both satellite navigation directions, speed, camera signs, Uh and your current speed up on the dashboard very clearly ahead of you, so overall, its a really nice package, really good quality, um well thought out: Music with fuel costs higher than theyve ever been before this year.

Its good to know that the Qashqai has got a range of over 650 miles on a single tank, so at least you wont be visiting the fuel station quite as often as she would in a regular car, so whats. The Qashqai e power like to drive. Well, its smooth, it drives very much like an electric car which Ive always had a lot of experience with over the last seven or eight years. Um. In fact, to be honest, the lack of engine noise makes you really think it is an electric car um. So, in terms of the power delivery, its got a 187k um brake horsepower electric motor driving the wheels so that feels responsive zero to 60 is around 7.9 seconds um, which is a good couple of seconds quicker than the normal petrol Qashqai um. The driving modes youve got Sports uh, normal or Eco um were driving in in standard normal mode at the moment, and you know drives fine drive it in Eco. It also drives fine put it in sports. Its got a little bit more responsiveness, but overall it just it drives really. Well, I suppose the main differences are compared to a hybrid car. You havent got those gear changes. You havent got that variation in the power delivery. You havent got the rattle and bang of an engine screaming its head off, trying to uh eek out as much power as it can, because the engine that weve got in this car is is purely there to charge the battery.

So its working just steady away in a fairly limited rev range and the good thing about that is that when an engine is set to run as a generator, it can be very efficient. It can be very quiet um because its not having to worry about creating. So much torque, it just needs to work as a generator. Overall then, this is a Qashqai which the untrained eye feels exactly like a normal cash guy, its just a little bit smooth a little bit quieter and delivering about 20, better fuel efficiency as a result, which is nice. I hope you found this video informative if youd, like more information about the Qashqai power click up here, to see more information on our website. Click here subscribe to our Channel and see more of these videos and compare up against the Nissan electric Aria. Click down here see our video that we did just a couple of weeks ago.