They already have two cars in the passenger vehicle segment and they have introduced another one. The Tiago EV in this video were going to tell you everything about this new EV that has been launched by Tata Motors Ill. Give you a quick walk around of what the car looks like are all the specifications and the two battery packs that it comes with so watch the video till the end to get all the details now lets talk about the design first now on the outside. This looks like the Tata Tiago and in typical Tata EV fashion. This has got some bits that makes it stand out from the petrol vehicle. As you can see, you now get this blue accent under the grill that denotes that this is a Tata EV. Also, you have a small EV logo right here. Uh the bumper gets the tri Arrow treatment as well. You also get the fog lamps drls, and here you have the projector halogen lamps. You will also see a sensor here. The car comes equipped with rain sensing wipers and thats the sensor. For that on the side you will get 175 by 65 14 inch wheels. Now these are steel, wheels with caps on them so designed specifically for the EV. Here you have the EV logo and the orvm gets a dual tone treatment, so this top here is blacked out, so is the roof. The roof is also blacked out. Here you have a antenna, theres, no shark, fin antenna on this car and its a pretty clean design like the Tiago coming to the rear.

This is not the fuel lid. This is where the uh car can be plugged in to the charger and theres a button to operate this and Ill show you when we get inside the car at the rear, youre going to see a new Tiago logo, and it says Thiago EV right here. You have the Tara logo and then you have a reverse parking camera, and this is the boot, its only 240 liters now, because this now also houses the battery pack and you also get a portable charger. So the boot, if you see, is pretty small now it has been reduced from the petrol car, and the main reason for this is the battery like you can see its coming right up till here and what that also means is that you do not get a Spare wheel, the boot space that is 240 liters is without this partial shelf, so the actual usable space uh that way you can load your luggage is pretty small. So if youre going on long trips, you will not be able to carry a lot of luggage with you uh. The bumper is pretty similar to the petrol car. Nothing to talk about there, uh the tail lights are the same. You get a rear, wiper washer and a high stop lamp as well now lets get into the car and see whats different inside before we do. That lets have a look at the key. This is a standard, uh Tata key, and you have the lock and unlock button with a button to turn on the lights and the boot opener as well, and you get keyless entry, which is a good thing.

So you can just open the door and get inside now. The door panel is very similar to the normal artiago. You get the buttons for the power windows, you have this chrome finished doorknob and the handle and cup we hold right here. Uh theres also a hole right here, and this will hold a small bottle of water as well. You have speakers here and the mirror adjuster right here. Quality of the materials are the same, so nothing special to talk about now, like I told you that this uh, the fuel lid, is now the house for the charging port and it can be released with this button right here, which is right under the drivers. Nothing much to talk about the seat. You get the standard manual. Adjustments for the seat as well and getting into the car is very easy and you can just sit and easily drive off because it has keyless go as well push button start. Stop is also available. Now, once youre seated inside its a very familiar cabin and uh, you will not find a lot of differences. Now, if you look at the dash, you get a nice blacked out finish, you get the same. Teal blue accents right here, which denote that this is an Eevee but uh. Certain changes are definitely there, while the touchscreen infotainment screen is the same. Let me turn it on, but now this gets Ira connected features on the top end models.

You also get Android, auto apple carplay and all the other features. Now you have some different buttons right here so like this. One right here is to adjust the region mode. This car comes with three region modes: zero zero is off, and that means there will be no regenerative braking happening at all. If its off, you can turn it up level by level, and you can go up to level three of region in the level 3 region mode uh you would, you can drive with a single pedal, so the car will break itself uh and if youre driving slow In traffic you will not, you know, need to hit the brake constantly. The car will do the braking itself now. The instrument console also gets the blue accents and it is a pretty familiar looking instrumental console, except for the data points that it has now. This so shows the vehicle state of charge, the range and the drive mode that you are in. Besides that you will have the region indicator right here, and this is the region breaking mode uh that you have so like right now, its in three. You can turn it down and put it off or you can turn it up. It will show you what region level you are on on the right side. Also, there is a battery indicator. Besides the digital readout that is already there now. The steering wheel also gets cruise control uh buttons right here.

So yes, this car comes with cruise control, which is an addition. Now you also get um automatic climate control, and this is the drive selector pretty standard uh its in all Tata EVS. So you have the reverse, neutral, drive and sports mode, so this car has two driving modes City and sports. So by default it will be in the city mode and you can put it in sports mode to get added performance, but that will drop your range uh. There is a cubby hole to store your knickknacks or USB port right here, and a 12 volt charging socket is also equipped here. You also have a little slot for the aux cable, but you will have to install this on your own and its not installed by default uh. Here you have two cup holders which are fairly small um. Then you have the parking brake or the handbrake right here, and you get one more 12 volt charging socket here right here. This is for the rear passengers. The rear passengers also get a bottle holder right here and, as you must have noticed, there is no rare AC went on the Lux plus variant. You will get a premium upholstery now. These are leather seats finished in white. They look really nice contrast with the black dashboard and the black finishes. Um, the cushioning is good. The seats are comfortable, you get adjustable headrests and you have this dry Arrow design all over now lets get into the back and see.

How are things there now getting into the rear seat is pretty simple, fairly simple. The seat has been moved a little bit behind, but you will have a lot of knee room. The seat is comfortable uh. The central armrest is not there, so thats a Miss um. Other than that, its a small car, so you dont really need the RS events. The AC is powerful enough to cool the entire cabin. Another thing missing is the isofix, our child seat mounts which are not there on this car now. Ah, this is the top of the line variant and this does not have it. That means the other variants also do not have it um. That being said, this seat is com is going to be comfortable only for two adults and maybe a child for longer Journeys. Four people can travel very comfortably in this car and, as I showed you, the luggage also will hold enough luggage for four people, only so yeah its a small car, its um basically for City commutes, now lets talk about the power figures and the battery pack options That are available now. This is the 7.2 kilowatt hour wall box, charger that you can get with the version that comes with the 24 kilowatt battery pack and if you look at the prices of the car uh, the cost of this charger must be around 50 000 rupees. So if you check out the variants and the price differences, this charger cost 50 000 rupees and it can be installed at your home or your office, and it will charge your car very, very fast.

So in 30 minutes you can get a range of 35 kilometers. It can also charge your car from 10 to 100 percent in less than four hours. The car has three variants, but, however, these three variants are also available in two sets of battery packs. Now One battery pack is 19.2 kilowatt hour, which is a short range and you will get a estimated range of 250 kilometers on that. The other one is a 24 kilowatt hour battery which will give you an estimated range of 315 kilometers. This hasnt been tested yet, but it will once it gets. The rating will come to know. Besides that, there are three variants available and the 24 kilowatt are also gets an optional 7.2 kilowatt hour charger which you can choose to buy when you buy the car itself. If you dont want to go for that one, you can, you will get the standard 3.3 kilowatt charger. The other variants will be on your screen right now, Music – and these are the key features of the Tata Tiago EV thinking about power and talk figures. The medium range or the car, with the 19.2 kilowatt hour battery, turns out about 58 PS of power and 110 newton meters of torque, while the long range or the one with the 24 kilowatt hour battery will give you about 70 PS of power and 140 newton Meters of torque for the medium range, the 0 to 60, comes in under 6.

2 seconds, while for the long range it comes in at 5.7 seconds talking about the dimensions uh, the car is 3769 millimeters long 1677 millimeters wide and is 1536 millimeters tall. The wheelbase is 2400 and which is similar to the petrol Tiago. The ground clearance is 166 millimeters. The charging time are taken by each of the Chargers will be on your screen right now, Music in terms of warranty, uh, the battery and the motor will get a 8 year or 1 lakh, 60 000 kilometer warranty. While the vehicle warranty stands at three years and 125 000 kilometers, the Thiago EV will be available in five colors. First one is the midnight Plum that you saw in the video. Besides that you also get the signature. Ev color the teal blue, which is available on the tigori V and the Nexon EV as well. Then you have the Daytona gray, pristine White and the tropical Mist colors available as well, so that was the Tata Tiago EV for you and um. Although weve not been able to drive the car, we cant tell you how it is to drive Im pretty sure it will be. The experience will be very much like the tigor EV. However, the range on the medium range and the long range Thiago EV is still to be determined and needs to be tested in road conditions so that we get the real world mileage. We saw on the instrument console as well. The car had a 99 charge, but the range that was uh visible was 174 kilometers, so it remains to be seen how the battery performs in real world.

But if you talk about the pricing Tata has priced the Tiago EV very, very well and by bringing it under 10 lakhs, they are going to only keep increasing the market share in the EV space. Ah, however, the prices are introductory for the first 10 000 bookings. Only and 2000 of those are reserved for existing Nexon EV anti core EV users, so they they want to add another car to their garage. They want to buy one more EV, they will get be given the first preference bookings will begin 10th of October and deliveries will commence from January 2023.. Let us know what you think about this new uh EV from Tata Motors. What are your views on the two battery pack options? Do let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, let us know in the comments we will try and answer all of them for you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for watching this video subscribe to motoroids and press that Bell icon um, so that you get notified whenever we upload our next video. This is vipul signing off.