Mg have been on a roll of late, the new mgz electric is fantastic, and you can watch a video of that well up there if you wanted to with the new mg5 base, lift as well, maybe it isnt so surprising. But what is to me is that this car starts at 25 995 pounds and has between 280 and 305 miles of range. So this is the mg4. You can get from 10 to 80 percent in 35 minutes thats around 150 to 200 miles of range, its incredible! So, with the battery capacity of between 51 and 64 kilowatt hours, depending on which model you choose this isnt just going to save you on the initial price, itll save you in the future, too. The difference isnt Skin Deep compared with any other electric car Ive driven as well for this price. It just feels absolutely incredible. I mean look at the seats, for example, they are hugging. You theyre comfortable on this model. The trophy the leather too, the new steering wheel, is simply fantastic, one of the most comfortable Ive used. I put it on power to cx60 and thats very high praise and its a flat bottom flat top, but because its its a electric screen, you can see the gauge cluster no problem whatsoever, so you get that sporty feel no drawbacks and its chunky too, very chunky Which is good for my fat hands. This car is a really nice place to sit.

I have no idea how theyve managed to do it for the price, but honestly it is fantastic. Youve got to try it for yourself. If you havent, already naught to 60, is dealt with in 7.5 seconds and comes with either a 170 or 203 PS EV motor, which makes the car feel very Nifty, we got around about here its first time to check the handling. Lets have a look well come to a complete, stop and then well just punch it and then weve got the turn in here yeah what a car. So the reason why that felt like it did is because it has a Nifty Im using Nifty a lot today. 250 newton meters of torque and thats on tap as soon as you put your foot on the throttle, which feels fantastic, the drive is something truly phenomenal. You put your foot down and like any electric car, it goes its not an immediate throwback, its more linear, almost like its on a mirror and naturally aspirated petrol engine, but dont get me wrong. It feels quick and in terms of the handling. Well, you come to a corner now that Ive had a go with it around a few of them anyway, and you feel like youre on Rails, just dont accelerate mid Corner as with any electric car, because then youll get the wheel spins. My absolute favorite thing is the trophy and the long range versions well get to the specs in a minute.

But if you live in a city or a hilly area, youre going to be getting close to 360 miles of range for sub 30 000 pounds. I cant even think of any vehicle electric vehicle that even comes close Im struggling to think of any electric vehicle that gets half as much as range. Well, I actually I I do that. The next one is actually the mg5 long range, but other than that. So what about the specifications lets say you phone us up and you have. I have 25 995 pounds burning in my back pockets. What are you gon na get for your money? Well, a fair amount, aside from the 51 kilowatt hour, motor uh, 170 PS 0 to 60 in 7.5 seconds. Youll also get a sleuth of specifications, Oh and before we get on to specifications, if you enjoying the video make sure you hit that like button, it helps us out a lot subscribe if you havent already, because its free and you can unsubscribe at any time. I mean youve watched this far. Why not so as standard you get alloy wheels, theyre covered in a plastic low, wind resistance style covering, and then obviously you get black fabric upholstery in the seats which are the same as these are exceptionally comfortable. You get four speakers which are absolutely fine and 10.25 floating color display, which gives you loads of room around here as well and is more responsive than pretty much anything around in this price range.

The nearest I can basically get to is saying the Hyundai ioniq 5, and it feels as good as that you get Android, auto and apple carplay. Obviously, you get eye charging smart Management Services and, of course, climate controller standard as well. You get a full digital gauge cluster and three separate regenerative braking modes, which means when you go down a hill youre, getting more fuel back in your car fuel rific and you get 363 liters of boot space and with 1177 liters with everything folded flat. Thats, a lot of practicality as well so so far the car handles well is powerful and fast, practical and reasonably priced or more than reasonably priced. This is becoming a bit of a problem for me. You see when they announced this car. I thought this could be as a big of a deal as something like the original Golf GTI or the original Ford Focus or the original MX 5, a game changer and so far it hasnt disappointed, but its difficult to put it into words. So lets continue with the specifications for now so anyway, moving on lets get back to the specs. There is a standard version, as mentioned before, but theres also a long range with exactly the same specs. This one will come with the 64 kilowatt hour battery youll, get that 203 PS and between 281 and 360 miles of range, as mentioned before in a car that costs less than 30 000 pounds going up.

The specs, though, brings us what were in today the trophy Edition. This one adds leather seats as well, which are very, very comfortable, actually really comfortable. The seats are fantastic, as mentioned before, theyre also an electric electric adjustable on the drivers side, as well with six way adjustable settings. You get heated seats, a heated steering wheel as well. You get surround sound six speaker sound system, and this is by far the best speaker system, Ive used in any of the MGs Ive driven, thus far it is brilliant. It passes my tingy at the high end and rumbly at the low end test, where, if you turn up the volume, then you get neither of those things which is great news means its set up properly. You get live Services as well, which is uh, which is rather nice for a car thats, this sort of price you get a 360 camera which is brilliant, have a look at this and you get wireless charging as well. These are just a few of the specs. There are a few more upgrades on that, but this car starts from 31 000. 495 pounds at the time of filming, which is everything you ever want at an absolutely brilliant price. You also get my favorite bit in the car as well with this specification, which is the uh the rear spoiler, which is split in half like a Bugatti Zonda, oh yeah. So as I was saying before, I think this car is really important.

Much like the VW Beetle, the VW Golf GTI, the original Ford Focus the Mazda MX 5, the Lamborghini mirror. I think this car is going to become a game changer a staple. This is bringing affordable EVS into the home at a reasonable price. The VW Golf GTI proved that you can have a hot hatch. You can have an exciting family car, the mirror defined. What a Supercar was. The beetle brought motoring to everybody. The peoples car the MX 5 showed the world that you can have an affordable, reliable sports car. Finally, the focus was the all round car. When that first launched it was a good looking car it drove well, it was well priced, it was cheap to run and you could fit the whole family inside, and I think that is what closely mirrors this mg. This mg is the electric car for everybody. Youve got the range youve got the price. Youve got the specifications, it looks fantastic, the quality of the car is brilliant. I think this is going to change electric cars as we know it, but what about some of the other features in a little bit more detail? Lets have a look at those and round it off. So a really cool little feature that a few MGS have, but this one I really love in is you get their favorites function and you can change what this button on the steering wheel does the star button. So this star button right here you can change so it either has vehicle control or 360 camera energy recovery mode, all the different Drive modes.

So if you look like you can have it as vehicle controller or 360.. So if I click 360, then immediately its going to go to the 360 camera, which is a really good idea or if I want to drive more cautiously Im going to have it in the energy recovery mode. So it changes between normal sport or light or of course I can have it in the drive mode. So I can go into custom. I can go into like snow eco mode normal, my mode its all there. The car also has radar guided cruise control as standard and auto dipping beams and, of course, theyre LED lights as well. There really is basically the full being the full package. I cannot find a downside, which is annoying me. Even this space down here is well utilized. Youve got a cubby hole here. Youve got more space to put in things over here. Youve even got this little bit here. So I can, you know, put my wallet in there or my phone when its not wireless charging. The wireless charging pad is right in front of you, which is nice, and its got quite a wide range of wireless charging. So, if its slipping around a little bit, it will still charge the way. I usually tell that somethings a quality product or not, is whether you use things that you dont think you would normally use, and they people think you know you can cheap out on that sort of area.

But the sunglasses holder, its certainly in the United Kingdom, were only going to be using this, maybe once a year, but its got a slow release, theres a satisfying click theres, no rattles theres, no dings theres, no scrapes. Everything feels like its put together absolutely beautifully. So there it is what I think is the full package and I think, the most important car release this year. This is the mg4 and if you want to come and drive one yourself dont forget to give us a ring. You can give us a ring on the number on screen or, of course you can send us an email, dont forget to like And subscribe as well as mentioned before, and if you want to see another video then watch the mgz just here and youll be able To watch that, thank you for watching and well see you next time, foreign Music, that I would forget my lines.