org. They are giving away a brand new Tesla Model S plan, we love doing giveaways and we love it when you guys win these cars so head to, to support our Afghan allies and hopefully win a brand new plaid all right, hello. Everyone welcome to out of spec reviews Im Max Patton. You join me in beautiful Southern California with the new Kia Niro EV, so the Nero is back with a refresh for 2023. Primarily, it is a facelift, so theyve changed the sub frame and theyve made the actual outside of the car. Look a lot better now, like I said this is the EV specific variant so in terms of those specs well, honestly, its pretty similar. We have a 64.8 kilowatt hour battery like last time around thats, actually giving they say this time. More range, 253 miles of range theres, also an optional heat pump. You can get now and there is that similar front wheel drive only set up. You cannot get all wheel drive in this, so theres a motor powering the front wheels its going to give you 150 kilowatts of output. That translates to 201 horsepower. I think it provides about 250 pound feet of torque and, of course, the proof. This is the electric one. I will show that this Nero like the last one has that front charging port, notably this time you get vehicle to load, just like the ev6 with Kia, so thats that funky little dongle Port you can plug in here you get a 120 volt Outlet.

Out of that so thats a you know, super cool feature, but unlike the ev6, which is going to be priced cheaper than by the way, Kia wont tell me the exact price this doesnt have super fast charging in so the ev6 right has 800 volts uh on Its battery architecture, meaning that it can actually charge the car from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes at the right charger, this guy, its still going to take you 45 minutes, because the peak charging rate is only 85 kilowatt, so its still DC fast charging capable. I want to say a huge thank you to Sparrow world for sponsoring todays video, hey these guys are doing something pretty incredible. They are supporting our forgotten Afghan allies. Through this wonderful charity, which you can find on, all you have to do is purchase a 150 ticket and youre immediately entered to win a Tesla Model S, plaid guess what Sparrow World already has the Plaid. So as soon as you win the raffle, it shouldnt take long for you to get the car car. On top of that, you have the best chances ever that Ive, seen of winning one of these cars in the Raffles that weve done here and thats, because Sparrow world is only sold about 20 percent of their tickets coming up to their deadline October 1st. So all you have to do is head to to support our forgotten Afghan allies by purchasing some tickets and, of course, youre entered to win.

That awesome Model S plaid best of luck and thank you to Sparrow worldwide for sponsoring todays video. So you dont get those Breakneck charging speeds like the ev6 and generally while The Styling is updated to be bolder. In my opinion, its more conservative as you can see, uh than that super futuristic design. Some notable elements Id like to point out uh the headlights, the DRL is this: what um Kia calls a heartbeat pattern because, basically, its like a you know a graph in a doctors, office kind of a weird analogy for them to make. I think, but it looks cool its distinctive and I, like that, a lot its Kia, of course, so you still get that tiger nose Grill this time its been kind of updated to have that Boulder. Look the whole front. End of the vehicle, in my opinion, looks very sharp, but lets turn around the side and theres another distinctive element that KIA really wanted to know about, and that is the aeroblade. Yes, you got it. This is shades of Cadillac shades of uh. The smart Aero blade um. Basically, this is like a two tone option, so its cosmetic right because its different from the rest of the car, it can be body color, but on this electric version, its gray on the Kia Niro EV and its not just a cosmetic thing, they say its functional. They say that basically, because the c pillar is the Aero blade, air can go through here and exit out the tail light, and supposedly that contributes to a better coefficient of drag on this vehicle.

It is 0.29 even with that new kind of angular boxy design youre. Also getting new to Nero, I believe, a power tailgate that power tailgate is offering well 22.8 cubic feet of space on the trunk you fold down these 60 40 rear folding seats, youre going to get 64 cubic feet, thats, pretty competitive and in terms of Rivals. What are we talking about here? Volkswagen id4, Chevy, bolt euv, I would say Toyota bz4x. This in terms of range is gon na. I dont do better than the bz4x be competitive with id4 similar to bolt, but in pricing. I would predict this to be more. Most of in line with well the front wheel, drive configurations of the id4 and the bz4x. Unlike those two cars, though, and kind of like the bolt like, I said you cant configure this with all wheel drive, you have to get front wheel drive and I can see that being a bit of an issue for snowier climates or, if you want all wheel, Drive now one cool thing about the Nero is the Kia because they share this platform with the um with ice counterparts right with the hybrid and the plug in hybrid, Nero uh, you think, oh maybe packaging is going to be compromised by that no theyve been, I Mean the Nero has always been electrified. Theyve been used to making this with different variants, so theyve actually done a really efficient job packaging. In here, like you still get, you dont have a spare tire, but you have Fix A Flat.

You have some wiring harnesses and electrical stuff, it looks like, but it doesnt intrude too much on your space. When you do fold this area down, you still get a lot of space. You get some Chambers there as well, so decent amount and competitive amount of cargo space overall, the way Kia likes to frame it is that its more than a Tesla Model. 3.. I dont think this directly competes with that in terms of the id4, its slightly less cargo space, but its pretty good, and this vehicle is still a compact, wheelbase thats part of the reason, by the way that this is not super fast charging its not like the Ev6 that engap architecture is just frankly too big. It requires too long of a wheelbase for this platform or vehicle they just werent able to fit it in with the wiring harnesses, with everything that that would require. For that you know bleeding edge architecture, but Im going to step in the inside and just show you a little bit of that with Nero. So this Nero EV that were driving today is configured uh, pretty highly so Im going to start it up because its an EV and theres no cost to me idling or practically very little compared to an engine. It is this standard Kia, Entertainment System infotainment. What have you Im going to turn the climate control off and you can see, unfortunately, that I basically have to do that through it? Well this I like the way this looks.

This is a carryover from their other. Newer Vehicles, like ev6 um, looks cool, but basically right. This knob has to serve double duty right now, its temperature control. If I want to change my volume with it well, I have to change the mode of the screen so function I mean functionally. I think its a bit compromised, but it undeniably looks very cool. You have your hazards, of course. So these screens, your setup, is two 10 inch screens giving you a lot of you know, screens as all modern cars do, and then you have a heads up display. Im not sure how well thatll show up on camera, but I found it to be very sharp. I cant tell you too many things about the driving impressions of the vehicle, but this is just a teaser if you want to see that full driving video well thats, coming up with embargo later in October, so just be on the lookout for that. But in terms of you know the specs what Ive kind of gone over all that stands. This is looking like its going to be that value option in Kias lineup for being a CUV, its going to be cheaper than ev6 a a little bit more traditional. But you do get this fancy high tech interior also, notably so right, theres, the standard Suite of Adaptive Driving assist, including highway driving Assist 2 hda2. If you were a nerd like me, youll know what that means.

That means you get all the features youre going to get Lane keeping uh well, not just Lane keeping or basically be able to do. Your turn signal on the highway with the adaptive cruise control and have the car automatically make plane changes. That is super cool. In my book, um awesome feature uh, also its gon na, of course, slow down for Curves use the navigation data to intelligently do that and its going to use machine learning to recognize the style of how you apply the pedals and apply that to how the cruise Control works, so that is really cool regenerative braking, since this is an EV of course, is in place and because its Ikea, it has these panels for simulating right gear changes. So this is going to adjust the level of re gen breaking in this car and also Drive modes. This is your drive mode, toggle selector. I dont like that, its just a one uh its basically right. It goes down Id like it to go up or down. If that makes sense Id like to be able to go from if Im in normal sport or Eco, but I have to go down to sport before I can get back to Eco, so thats just um something Im, not a huge fan of by the way I Mentioned 253 mile range out of that same battery pack, so they made it even more efficient right now, its estimating 163 miles of range because well Ive, driven in a bit today, but um yeah, beautiful driving here in Southern California.

Of course. No problem with this front wheel drive configuration in this climate but, like I said Id like to see what thats like in Colorado and then generally um, you know driving Impressions will come but Ill talk about that in that video about how this car drives but front Wheel, drive, you wont, imagine it being a problem in a climate like this, so your standard controls here, the overall design of the Interior, is what Kia says: uh its called opposites, United, its their design philosophy. Basically, they have both horizontal and diagonal lines. Um yeah its a lot of talk. I think it looks cool um, your vents are very modern. This applies to the rear seats as well. By the way I set in these rear seats, Im a six foot, two passenger – and I was reasonably comfortable uh, which is good, so leg, room and Headroom are all I think competitive. Even with this option, which has a sunroof its not a panoramic sun roof its still just a standard kind of uh standard size, one, but its very nice and its um yeah well configured. This is a well appointed car pricing, like I said, dont know yet. Well, let you know as soon as we do, but Im guessing starting low to mid 40s, maybe going up to just under 50 000., hopefully maybe even cheaper, because ev6 can kind of intersect that – and this is in some ways a lower Tech car than ev6.

But nonetheless, a very practical uh and cool car in that space, so I will step out of the Interior again and just kind of give you one more look at the vehicle and so yeah. I have been really impressed by the Nero EV Nero overall right. What is Kia doing well, theyre, just giving buyers options they want to. Let you know that its okay to get a normal hybrid, a plug in hybrid or this full battery EV version, depending on what suits you, its not the most bleeding edge battery electric vehicle, but well standing next to something like the Toyota bz4x, which is also um. Not the most bleeding edge. I think this is quite competitive and I cant wait to show you how it drives in that later video. By the way you can see what I mean. What I mentioned earlier that cool heartbeat DRL, oh see, thats, really cool, Im, glad its showing up on camera its a little bit medical a little bit institutional kind of weird, but it just looks so cool, I would say lightning bolt that might be some sexier branding. If Keo wants some input for me, but yeah really cool car, even in this kind of white uh paint Scheme with that contrasting Aero blade, uh super awesome job, I think they did on the design refresh. But those are my impressions of the Nero just kind of a walk around tour of it.