If I had a pound for every single person, whos been asking me when Im gon na get one of these on the channel. Ive been exceptionally rich man, and I totally understand that I was blessed in 2019 to be present at the launch of the original zscv invited by uh the planet, Auto YouTube channel and in 2021. I also attended the Press launch of the long range mg5ev. The Press launch of this was a little while ago, but this is the smmt test day uh over at um Oakley hall near basic Stoke and uh Ive got this car for a short while, where the fuel power channel will be filming a full review of it. This is not a full review. I repeat, this is not a full review, well be doing a full review of one of these, probably up at Summit garage Dudley later this year, but because we dont really have a lot of time Im just filming a brief walk around now. So you can get a flavor of what this car is like. So this car um and this paint costs in a region. I think its about 31 000 pounds, which might seem like a lot of money for a sort of Volkswagen golf sized car but um in comparison with a lot of the electric cars that are on the market, this cars starting price at 26, 000 pounds. So these standard range SE model um is very competitive uh.

This particular one. This range is just shorter 300 miles actually um and its got uh 201 horsepower um and 184 pound for the torque. Not a 62 is about eight seconds. The uh charging time on this particular one, which is a 61 kilowatt hour battery uh on 125 DC rapid charger uh, not sorry, 10 to 80 percent is 34 minutes, which is very, very good um. The range is about 281 miles from a wltp cycle, so weve got these wheels, which sort of like half Alloys, half plastic. I think this color is called Volcano orange. It seems to be the most popular one at the moment. Um and weve got cameras everywhere. Weve got cameras here: weve got camera down at the front. Its got LED headlights got a camera on this side that wasnt making scratch right by the way and, of course, camera reversing on the back with some parking sensors so entirely new platform. Nothing to do with any previous model, I dont think, but it does compete in the same segments of Volkswagen ID3 and we had an ID3 on the channel on two jacket reviews last year. So I am familiar with those just going to pause for a second here. Whilst I get in right so Consulting my secret mission, documents are just up. There tells me that this is 31495. This particular car very different from anything else Ive ever seen from mg. Apart from this rotary gear, selector, which uh is something that um has come with with a lot of models, the zcv has this, for example, so does the mg5, but this steering was entirely new.

So are these stalks its the first time Ive seen new stalks in an mg um since 2013? I think these were on the original mg3, but still in production, but uh loads and loads of sort of Airy space. In here nice comfortable seats, not full leather, or this might actually be article leather. I like this blue, stretching, I presume much to do with it being an electric car. Weve got two cables that someones very kindly left in here: um thats like a lightning, connector and thats. I think a USB USBC actually down here. If you can see weve got both um. I think a standard USB if I just pull this up yep standard USB on this side and the USBC there. To be honest, the uh um standard USB is more useful, someone like me, but there we go cup holders there, because this is a you know: uh rear, wheel, drive electric car, we dont need a transmission tunnel, so we dont really have one. Instead, we have all this space down here and cup holders and all sorts of things or a little automatic parking brakes there, big storage bin in there net for putting things in them, and you can put your phone in there if you wanted to, but the upper Models, I think, do come with a wireless charging pad like this. Does I dont think my phone supports that but never mind very happy to see physical buttons at the bottom of here very happy to see those? Some people have criticized the quality of the buttons, but I think these are absolutely fine.

They feel they feel nice got over here. Um Ill, just chat the size of it. My secret mission docket, its a seven inch drivers display just here and the battery is on 84 at the moment, and weve got 208 miles of range remaining. So a little control here I think we can scroll up and down through there if we want to um see if Ive pressed this button, if it does anything, lets do that. Yes, there we go, so I think we can Im gon na have to shut this door around 12 years, hold on a moment right, thats, better okay, so we can go through here and it just gives a sort of information about last charge and uh. The efficiency 3.4 miles per kilowatt hour, which is nice, although because this is on a sort of a press day effectively, a lot of people are driving at quite short distances and just absolutely booting the throttle which, when it gets naught to 62 in about eight seconds, Not quite as fast, though, as the mg5, I think, thats about 7.87.9, its not quite as fast as one of those but um Im, not gon na drive very much today. I might very briefly have a go, but its mainly about the uh uh people from fuel power actually driving this today Ill have a much more sort of extended Drive um whenever we get hold of one of these later in the year, thanks theyre very nicely integrated Into the dash that looks very neat, um actually, is that a squishy Dash, oh my gosh, its a real Improvement in quality from before I mean you know.

I know we get a seven year warranty and all that sort of stuff in this car, but it just feels a lot nicer. This touch screen is much nicer. Um, please plug in the charge, connector uh whats about discharging. What does that? Do please plug? Oh thats, the same, never mind: um Apple car played Android auto, as you can see here, um nav well just see where we are on here there we go Oakley hall near Basingstoke excellent. Can we go back to the main menu by pushing that button there? Yes, we can um its just like a really really nice upgrade of the existing mg infotainment system, the latest, one of which is actually in the facelift zfcv, which will soon be in the um infected mg5. That is coming out soon. So everything feels feels nice. So the seats very comfortable um. This is still hard plastic on top of the door, but Im not even sure an ID3 gets soft plastic on top of the door, so no problems there um with no switches, feel very good and very premium. Im surprised this car starts at um, 25. 995. Im really surprised about that for an electric car um, that is one of the lowest prices electric cars actually out there, which is amazing. One thing I havent watched out how to what to do is actually how to turn this car off like there is no start stop button in this car anywhere.

It doesnt have one um. It does have this park switch, but if I press that it doesnt seem to do anything, I Ive got out of it, but you know there we go so annoyedly what you have to do, and this is a difference from earlier electric MGS. If you want to actually change the level of regenerative, braking and the driving mode, but you have to go into the menu to do it so well, just have a look here and see what we can do. Yes look here. We go snow, Eco, normal Sport and custom, which is good, and that was a custom mode before energy recovery, weak medium and strong. A lot of you want to drive and I think in either strong or the Adaptive mode for um the um returns of breaking, which I understand that mg Pilots famously introduced. Some Rosetta CV in 2019 includes things like traffic sign, recognition, Lane keeping music says front Collision. Mutt um, you can change your sensitivity of alert, rear, driving assistance, blind spot detection, Lane change assistant, Red Cross traffic, a lot with door, open alert, which I would turn off if its my car, but its not um and rear Collision warning also a towing mode. Apparently, you can tow up to 500 Kilograms with this car, which is um, which is not bad for an actual car, actually um and then obviously, theres driver attention, theres, audible warnings, um driver assist system, speed limit and then presume we can uh for around the cruise Controls weve got adaptive cruise.

Of course we have a black backup setting there um. We can actually change the what these functions, so these switches actually do and the start button here and that star button there you can actually change them on here, um this in this. Since weve got vehicle control, this ones been set to a shortcut for air conditioning which is really good because otherwise dont adjust the fan. Speed number 10 for fan, speed of a temperature. You kind of have to um. You know go into here and fiddled with that. Thats just for turning it on and off, and something else got adaptive lighting, automatic, high beam, fantastic um and all the sort of safety stuff Auto hold for the handbrake and power off yeah um thats. Obviously, what you do in terms of that see if my secret mission documents go into the glove box. Well, just pull um this little pack out of here Ill have put my bookmark in because I need to refer to it later there we go. No, no viewers! My disappointment is palpable. Ah right, let me just take out a couple of uh seconds to recover from that. One thing I have noticed in common with the older mg models. Is this electric mirror switch that came in with the Zs in 2017.? So its not entirely? Your new car, then right viewers lets be circulation, documents go in the door if they dont go in the glove box, and so I can have left disappointment right lets.

Uh weve got the key in my pocket, so we cant go anywhere. Lets go to the back and see what thats like this door is really really long really long. Why is it bogging me? I keep trying to turn the car off, but I cant seem to do it its really annoying, but it wouldnt be an MG Electric car. Without the bombs, would it no it wouldnt, oh its quite nice legrooms, not as much as I was expecting the headrooms very good, though its a little bit dark in there due to this um dark headliner, which Im not really a fan of dark Headliners in cars. But its not too bad weve got little pockets here, um! Imagine for like a smaller phone map pocket there and another USB port down there, excellent! What viewers we have a problem. We have no Center armrest in here. This costs 31 495 pounds theres no Center. Almost in the back, ah there is: are there isofix points in here which is uh, which is good, um and actually its very easy to get in and out incredibly easy, actually thats, um, thats, brilliant thats, really good Im very impressed with that keyless entry, of course, And uh, even the rear lights have the scic vision, LED lighting system, saic, of course, being mg parent company see. If we can get into boot there we go its a normal boot thats nice. I dont need the electric boost in a car like this.

So if we lift this up its a much bigger boot, um, something like an mg mg3, but its not quite as big as on like a Zev or, of course, the mg5 charging cables, look like theyre living in one of those things here. I think its somewhere around 380 liters this boot. I will just have a look at my documents in a second and confirm that led boot light um. Of course you could probably take this floor out. If you want for uh, you know just a lower floor and put those cables somewhere else. One thing I dont see on this car is a rear wiper, and that is something of a shame um. Obviously, if they had one how to be a mini wiper but um, you know there, we go right. Lets have a look at my documents and just check the boots size right views. It says uh for boot, 363 liters. The other thing I you just say is that on a wall box, the standard car uh takes 10 hours to reach 100 from zero um, so its a long range one, the standard one is eight is HR. This is a long range one, of course, right lets. Take a look under the bondage and see if there is a front boot or throat so views as you can see under here. We dont have a front boot or fruit or Franco, whatever um we just have a load of cooling systems and batteries and what sort of thing? Obviously this is the 12 watt battery there um strut bracing here.

That will be interesting for the handling. Apparently, these Drive quite well. I might just have a very brief Drive of this um, but uh yeah front cameras on there, which is which is good. I just wish. I could turn this thing off, which I cant seem to do see how many totally idiot imagine if you just got out and pressed part for press part, got out and unlocked it. It would just turn off, but at the moment I I dont know whats going on never mind right, uh. Let me just stop this here and well. Have a very brief drive at some point: Consulting stickers, t, shirts and mugs are available by clicking the link to the Google form in the video description below. So just a very brief little Drive of this Ive got the fuel plug going with me. You see those cameras and things and thatll be there Im just getting some shots for their their review, that theyre doing so its straight away. This feels very, very kind of solid and almost like a car costing. You know 35 40 000 pounds actually in some ways which materials in here are very nice. We even got a wheel that looks very cortic. It looks very much like an older legro steering wheel going back to one of the uh old brands that uh you know. Mg came from what was part of the Greek in in BL years and years ago, so yeah not to 60, and about eight seconds its very, very light.

I mean what I need to do. Maybe is put it in the sport mode to see if these steering um weightens up, because its very very, very light in this eco mode, I can feel weve got the regen braking and setting three. So if I left off like this, I get quite Fierce regen, which of course, is what I like and thats useful for putting my range up, because Im now on the Eco Mode, 84 is now 217 miles of range over. These speed bumps its very good but rides very compliant. So if I put um the drive mode into sport, yeah the steerings really firmed up like that. But my range is now 196 miles, so Im gon na go back into the Eco Mode. I really wish there was an actual physical um switch for change between the modes and also for the um regen, braking which there is in mgs older electric models, if youre changing from I dont know, zcv or an mg5ev, um thats really worth just um. Bearing in mind because you have to go, do the touchscreen so were just having a little brief drive just before going takeover and um the review, but this is a 50 mile house, its been a bit rodent. Oh my gosh theres only an eco mode. Oh, this isnt a Tesla or anything like that, but for somebody like me, whos used to fairly gentle acceleration in most of the cars that they drive.

This is, this is very, very good yeah the ride the rides very soft, but the car – particularly if I just put this into sport just to have the weightier steering the handling seems very very good, feels very good indeed theres, no doubt of damping or anything like That, unless you wouldnt, expect that, at this price, its just a shame that, although you still get for seven year warrants, you dont get a government grant anymore, which is what um the uh Andrew zv.