Today, we also check out the face lifted: citro C5 air cross, a quick look at Mercedes, Benz, Indias, first locally produced eqs SUV, and we also bring you details on Moto mourinhi, Escape 650. hello and welcome to overdrive. I am sorry that Tata Motors is taking big strides in the mass Market EV space. The brand has finally launched the most affordable electric car you can buy in the country today. The Thiago EV, starting at an introductory price of 8.49 lakh rupees for the first 10 000 customers, is honestly a steal and to him tells you why Music, the car you see here, the Tata Thiago EV – is a significant one, not just because its another Tata EV In the mainstream segment, but because prices start at 8.49 lakhs, which is well below the rupees 10 lakhs, that car makers have been trying to breach for a while with EV, so that this form of Mobility can go truly mainstream. Now, turning the standard Thiago into the Thiago EV Tata Motors have done what it usually does with most of these conversions, and you get this new blanked out Grille. What would have been the grill and this new minimal is much more simpler, EV logo, which we think looks quite nice. Of course, the tri Arrow motifs continue here and the blue highlighting that separates tatas EVS from the regular car. You can see that here too and the Tiago the standard one always got projector headlamps, so that continue here as well.

The auto – and you also have Auto wipers and to top things off. You have these new, more funkier, snazzy or brighter sort of EV specific color options as well now changes to the side of the Tiago EV arent, all that significant. But you do get these hyper style wheels, which are steel, wheels, disguises Alloys. We arent a big fan of these even in the tigori and that sort of continues here, although the design, maybe to some peoples, liking again, thats, simpler, EV badge and in this top XZ plus Tech, Lux version, you also get these contrasting black bits on the mirrors On the roof and on the door handles as a ground clearance, the Tiago EV has about 166 mm, which is 4 mm less than the 170 of the standard Thiago. So you dont lose too much in that regard as well. Now, the only significant way that you can tell the EV, apart from the standard Tiago from the rear, is with this wide new badging again in a more minimalistic sort of design. Aside from that, its Neo identical to the standard TR Music uth, now the Tiago EV can be had in two battery options. What Tata Motors calls medium range is a 19.2 kilowatt battery pack good for a 250 kilometers of accredited range, and you get about 61 PS and 104 NM with that motor, but the larger battery pack, which we think will be the more useful one, is a 24 Kilowatt battery pack good for 315 kilometers of range, which should translate into about 250 kilometers in the real world that makes 75 PS and 140 newton meters, and that also gets you spot mode which can get the Tiago EV from 0 to 60.

In 5.7 seconds. Music. Ap, apart from the regular petrol Tiago, well its the same changes, the Tata Motors makes to all the cars that converts into electrics. So you have. These blue highlights here around the AC vents, a black and off whitish interior sort of color palette leather at Upholstery and among the changes, the additions over the regular Tiago. First, you have these selectable region modes. You can choose between four modes. There are no paddles but theyre easily accessible through here, and you can see it on the screen as well, and you get this older style rotary dial. What came in the first Nexon is also in the tigori, which we dont like as much considering you. Dont have a park mode in it and sort of selecting the gear has always been a bit fiddly. So maybe the one from the Nexon EV Max that with the bright display, that would have been a good addition. But of course cost is a constraint here. Then. Another big change is that, over and above the long list of features that the Tiago is known for, you also get cruise control and you get this different digital instrumentation, its nice, its. In fact, we like it more than the part digital one in the Nexon Evie its more simple, but it gives you a lot of information clearly, so you have the region modes up top the battery level, the power and the region level. You know how much power youre using and so on, so its a nice clear, instrumentation like on the tigori that continues here as well.

Now the Tiago EV has always been popular because of the amount of features that Tata Motors crams into the small hatchback and that stays true with the EV version as well. Like we just mentioned, you get even more features, so whats been carried over, you get standard climate control, which is a good addition. You get this nice 7 inch. Touchscreen may not be the best touchscreen, but you still get eight speakers with Android, auto Apple carplay. You got a leather, it upholstery, you get projector headlamps, you get a height adjustable seat for the driver. You get you get a powered adjustment for the mirror, so its reasonably well equipped, quite well equipped for the segmented operates now to fit this 24 kilowatt hour battery pack into the Thiago EV Tata Motors are split it into two parts, considering the smaller body shell, it Has to work with here, and that has led to some compromises, but not up to a level that you might expect its been quite neatly packed in. So, of course, the floor is a bit higher up than you would expect in the regular Tiago, which means you sit in a slightly. Neither position theres slightly less under her support of that, and you also have this big Central tunnel here, which also holds the battery cells. So yes, space for the third passenger isnt, what it used to be, but you have a comfortable seat back a nice angle to it fairly large Windows, a lot of knee room and Headroom.

So, as a four seater at least the Tiago EV still works perfectly fine ATA Motors has had to make to convert the Thiago into the EV version that this is is in terms of boot space. You get 240 liters and thats without the parcel shelf, which means that longer road trips with all four passengers is going to be a bit difficult. Another drawback is that you dont get a spare wheel, which isnt ideal for our conditions, of course, thats, because the battery pack, a part of it at least, sits here, underneath the floor, where a spare wheel usually would be so its fine for, say a short hop Around closer to town, but a longer road trip packing luggage before might be difficult with the Thiago EV IL. Now you can buy that Thiago EV with either a 3.3 kilowatt AC wall box, or is this 7.2 kilowatt AC fast charger? Now the other charging options that you get is DC fast charging now Tata hasnt, given an exact DCs charging speed, but since it takes 10 percent to 80 in about 57 minutes, we expect it to be about 25 to 30 kilowatt. The DC fast charging speed and also you can charge it from a 15 amp plug, but of course, that takes an extended amount of time, Music for the first 10, 000 bookings and two thousand of those are reserved for previous Tata EV owners anyway, bookings open October 10Th and you can start getting deliveries of the Thiago EV from January 2023.

. Music. Is it the only electric car in news this week, Mercedes Benz, India has launched its very first locally assembled EV, the eqs 580 4matic, the first Made in India, Mercedes Benz, eqs 584 Matic has launched in India at an incredible 1.55 crore rupees X, showroom pan India. This luxury EV is claiming an area verified driving range of 557 kilometer on full charge, which makes it the longest range electric vehicle on sale in India. Today, safety is non questionable, with a five star Euro encap rating and nine airbags to keep the occupants safe. Theres. Additional peace of mind with two years or 30 000 kilometer service interval and eight years and unlimited kilometer of battery warranty local assembly starts today on the same assembly line that brings together the India made Mercedes Maybach and the S class welcome back youre watching overdrive Italian Manufacturer Moto mourini has made its way to India with four premium 650cc motorcycles to shake the space up. Quite a bit, Chris got to spend a few hours getting to know the Escape X, Motorcycle targeted at adventurous Riders heres. His first impression, Music out of adeshwar, Auto ride India well aari or Ari, as some people call it its the same firm that has brought in Brands motorcycle Brands like keyway and bellary into India, and now the company just of late over the last couple of months Has introduced a new umbrella on the which we have two more motorcycle bands, the first of which is Moto mourini, which has two motorcycles.

Two two variants of each motorcycle or all 650 CC motorcycles. Parallel twin awesome, looking styling this one, the X Cape X, is the most interesting of them and Im here to sample what this motorcycle is all about. Today were going to be riding it out here at the pro Adventure Park in Pune were out here to get some fun, take up some muck and check out what the Escape X is all about, so lets get to it: foreign Music, its got this nice big Bike stance with the 19 inch front, 17 inch, rear, wheel, setup, the fully adjustable Upside Down, Massage front fork and the KYB rear shock not only add to the bike substance, but also visually. Give you this reassurance that this machine is built to go places while allowing you to set it up as you please. You also have the 7 inch TFT digital instrument, cluster, the adjustable windscreen, all LED lighting, the backlit switch gear, which not only look neat but also feel good quality Parts too. An aluminum Dash plate to keep the engine safe. While you have some fun off road and even a couple of USB sockets to keep your devices up and running on the go Music, the Moto mourinhi Escape 650 comes in two variants: one is the standard escape and the second is the escape X and the only Things that separate the pair are the wheels they come with. The Escape 650 comes with alloy wheels, while the other the X gets spoke wheels.

Also, the excess seat is higher by 25 mm at 8, 35 mm, its a motorcycle that will manage your skill set very easily and urge you to try and get the hang of something new and aceit. So in that respect its quite a commendable machine, not only does it look good, but can you have a load of fun on this thing you have the adjustable suspension, which I really dont tweak around with this time, the seat height its very comfortable, even shorter Riders, Wont really find it to be a problem. You can really grip the tank nicely with your knees once you stand up and give it the beans, the engine lovely once again, parallel twin 649 CC, 60ps of power and around 55 odd NM of stock nice amount of power lower down the power Band After 2000. Rpm, when thats, when the fun really starts, but its just such a simple, enjoyable machine, you only have two ride modes. You have ride an off road and you also have the option of switching off ABS completely and off road mode, not too Tech heavy. Just the way I like it and uh just the right amount of equipment on this bike to really have some fun adventure touring. Well, this is a seriously very nice machine foreign on smooth roads, well, its no fast at all and out on off road patches. If you get stuck, you can just lock it around till you get loose and youll be on your way again its a real hoot to ride overall and definitely a motorcycle someone whos upgrading to and venturing into the mid displacement ADV space for the first time should Definitely consider yep.

The incoming Himalayan 650 will definitely have its work cut out for it when it arrives out here and for me its all down to this bikes pricing, because this is the one thing that can break this extremely desirable machine. Chris also got a chance to sample The Zone Case 350. Yet another impressive Adventure, motorcycle back youre watching overdrive the citro C5 air cross has our vote as one of the most comfortable SUVs in the segment with a feeling of expensiveness to match its price tag. With the C5 across facelift, some criticisms against the previous generation model have been addressed, but largely the biggest criticism hasnt its price tag does the 2020 version of the C5 aircross make sense, then lets find out Music. This is the face lifted, Citroen C5 air cross and for just under rupees 3 lakh more for the top of the lane shine variant, which is the only variant its now available in citroens, throw again fresh new headlights and new Grille design. A new bumper new alloy wheels and new taillights and some other bits inside, but the question is for a car that was already considered overpriced. Is this update just a little too much for a little too little thats? What were gon na find out the exterior changes? We spoke about head and citroens new design language and why parts of it like the new bumpers, functioning, air curtains and those smashing 18 inch wheelers are very nicely executed.

We cant help but feel the pre facelift model had more of a unique presence but up front and at the rear. When we first saw pictures of the updated Citroen C5 aircraft, we were really excited because we felt that the Interiors lacked a bit of modernity and we were hoping that the facelift would fix that and really bring a life, the potential of the car. Now some of that is true, because the 8 inch touchscreen is now a 10 inch touchscreen, but unfortunately the UI is still a little basic and thats being kind to it. Now you do get apple carplay, but its wired. Only you do get wireless phone charging theres a lot of great storage. Now the big change is that the gear shifter is now a gear. Selector toggle and the drive mode dial is now a drive mode switch. They still create storage, theres, a huge Central cubby hole right here. Now importantly, the seats, which are already one of the most comfortable seats out there, have become even better, with 15 mm more padding. What that means is that theres, even more plushness and even more softness in the seats, but if you do like your car Interiors a little more subtle, the C5 may be right up your alley. Theres not enough soft touch, surfaces or features really to justify the price, but there is no denying at all feels very well put together and very, very usable and spacious.

The C5 Still Remains the only SUV to have three individually folding and sliding rear seats, even if they arent as sink into plush as the fronts. Its also got a massive 580 to 720 liter boot Music, foreign Music, which means its still powered by that two liter diesel engine with 177 PS and 400 newton meters of torque, going to the front wheels via an 8 speed automatic when youre navigating Nairobi lanes. For example, youll realize that theres a lot more, that Citroen should have put in the update, the first of which should have been 360 degree cameras because most of the segment offers it and for a car, this large, you do require a little help now and then Even if this does have front and rear proximity sensors, the cameras just help Music. Now, when you do put your foot down, youll realize that there is quite a bit of pork to get this SUV moving now, while you dont have those 360 degree cameras to help you out what does help the Citroen c5s case in the city is the fact That the steering is very very light now. It does weigh up as speeds price, which is a good thing, and it remains a pretty natural feeling. This is actually a very nice steering for this kind of car relax. Lastly, the drive experience remains stress, free and responsive. At the same time, what you will notice is that in the lower gears there is a tendency for the engine to be a little loud.

You can hear it revving out to about two thousand two thousand five hundred RPM when you want to get away from the traffic lights a little quickly, but once youre in those higher gears, the engine does sighten down quite a bit now the dry quality is another Aspect of the C5 across that we absolutely love. This has to be one of the most comfortable riding SUVs in this price range, if not the price range above, if not the most comfortable SUV, and the extra comfort that you can find in these seats now seems like its adding to that right. Comfort is definitely the C5 strong point and it only gets better Music. Okay, so does the C5 make sense, its the most expensive SUV in its class and considering its size and the number of people that it can seat? It seems like a tough sell. In our opinion, it still is the most comfortable SUV out there. So if Comfort is your absolute priority over features and gizmos and Tech and everything else, this could be the car for you. That said, there are SUVs out there that are better spec. Now, if we put the updated C5 up against the brand new Hyundai Tucson, the VW take one, the score.codia and even the Jeep Compass, which the C5 won against last time. I dont think were going to be getting a winner from France and thats just because other SUVs in the segment have done quite a bit and even if they seem expensive, I think the C5 makes them seem like theyre, valued for money and thats just an unfortunate Tool foreign happens to be following a minimalist approach in terms of creature, comfort and features while offering customers, drivers, cars, and this minimalist approach will be largely applied to the EVS of the future, as well as weve.

Seen earlier this week at the global Premiere, the Oli concept, the concept showcases, the Brands intent to shed additional weight and cost by offering straightforward Electric Mobility do head to our YouTube channel for more details. On that note, its time for us to wrap up this weeks.