This is not just an suv, its a coupe, a suv. It collects swarm data charges without user authentication like a tesla and it will park itself in your driveway. Well, not this one. This one is programmed to park in my driveway, but you get the gist. The id5 is pretty much an id4, but with a different rear end. Both cars have the same external and internal dimensions, taking into account the difference in the boot space. With the seats in the second row folded, the id5 has 1561 liters, which is 14 less than in the id4. With the seats up, the boot volume is 549 liters. In both cars and in both cars, you cant fit the parcel shelf under the boot floor. Why not use a rolling cover like in the skoda enyak? If you go for the premium audio system, you get a subwoofer, but you lose half of the space to store the charging cables, which is a bummer, because then you cant really store them. There are also shopping bag, hooks a 12v socket and hands free opening and closing of the tailgate. And what about the looks? The id5 looks like whatever, vw designers have to fit several very similar models on a single platform: theres the id4 id5 enyak iv, enya coupe iv, q4 e tron and q4 sportback e tron, underneath theyre, almost the same and max mustaman can barely tell them apart anyway. So the id5 has large wheels and doors which cover the sills to mask the thick floor and hiding in the floor is 77 kilowatt hours worth of batteries.

Even the batteries are pretty much the same for most of the id range mentioned above all, have more or less 80 kilowatt hours capacity. Volkswagen doesnt know if and when the smaller batteries will return in the back, its like in the id4 good leg, room and thats. With the drivers seat automatically moved back a couple of inches for easy access in the front, so im 175 centimeters tall and lets imagine the drivers seat is set for someone whos about 180 centimeters tall. Now headroom is uh, so so because im sitting on those batteries now the door pockets are okay. There is an armrest with cup holders and a ski hatch as well, and the passengers have their own climate control back here and two usb c ports. Now the isofix anchor points are not just in the back, but also on the front passenger seat. But who came up with these piano black door? Handles? Who i cant lets go to the front more about the door handles in the front, because here beside the piano black, we also have an example of changes which nobody asked for and during the endless product design meetings. Nobody had the guts to say what the actual you know, what im talking about the power window switches? How much has vw saved, eliminating two physical buttons and replacing them with a newly designed one touch button which works like it has a mind of its own. I realize, with global warming and with an average of one point, something passenger traveling by car.

The rear windows will be dropped sporadically, but still was it worth it to redesign this. The driving position kills the suv illusion. The floor is high, so you sit low and hit the steering wheel with your thigh when youre getting in, especially if you carry something in your pocket, like keys, maybe in the mercedes, benz, eqa and eqb designers manage to squeeze the batteries in the back and under The front seats leaving at least people in the front with suv like legroom, the id5 cockpit, is identical to the one in the id4. This car comes with a volkswagen id software 3.1, which you can tell by the battery percentage displayed on the drivers screen. Next to the range the id software 3.1 also offers other new functions more about those when we start driving. Meanwhile, the infotainment system is still the same. Laggy touch screen with ac and volume controls touch as well, and this touch panel with shortcuts the ladder by the way, crashed on me once and was unavailable for 15 minutes or so. The infotainment system takes some 20 to 30 seconds to boot. When the car has been parked for longer whats the point of starting the car by simply putting it in drive when everything else takes ages to get ready. But having experienced the new vw infotainment system in several cars im slowly getting used to its logic or im. Giving up, i think, vw ended with the mark 7 golf as long as there is android, auto im just going to limit using this thing.

I dont want to use it. The cup holders are removable and can be replaced with dividers. These are also in the copy by the floor between the seats. This is where the wireless charger and two usb c ports also live. The seats have individually adjustable armrests here, both seats are electrically operated and both have memory function. The glove box is average size, but the door pockets are large. When i reviewed the id4 in 2021, the car was available with two battery capacities 52 and 77 kilowatt hours net. Today, both cars are available only with 77 kilowatt hour batteries, and it is unclear whether the smaller capacity will return. Possibly vw will upgrade batteries in new cars in a few years, in recently, launched id buzz, vw will offer slightly larger capacity as of early 2024. The id5 is available as the 170 horsepower pro. The 204 horsepower pro performance and the 299 horsepower gtx with all wheel drive. The pro cars have claimed range up to 520 kilometers and the gtx up to 490 kilometers wltp, the rear wheel. Drive versions can tow up to 1200 kilograms and the all wheel drive gtx can tow up to 1400 kilograms. This, of course, will significantly impact its range. Simple calculations show that the id5 gtx would have to use less than 16 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. To achieve the claimed range, meanwhile, according to the manufactured data, all id5 models use about 17 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which gives theoretical range of around 450 kilometers.

Of course, there is recuperation. You can either choose b instead of d, for example, when coasting downhill or use adaptive radar based recuperation. The car will slow down as traffic in front of you is starting to slow down as well as you approach a junction or something this works. Regardless of the adaptive cruise control, i managed the id5 gtx to use below 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers driving mainly around the city and between lets, say smaller towns and villages. There was also a brief motorway test, so the real life range in my case is about 400 kilometers im recording this review in late august 2022. As europe is experiencing a heat wave, the ac is working overtime, im driving mainly in comfort mode. I used eco and sport just to see what they do and, as far as i can tell, they mainly change the reaction to the accelerator pedal in comfort mode. I manage 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.2 seconds and in sport mode 6.3 seconds, as claimed by the manufacturer. I guess the fraction of a second is just a measurement error. During the motorway drive, i recorded energy consumption between 25 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers at 120 kilometers per hour to 28 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers at 140 kilometers per hour. So with tailwind you can drive about 300 kilometers on the motorway before you have to start. Looking for a fast charger, speaking of charging, the id5 can take up to 100 kilowatts in the pro spec and up to 135 kilowatts in gtx spec.

So charging 10 to 80 takes around half an hour to 30 minutes, and here we arrive at yet another id software 3.1 novelty and thats plug and charge, basically its like tesla supercharger network. You arrive at the charger plugin and there is no need for additional authentication with an app or a card whether or not this is relevant to you, its a different story so far plug and charge works with ionity rl, bp, anno, iberdrola and eveny. Other networks may join in the future, but that may require some time for them to adapt their infrastructure, and that takes obviously time and money just in case dont delete all those charging ups. Just yet, anyway, you can always charge at home where the id5 will park itself. Well, almost first, you have to store the gps location of the exact parking spot. That means you need to have the view of the sky. Perhaps if your garage has very thin roof, you could pull off parking inside, but its more likely to work in your driveway. The procedure to store the place is quite simple and so is launching it. You have to stop relatively close to the stored parking spot and a pop up window will appear asking whether you want to park or you can launch the park. Assist plus with memory function, feature from the parking menu. Then you apply the brake press start on the screen, release the brake and from now on everything should happen automatically in case of emergency.

You can cancel the maneuver by pressing the brake or grabbing the steering wheel. I dont know what your driveway looks like, but mine has a slight incline because of the curb and the parking assistant seems to get stuck on that tiny incline. The accelerator doesnt work, so i cant force the car to climb up after a number of attempts. I found a way around it. I pressed the brake for a moment to get the system to go into standby and then i let it go. The car rolls down an inch or two and turns the steering wheel a bit more 2 3 attempts, and sometimes it manages to get the wheel straight enough to have enough torque to drive up or it cancels the maneuver and the car shuts down. Perhaps vw can fix this with a software update. Another new feature is the improved travel assist which now uses cloud data or swarm data, as vw likes to call it so lets. Imagine a road without central sent without sorry central markings on it. If another vw car with swarm data drove here, then my car will understand how this world works. Road works where road works and the travel assist will know how to navigate. Despite incomplete road markings in a few years, car to car technology may become useful. For now. I imagine it works only in places where there is high concentration of cars using car to car technology, in this case vw cars and no, i did not go to wolves work to test it.

Something that i notice about travel assist is that it is now far less aggressive with adapting the speed to speed limits than in the earlier models before. I was really afraid that somebodys gon na rear end me also. I get the impression that the brake feel has improved when switching from regenerative to traditional braking so thats a plus. What else? Well, i mean the id5 is kind of dull, though 300 horsepower all wheel, drive 6 seconds 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, and this sorry excuse for a reviewer calls it dull. Well, if you get turned on by understeer, get an id5 gtx and a box of tissues. But if you expect a ticon on the budget, keep the piggy bank intact and keep on saving the id5 is fast in a straight line. But who cares if the range drops like the value of your savings during inflation on the plus side? Soundproofing is very good. Indeed, on the minus side, the visibility is like in an suv, even though your driving position is like in a hatchback. The suspension masks the fact that the gtx weighs more than 2.2 tons and thats good. The id pro models have 10.2 meters turning circle, while the gtx with all wheel drive, has 11.6 meters turning circle and there is a 360 camera to help you in tight spots. The heads up display with augmented reality displays basic android, auto directions, but the full functionality with arrows hanging over exits is available only with oem sat nav.

This is also when you get the iq, light bar directions, and since this is an all wheel, drive model. After all, heres my diagonal approach test, the gts has a traction mode, but as far as i can tell it copes well enough, even in comfort mode, most evs with all wheel drive do well here, but dont be fooled when the going gets, tough weight and lack Of grip will pull you down: prices of the volkswagen id5 start at 47: 935 euro for the pro model. This test, id5 gtx, with options costs 61 145 euro. Its good to see vw is making its cars better through software updates. Some of the new features i mentioned in this review will trickle down to id models released earlier. Whether or not these updates will actually be useful in real life is a different story, and how do you like the volkswagen, id5 gtx? Let me know in the comments section below, if you like, my sarcastic down to earth and possibly mildly amusing car reviews join me every friday, 3 p.m. Central european time and dont forget to subscribe and like this video, as it helps me with the youtube algorithm.