Should you want to go further, and you know what I quite like this one, but there are some things that I reckon it could do better Im going to tell you all about them, but before I do remember, to check out the full written review over at Carsguy.Com were going to liveover at our EV guide site section where you can see all sorts of reviews on plug in hybrids and EVs and hybrids without a plug too make sure to check that out. First, up were going to take a look at pricing and specs foreign XC60 recharge costs from a smidge under a hundred thousand dollars, which makes it on par or a little cheaper than some of its Rivals. And when it comes to plug in hybrids, the medium SUV segment might be the most congested lets have a look. This surprisingly congested spot in the market includes Rivals like the BMW, X3 xDrive 30e, the outgoing Mercedes Benz GLC 300E, which wont be replaced by a new plug in version and my personal favorite, the new generation Lexus NX, 450h, plus all of these options fall in the Same rough price region, although the XC60 is the second most expensive, the recharge plug in hybrid comes in only the ultimate XC60 trim level, which includes items like massive 21 inch. Alloy wheels LED headlights, leather, accented, interior trim with power adjustable front seats, charcoal interior treatment with aluminum mesh highlights Dual Zone climate, a 9 inch portrait, touchscreen running an Android operating system with wired Apple carplay connectivity, a wireless charger, 12 inch, 360 degree parking camera and the Car can be controlled via an app too to help close the gap between this plug in hybrid version and the much cheaper versions of the XC60.

The recharge also scores the otherwise optional air suspension and an exceedingly expensive premium audio system, which together, would cost many. Thousands of dollars disagreed, but, to me Volvo has one of the best design languages on the market right now, its effortlessly up market and one of the few premium Brands which isnt relentlessly chasing a sporty Vibe. Just look at this XC60 simple lines and limited application of chrome pair with big wheels and the instantly recognizable light signatures to make for something friendly and approachable, but distinctly luxurious and uniquely Volvo on the inside and again, Volvo offers one of the best SUV designs. At least, in my opinion, the dash is beautiful, but at the same time, simple and its absolutely dominated by this portrait touch screen, which is a very modern touch. Even this wheel is An Elegant Touch point and I love the way that this Dash is again simple but refined in such a lovely way the seats while they are on the side of sporty. They do have this nice, thick leather trim on them and reclaim some of that comfort that Volvo has always been known for now in terms of space in here, I feel, like Ive, got quite a lot of room Im 182 centimeters tall and set to my own Driving position, I feel like that: roof is miles away and theres nice comfortable touch points for my elbows, although it does feel a little bit more closed in than some designs in this electric era, where cabins are starting to open up a lot more now.

In terms of storage, youve got a large bottle holder in the door, which fits a large cars guide bottle and a separate bin in there as well theres, two more bottle holders in the center here with adjustable ridges. So you can fit bottles and cups of all sizes, theres, also a wireless charger here, as you can see, but the problem with this wireless charger is theres sort of nothing holding your phone in place. It just sort of floats on top. So if the car does brake or accelerate to suddenly your phone will just leave the area which is a bit of a shame. The other thing that Im not quite 100 on in this car is the fact that the climate controls are all operated through the screen. Apart from the rear, defogger and front defogger and thats a bit of a shame, because some of those touch elements are a little small to operate while youre on the move that having been said, this version of Googles, Automotive software suite is quite good and the touch Areas are quite big, so most of the functions are quite easy to control and theres, not too many sub menus as well. Okay, in the back seat, the XC60 has a really nice Ambience. This would make a great family car and, as you can see behind my own driving position, Ive got heaps of knee room and the Headroom is not bad. Considering that big sunroof is there as well now there is a couple of little floors in here, but theres.

Also, some big wins, which Ill show you in a second. So the first one is the fact that the bottle holder in the door is Tiny and it doesnt fit a large cast guide bottle. So you have to rely on the two in this drop down arm rest. If you have anything bigger than like a tiny little coffee cup, which is a little bit of a shame and theres a single set of dual USBC ports in there as well, you do have dual adjustable air vents, but theyre in the pillars here. Instead of in the center and theres little map pockets on the backs of the front seats as well, now theres one or two other things back here, which I should note and one of them is this raised sort of center transmission tunnel thing actually in this car It houses the batteries underneath, but its just a shame, because you wouldnt really be able to have an adult in this middle seat as it takes up all of their leg room. Now. The coolest thing that this car maybe has for families is the fact that its got built in booster seats, so you never have to remember to bring one the cars just got them right there. I think thats very clever. The XC60 has a boot capacity of 468 liters, which is big, but not huge for the mid size, SUV segment it easily fit our whole cars guide, luggage set and theres even a significant amount of space under the floor.

Now before we set off. There are some things I should explain about the way you can modify this cars Drive modes because its a plug in hybrid and things are a little bit different. If you hop into the driving menu, you can drive this car in its standard mode, which is hybrid mode, uses a blend of both the electric motor and the combustion motor. Its also got a power mode which relies primarily on the combustion motor but uses the electric motor for a boost, a pure mode, which is a purely electric mode. It wont use the combustion engine at all, even if you press the accelerator quite hard and then its got off road and constant all wheel drive modes which you might want to use on loose surfaces. Then its got battery modes, so the default mode is auto, which is a hybrid mode and then its also got a hold mode which holds the range at a consistent level and a charge mode which uses the combustion engine only now. Why might you want to use the hold or charge modes when you know youre not using your best use of electric driving? It might be in a situation when youre taking this car on a longer trip, and you know at the other end youre just going to be plotting about a coastal town or something so you might want to use the hold mode to keep your electric range for, Where its most efficient, when youre plotting around town as opposed to wasting it on the freeway anyway lets get on the road.

The thing that strikes me immediately about the way that the XC60 drives is how quiet and composed it is in here its actually remarkable how little sound enters the cabin both from the road and from the combustion engine. Its actually genuinely hard to tell when the combustion engine turns on under normal driving circumstances, unless youre really pushing it and its also hard to tell when the 8 speed transmission is doing anything theres, no lurching or changing of Gears thats noticeable. Now one thing I did notice straight away as well is the fact that theres no adjustable regen braking in this Volvo. Instead, it relies entirely upon Blended braking, which is where youre using the brake pedal to control the amount of energy being regenerated by that rear motor. It makes this car feel very familiar to a combustion car because youre never getting that aggressive regen feel whenever you let off the accelerator, but it is something you have to think about if you want to make the most of your Energy Efficiency hopping on that break. Earlier before you run into traffic or a red light, will regenerate more energy than if you hop on it at the last second, where it will be forced to use those mechanical brakes. And while this Digital dash isnt super customizable, the regen and acceleration is where it comes into its own, because it actually shows you on the dash where the engine is going to cut in when youre using your accelerator pedal.

And it will also show you where the mechanical brakes cut in when youre slowing down and in pretty much every way the XC60 does feel truly premium. The steering has a lovely tune to it, with a nice blend of electrical assistance and organic feel, and it also sort of cheats a little bit in that it uses air suspension, and this makes it feel very controlled its hard to tell this version. Apart from combustion versions, despite the extra weight of the batteries, because that air suspension does a really good job of keeping everything under control in the corners its not as much of a performer as something like the BMW X3, for example, that car feels like its quite Sharp in the way it handles and feels on the road, but its also less cumbersome feeling than something like the Mercedes Benz GLC. Its electrification also makes it really quick as well itll Sprint from zero to 100 kilometers in a hot hatch, baiting 4.8 seconds, which is really quite impressive for something that weighs two tons so its quick, its composed, but its also very comfortable on the inside and has Such a lovely cabin Ambience, which I think is so well suited to families and thats where Volvo sits in a lot of peoples minds. So, yes, the drive experience for this car is right where it needs to be now. You might want to pull up a chair, because this is where plug in hybrids tend to get a little bit complicated.

The XC60 recharge has a 2 liter four cylinder turbocharged in engine in the front here with power figures youll see on your screen now, but its also got an electric motor on the rear axle to facilitate that all wheel drive its completely separate from the combustion engine. In the front, and that leads to benefits from both drivability and also efficiency, which well take a look at in a sec, the XC60 has a relatively large battery pack, allowing it a 77 kilometer driving range were seeing more like 60, something in the real world, but Its still excellent for a plug in hybrid, under combined driving conditions, thats a little bit around town, a little bit on the freeway, with a mix of both electric and combustion components. Fuel consumption is said to be as little as 1.6 liters to 100 kilometers. In my testing, the XC60 consume 3.4 liters to 100 kilometers in what I would consider Fair conditions, although I did run the battery out on more than one occasion. Energy consumption is a bit of a different story with the XC60 consuming a relatively High 19 kilowatt hours to 100 kilometers, and that brings us to maybe a biggest downside of the XC60 recharge and thats that it just charges up too slowly. This European type 2 standard charging port allows the XC60 to charge up at a rate of just 3.6 kilowatts and thats, not really enough to give you an idea. If you charged at the fastest possible charger, it would be around about four hours to charge it from the base level, and if you were to charge it up on a wall socket at home like most plug in hybrid drivers, do it would be more like eight To nine hours for safety, well, Volvo is known as a safety brand, and that is the case for this plug in hybrid top spec XC60 as well.

All the key items that we like to see are present from highway speed, Auto emergency braking to Lane keep assist and all those other necessary features. You can read the full list over at the full review on One thing we do need to call out, though, is that the XC60 has a maximum five star and cap safety rating to a 2017 standard, although the plug in hybrid version is not specifically included in that rating foreign, like all Volvos, the XC60 is covered by a Five year and unlimited kilometer warranty – and there are four years of Google connected Services included too, the high voltage components are covered by an 8 year. Warranty service plans are available in either three or five year forms the pricing for which is certainly at the premium end of the scale. The XC60 recharge is a Suave European SUV that just gets it. It doesnt need to hammer you over the head with how sporty it is or how luxurious its trying to be it just is both of those things without even trying, and I love that about it. It is a little bit of a shame about its slow charging.