That cars, crazy cool, looks, futuristic, cabin and impressive powertrain have made it a favorite among EV shoppers.. So I flew all the way to Korea to drive the follow up act to that car. The 2023 Ioniq 6., As you can see it, has many of the same ingredients as the Ioniq 5, but its packaged in a very different way.. Does this EV sedan have the same charm as its beloved sibling Lets find out., And let me remind you to please give this video like and subscribe to the Edmunds Cars channel. And, if youre looking to buy an Ioniq 6 or get a cash offer for your Used car go over to edmunds.comsellmycar. Now at first glance, its kind of hard to pinpoint what the heck the Ioniq 6 is. Hyundai calls us an electric streamliner, which is a nod to its very, very low coefficient of drag.. This car pulled a 0.21 which is very efficient. Thats, a very nerdy way of saying that this cars super duper sleek form factor, helps it cut through the air like butter., And that does some amazing things for its range as well talk about in just a bit.. Now the Ioniq 6 rides on the same E GMP platform as some other cars you might know like the Kia, EV6 Hyundai, Ioniq 5 and Genesis GV60. And like those cars, this will be offered on both rear and all wheel drive with multiple sizes of battery pack.. One more quick caveat: the cars were driving today are very early in production and theyre all Korean spec.

. So that means some of the numbers we go over are all subject to change before the Ioniq 6 hits the market sometime next year.. Now Hyundai is no stranger to making love it or hate it designs, and I have a feeling the Ioniq 6 is going to go down the exact same way.. You form your own opinion.. What do you think about how this car looks? Let us know in the comments. What Im going to do is point out some of my favorite design. Details. Lets start right here.. This is kind of a weird thing to point out, but this is called the Wheel Gap Reducer. Its an additional piece of cladding that they put on to again reduce the gap between the wheel to the front of the wheel. Well. And all that does, is it directs the air in a more efficient way and again improves this cars overall range.? Then we go to park it right here because, as you can see, these are not traditional looking mirrors. Now, unfortunately, these are not yet legal. In the United States, so our market will not get these.. These are full on camera mirrors that give you a full time. Camera feed, as the driver to your left and to your right., Its kind of trippy at first, especially if youre not used to this very cool, very futuristic.. The antenna on the back of the car is actually transparent.. Now the designer said there wasnt a particular reason they did this other than just to be a little bit playful and to show off the crazy technology thats going on.

. You can see all the sensors and the other components, especially in the sunlight. And while were here. We have to check out the craziest angle on the Ioniq 6, the back.. We have not one but two different spoilers and two rows of pixelated lights. Thats, of course, part of the Ioniq lines overall, design, motif. And other than that. Just a roofline that absolutely drops off from the sky, love it or hate it. There is nothing else on the road that looks like this car. Inside the cabin things are much more closely aligned with the Ioniq 5. Youll notice. The same side by side displays similar materials all around and identical climate controls., Because the 6 has a similar long wheelbase. It keeps things nice and roomy inside.. You can probably guess the only weak point which is rear seat headroom. Thanks again to that sloping. Roof. Legroom in both rows is stellar. Hyundai added some cues to make the Ioniq 6 feel more upmarket. Theres gorgeous multi color ambient lighting all around with tons of different colors.. The center console, which has all of the window controls by the way, is perfectly flat. So you can use it as a table for your laptop in a pinch. Everywhere else. There are sustainable materials like carpets made from recycled water bottles.. The seats have real leather, though at least on the highest trim. Level.. The headline story with new technology is the addition of over the air updates.

Tesla, Polestar and Ford all have them. So it was time that Hyundai finally got on board. Through OTAs Hyundai has the capacity to make improvements to the charging capabilities and battery performance. In addition to software changes., This is not offered on the Ioniq 5 at least not yet.. Hyundai even had some fun with the drive modes. With a feature called EV Tuneup. You can control the steering, feel acceleration sensitivity and get this even the amount of horsepower. The car is putting out, which is actually my cue, its time to drive. MUSIC PLAYING. So I already mentioned that you can have your Ioniq 6 in more ways than one.. The car Im driving right now is the top spec. So that means dual motor. All wheel drive and the bigger 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack.. That means Im working with 320 horsepower 446 pound feet of torque.. I would love to show you what that feels like, but, as you can see, we are in stop and go traffic, which has pretty much been the story of the day driving all over the outer Seoul area.. And you know what Speed bumps speed cameras theres. Basically, a million different ways that they dont want us to drive this thing quickly.. That does give us a time to talk about the other important figures with this car, mainly the range and the charging.. That estimate is based on the standardized range test, thats used in many other parts of the world, including Korea.

. Our own US EPA test, tends to produce lower results. Based on LTP figures. We can see that this car has some serious gains over the Ioniq 5 when it comes to range.. I dont think its out of the question that the dual motor version could do over 300 miles and the single motor long range version may be over 350 miles. And thats. Before we even talk about charging.. We know the Ioniq 5 is kind of a charging hero.. This car is the same story.. We can do 10 to 80 charge in just about 18 minutes. And just like the Ioniq 5, the 6 is capable of doing vehicle to load charging., So you plug in the adapter, and you can plug in really any major appliance or take some of the charge From this car and transfer it elsewhere., But you know what In this stop and go environment. The Ioniq 6 does a great job., Its a very relaxed driving experience. Itd be a great commuter car just to get to and from the office.. The steering inputs are nice and calm.. You dont have to constantly make adjustments. And I love that theres different levels of brake regeneration.. So here on the paddle on the steering wheel, you can turn it off if you dont, like it. Or if youre like me, on the opposite side of the spectrum, you can turn on one pedal. Driving. Itll bring the car to a complete stop without having to touch the brake pedal at all.

, And while I dont exactly have the opportunity to open this thing up and really see what its like, I do know well have the chance in the coming months, to Get this thing back in the states and the Edmunds Real World Testing Loop, where we can really give it a shakedown. Theres. Also, some good news in knowing that Hyundai will most likely do a faster version of this car, probably to be called the Ioniq 6N.. We know that their N cars are great in combustion form and were excited to see what theyre, like in electric form too.. I came into this first drive wanting to know whether or not the Ioniq 6 actually has what it takes to live up to the iconic 5. And in short, yes, it does.. What remains to be seen is whether or not this cars, unique styling and less practical interior space will hold it back from selling in huge numbers and in the process take away sales from Teslas juggernaut Model 3.. The other piece of that puzzle is actually knowing this cars price, which Hyundai has yet to disclose.. At least this week, Tesla prices the Model 3 starting at 48490.. That number includes the 1200 destination charge and the mandatory 250 order, fee. SPEAKER 2 A few moments later. SPEAKER 1. It wouldnt surprise us to see Hyundai, try and undercut this.. We expect to find out the Ioniq 6s pricing and other important info like the EPA range closer to when this car goes on sale in spring of next year.