It was also available in diesel engine too, but ahead of the bs6 summation Norms that was phased out. But the topic of the conversation is not that, but this, the all new Tata Tiago TV good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I am your host jatin. You are watching 91 wheels and lets get this video started. Music foreign Music launched the all new Thiago EV and the prices for the same start from 8.49 lakh and goes all the way till 11.79 lakh Exton daily. The booking for the same will start from October 10 and the deliveries will start from January next year. What is it about and how it is from the inside and what it gets here? Well, everything that you need to know. I will be sharing in this video Music Applause lets start with the design first, and what better than to start with the front profile. Well, at the front, what you see here is the new, solid Grille with tri Arrow design, and this electric blue Highlight that is seen beneath that. The same electric blue Highlight is also seen uh in the fog light housing and overall, the silhouette of the car remains more or less the same, moving towards the side profile, and that is actually my favorite. Well, what we see here is the EV badging. This is quite subtle, and these here are not alloy wheels. These are actually the steel wheels and, according to me, these are good.

Looking wheel caps and the dimension of the tire is 175. 65 R14, like the Nexon EV Tata, has not given the electric blue highlights on the window Belt Line, and it actually, she looks good on the Tiago EV. The design looks subtle, moving towards the rear profile. Well, like I said before, it retained the silhouette, like the icy version of the Thiago and nothing much has changed here. Well, we do get the Thiago EV, badging and well. There is no exhaust here, since it is an EV lets, move to the inside of the car and see what has changed all right now, Im on the inside of the Thiago EV, and I have to say that it feels quite premium premium because of the dual Tone interior – and this actually gives an airiness to the passenger sitting inside what you also get. Is this large touchscreen infotainment system with Apple carplay, Android, auto, Bluetooth, connectivity and more such features? You get here automatic climate control, 12, volt socket, then theres, a USB port that can help you connect Apple, carplay, Android, auto, and in addition to that, you also get a 12 volt socket here, just beside the handbrake for the rear passengers. But these are not the highlights. These are some of the features the Highlight which I really like. Is this rotary style gear knob? Yes, there is no gear selector, but this Roti style gear knob actually gives it a plush feeling what you also get are sports and City mode.

This was all about the interior of the Tata Tiago EV and the features that it gets now lets talk about. The battery capacity now lets talk about the battery pack of the Thiago EV. The first is the smaller battery pack of 19.2 kilowatt per hour and that churns out 60 BHP with 110 newton meters of peak torque. The official range of this one is limited to 250 kilometers only and the real world we can expect between 150 to 200 kilometers. On a single charge, now talking about the bigger battery pack – and I think that is the battery pack that most so the buyers will pick that is the 24 kilowatt per hour, that one churns out 74 BHP with 140 newton meters of peak torque, the 0 100 Acceleration is 5.7 seconds and the midc range is limited to 315 kilometers, The Real World Range. Well, we can expect over 250 kilometers if youre driving with a light right foot. Well, this was all about the battery capacity, but what about the charging time well Tata claims that the fast charging capability using the DC fast charger well, the batteries can be charged in just 57 minutes and with the help of the 7.2 kilowatt AC fast charger. This 24 kilowatt per hour charger the battery can be charged in just 3.5 hours in case youre. Wondering that, where will you charge the Tiago EV? This? Is it quite smart, huh, quite smart? The charges is not integrated into the Grille itself, but right here.

So this was all about the Tata Tiago EV, what it packs the feature it gets.