Now Twisted are not another team of EV conversion specialists and in fact, they spend their time upgrading and modifying original Land Rover Defender engines and making them even more powerful, but weve traveled. All this way today to see their very own Electric Land Rover, the TV now, although Twisted as a company, started all the way back in the early 2000s. The process of developing this Electric Land Rover started just over two years ago, and just by looking at it, you can see it was worth the wait now. This isnt, the first electric Land Rover, weve featured on our Channel, because earlier this year we went and tested everartis Defender, but it seems as though every EV conversion company out there has electrified a Land Rover at some point, and so it seems like the perfect fit For Twisted, because they dont have to love their Land, Rovers were going to be releasing another video soon, with an interview with Charles Fawcett, the founder of Twisted, to talk about the history of the company and to have a look around their amazing facilities. But for now lets focus on this. Electric Defender Twisted may have embraced the switch to electric vehicles, but theyve still tried to stay as close to the core DNA of Land Rovers as possible, and that starts from the outside, because theyre pretty much left the shell of this vehicle untouched. First of all, it looks amazing in this chorus gray and that works really well with the contrast in Black soft top roof theres a few other nice touches as well such as these Crystal headlights and a few other specific Twisted touches.

But, as I said at the start, twisteds whole philosophy is about making these better and improving them, whilst also staying as true to what a Land Rover Defender really is. There are so many other little differences here and there, and I could spend hours telling you about all of them, but lets get on to the biggest difference about this car, which is the battery replacing the original gas guzzling. Engine of this Defender is a choice of either a 68 kilowatt hour battery, which will give you a range of around 155 miles, or you also have the choice of a 81 kilowatt hour battery that bumps that range up to 180 miles. So youve got a couple of different options: there theres not too much difference in terms of performance between these two different battery options, either because both batteries offer a top speed of around 86 miles an hour with a 22 kilowatt hour charging time of three and a Half hours and theres also the usual Hallmarks of any electric vehicle with bags and bags of Power. With this thing pumping out 1 200 newton meters of torque as well. Now we are going to take this thing for a spin in a minute, but before we do that, I just want to show you the inside. So come with me as youd probably expect this thing isnt cheap and if you want to walk away with your very own electric Twisted Defender youre, looking at around 165 000 pounds, which is a lot of money.

But youve got to consider that, for that you will be getting something that is extremely premium. The interior is pure luxury with soft leathers and other nice materials dotted all around the inside of this car and youve also got modern touches as well. Mainly this seven inch infotainment screen, which offers you everything from Bluetooth, navigation and even reversing cameras as well. Its also fully soundproofed and comes with a Hertz audio system as well and as well as that, every fiber of this car every material is brand new and not salvaged from any other vehicles. All the batteries and Technologies are fitted within the original chassis architecture, replacing the combustion engine and the fuel tank as well, which means theres no compromise on storage space, which means youve, got absolutely loads of room in the back. Still. Okay, so thats just about everything and now its finally time to take this thing for a spin. Now I can only compare this to the other Electric Land Rover Ive driven, which was ever Artis, and the two are vastly different. I mean ever Artis is a pure blooded Land Rover and an EV conversion where its a bit loud, its a bit rattling its a bit bumpy. But it gives you that sense of nostalgia, but you want, if youre, driving an electric Land Rover conversion. This is completely different. This feels like the sort of thing that Land Rover would release if they were going to release an electric Defender, theres modern touches like the screen, and everything like that.

So this feels like a brand new EV rather than just an EV conversion. It might be electric, but it is still a Land Rover, so its perfectly suited to off roading and chugging through muddy Fields like were doing right now or if you want to drive through a city center like London, for example. It is that perfect combination of old school and new school, as well as that it offers you all the mod cons that youd expect from a new electric vehicle off the line and as well as that is your typical electric vehicle. It lumps you back into your seat, its got regen braking and its got a decent range as well. So this to me feels like the full package, its hard to justify a price tag at 160 000 pounds, but this is an ultra premium product and theres. Probably nothing like this out there on the market today, so its going to command a price like that, but I find myself thinking if I won the lottery, would I splash the cash and get something like this? You bet thats all for this video. If you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well for more electric car reviews like this, you can head over to our Channel and for daily news coverage, features and much more. You can also head over to evpowered dot, Co dot.