Do you like I, like these lights? I think theyre really really smart arent. They, I think they give it a real starting feel from the front its got the big, the big vents down the bottom as well. Okay, it looks nice and aggressive from the front, so part of what I like about this new mg4 is the contrast between the White and the black. So you get a hint of that in the Alloys. Youve got that right along the bottom. Still here, youve also got the carbon fiber effect. There too, which I think is a really nice touch. Youve got the Black Wing mirrors and then coming to the back. You get that on the lights as well, so around the back of the uh mge ev4 – and you know, weve got this big. This big spoiler on the back here with a gloss black effect, which looks really smart. Nice, big diffuser down the bottom as well looks quite aggressive, angular very futuristic. Now. Does the boot look quite big? Well, lets check out the boot lets, see if its big enough for say a small person looks like it is okay, so, on a more serious note, hopefully I wont have to get in the boot of a car again, but at least I fit um on a More serious note: this is what you get with the car, so in this nice mg bag is the fast charge, cable, um, so thats handy to just keep in the boot when youre out and about doing the fast charge and a suitcase and the suitcase lets see If you can go on your holes with this car yeah pretty good, you could probably fit a couple of those where you could definitely fit a couple of those in, but probably three, I dont, think youd get four in, but good boot space really good.

Okay, so is in the front of this car, so its been set up for Chris, who is a quite tall, six foot one, whereas Im only five foot, two, so Im gon na adjust this right forwards and right up so that I can actually see above the Steering wheel, the good thing about this is as well that you can adjust the steering wheel here here. So I quite like my steering wheel around about there and then Im good to go, but size wise were pretty good and because Im so small youve got loads of space behind too, as weve seen there theres plenty of room in the front and theres ample room In the back as well, I mean Im six foot, one. If I sit up nice and straight okay, yes, Ive got plenty of Headroom okay at the top there Ive got probably another two two or three inches leg room is ample. I mean look at that leg room in the back here. I can get my feet under there theres loads of space in here now, EVS that dont have engines, so they can expand the wheelbase so theres a lot more internal space in the car, and this car feels very large on the inside theres plenty of room. So, as weve said, this is going to be our family car. We do have two little ones. So, if youre like us and have kids, then this is going to be a perfect car.

As weve said, theres loads of room weve fitted the car seats. Now the kids have got loads of space, so they wont be booting you in the back at every opportunity, youre good to go. Okay, so lets check out the ports here on the on the ev4, so weve got um our charge port here now. This is your normal charging ports. You can charge at home um this pops out here is your fast charging port. Now the lights on this are quite interesting. You can see theres four lights here outside uh, that kind of make a ring or square around the port itself and um. If you look closely at that uh, the four lights indicate that its fully charged now when you plug it in these fill up as the car charge as the car charges they fill up and show the current state of the car so were inside the mg4. Ev initial driving thoughts, just a quick idea, what its like um, really nice, uh cabinet here, if you like, all black – that is um and you know its its quite space space edged its got all these like funky screens and dials um, and this big rotary dial For gear, selecting now it would have been an EV is very quiet, as youd as youd expect, with a bit no engine there um slow speeds at the moment so well pick up to some Motorway speeds in a minute and well see what the wind noise is.

Like in this car, because thats one thing about EVS is because they dont have the engine to drown out the noise they um Can can sometimes make a bit of wind noise, especially from okay. The wing mirror side so well check that out in a minute. So an hour 50 mile, an hour gon na hit some Motorway soon uh. This is just going to be our initial driving thoughts again were going to come back with a full review. Now the car was charged to 100 last night and uh. It was showing uh 215 miles now, thats, not bad, because I believe that they claim that its going to do 218 or 220 so pretty close to what the manufacturers recommend or say that its going to get okay. So we just hit the national speed limit. So Im going to put my foot down through from 50 and were already up to 70., so 70 cruising speed. Wind noise does a little bit, but you know Im not hearing a lot of wind noise and Im, not hearing hardly any tire noise as well. So it does seem like a very quiet car this so were gon na leave it at that today for rev matches so like And subscribe.