The brand has ever made 577 brake horsepower five, seven seven yeah in an EV 3.5 seconds to 60, a massive massive price tag of over 85 000 euro moonscape. Is this matte finish color and from the second youre going to see this car in the road, particularly with the massive alloy wheels, the neon green brake calipers, and that aggressive front nose straight away its its the? What? What is what is that its an absolute Beast? All wheel drive over 300 horsepower going to the rear over 200 brake horsepower, going to the front its its just Bonkers fast. It will keep up with a Porsche take hand, but it doesnt have the price tag, albeit still a fairly Hefty price tag at 85. Grand for a Kia not exactly sure how many cars will be able to get this paint as an optional extra, because numbers are limited in many ways when it comes to this car, the front is still quite like an ev6 theres. Nothing glaringly obvious, nothing that says GT on the front badge a little flexor green. Anything like that to suggest this car is anything too different. It is, however, when you take on a side profile, look when you notice those neon calipers massive alloy wheels, and just that slope that comes down into a very, very sexy, looking Boot and then it all kind of makes sense, ah something a bit different isnt it. I find sometimes the tricky thing with having a performance version of a standard car is.

It can be hard to get the Interior right? How different can you make as youre still dealing with the same car? Now Kia have done their best theres, a massive big green GT button here screaming press me that takes traction control and every sort of safety Aid off the car and when you squeeze the throttle, youre just flowing into the back of your seat. That said itll. Do it in sports mode and normal mode, theres, also an eco mode, but apart from GT flex, and obviously these massive suede seats, these bucket star seats um, it does feel very ev6 like throughout the rest of the car, not a bad thing. Its very well put together in some ways it kind of reminds me the car in general, of a Golf GTI itll do everything a family car needs to do, and then it will let you have fun when you want to, because the boot in the back still Plenty of room space for your cables, also, the back seats, theres, a flat floor loads of knee room and foot room and a couple of charging points and stuff like that. So theres actually still plenty going on to keep everybody happy. If youre doing some sort of a long journey, you can set up timers to charge the car all the stuff. Now the standards, the blind spot cameras are standard on this car, its actually a great little safety feature. You always essentially indicate get a rear, pointing view theres a Meridian, sound system in this car, its its okay, I havent been blown away by it, Ive messed around with Spotify and heavy dance, tunes and stuff, like that, its absolutely fine, but Harman Kardon, I think, would Probably be a better option, not that you can get it in the car.

Theres wireless charging and all the heated seats uh interesting enough. Theres, not air cooled seats in these bucket seats and theyre, not electronic uh theyre, not memory seats, theres, just an actual bar for adjusting yourself, which some people are very upset about, but actually, when youre trying to keep a car that weighs 2.6 tonnes as light as Possible I dont know: if you need controllers that move seats, you could just do the bar and anyway, any sort of bucket style season. Uh hot hatch would generally have been manual so Im. Okay, with that, there is a frunk in the car by the way, but its absolutely useless. You wouldnt get a pencil case into it, its kind of hard to equate to you on a public road. What 577 brake horsepower feels like theres, immense grip in the car? No doubt the michelins that are wrapped on those massive Alloys are helping things, but it is a car that, as soon as you squeeze youre just thrown into the back of the car and Away you go and youre into crazy speeds, very, very quickly. Theres, an Eco on a normal mode, theres still a harsh enough, its not changing the wheels that are on the car, but definitely things do firm open. You go to sport mode and more so when you press that GT and button comes up my drive mode, the traction load is very clearly off and theres, just an awful lot more urgency to the throttle.

So as soon as you squeeze its anything that isnt tied down, you hear us move its a bit like when the tell you to be careful when you open the overhead bins when youre on an aircraft and you land in case theyve, moved similar kind of vibe. It weighs 2.6 tons its not a light car. That said, it still behaves itself pretty well gone into corners at times, youll sort of remind yourself its its a GT Cruiser more than a pure hot hatch, but that straight line. Speed in itself will keep you pretty happy, as it is tell you what its a very nicely insulated from the outside world, even with those thinner, bigger, wheels and tires. You dont hear an awful lot of whats going on outside, not sure if that would be the real. Only reason. Youd obviously buy a car like this, but its good to know that its hard to comfort along the way, little inputs from the steering wheel, also just guide you around white lines and broken lines and keep you in the straight and narrow. The three levels of standard, regen and then the fourth click of it – gives you the eye pedal. So you can just lift your foot off and you pretty much have one pedal driving. You do probably need to apply some brakes if youre, using the full force of the performance of the car, though that I pedal may not just do it all by itself, for you steering is nice and light its still very sharp, though at slower speeds.

It feels very, very heavy. It definitely gets lighter as you progress with speed, also very little noise coming in from airflow over pillars and stuff, not really an issue at all. And if you find the right Road surface, its its still very comfortable its more when youre going over potholes and Road surface change here now again and things get a bit bumpier. So it really just depends. Its quite well behaved on a Motorway in terms of smoothness, but anything that is a little bit bumpy you, you will tend to feel it its the burst of torque that never ever get boring kind of keep a smile on your face. Charging wise. It is maybe 300 kilometers from a full charge if youre doing well energy consumption, even trying to keep it down its about 22 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, any sort of aggressive driving its got to be well up to 30.. Now, if this car is the replacement for the Stinger, having driven that its quite a different experience, certainly theres an awful lot more grip in this, because the Stinger was rear, wheel, drive and a little bit Larry. Obviously the sounded glorious, but it was quite hard to get that power down. It. Doesnt seem to be an issue at all, even from a standing start as soon as you, I suppose, kind of use the launch control in the sense of one foot on the brake. Another one on the accelerator take your foot off the brake and it just go its like a tiny, tiny Split.

Second, where you kind of go its not going to happen here and then it is gone, but there was absolutely no struggling for grip whatsoever. When I tried that I am trying to think of the other electric cars Ive had on the channel that genuinely put his massive smile on your face, and generally they come with really big price tags, because that performance gets you either into six figures or very, very Close to it now, its not saying this Kia is cheap, its not at 85 Grand but Id have to put it into that same ballpark of those cars. Yes, it doesnt have the badge. Yes, the interior isnt, quite as various as the Porsche, of course, its not going to be but actual straight line performance and for Smiles, then theres a lot to be said for it, and maybe youd, be someone whod like to pick up one of these cars in 12 months and its a demo model to shave a few quid off the price tag that could also be an option for you, but to think that you can get an electric car with 577. Brick horsepower is quite something else: charging speeds in the ev6 GT. It can accommodate up to 350 kilowatt charges, theres, not too many of them around the place in Ireland, but if you are driving this car across Europe, youll be spoiled for choice and youll be able to charge the car extremely quickly. Bonkers really is the word for the ev6 GT.

It is not going to be for many people, but those that dare to go there. I think youll have a lot of fun thinking of something extremely rare on Irish roads and well, if you were to fill up a car like this with this performance in petrol, it would cost you an awful lot more ev6 GT. What can I say its a car for the funhearted rather than the faint hearted smashing performance? Electrifying torque, yes, its expensive to buy, but if you really crave that useless power that certainly these provides – and you dont want to spend well into six figures for us its actually a really interesting option and a lot of people will still be saying. You spend how much you look here, but if they sit in that passenger seat and you open it up, theyll probably understand why.