We have indeed already tested the Renault Megan E Tech electric a couple of months back and it is fair to say that somebody well, he was rather enthusiastic about it, its brilliant, a really handsome design, its all good. I think this might be one of the most fun cars to drive in the sector. This is pretty much spot on just by that, but now the UK right hand, Drive versions have arrived, which is wonderful, however, theyre not quite as generous with the spec as we thought they were going to be so are we still excited about the Renault Megan lets Find out right lets kick off with how the Renault Megan looks now. I know this is a bit subjective, but okay well Ive done really well. I think its a good looking car its chunky, its got, presents its actually a little bit smaller in real life than it looks in the pictures, which is no bad thing, particularly if youre driving around town, a slightly smaller SUV, I think, has got to be a Positive thing, because theres still lots of space inside overall, I really like the styling theres plenty attention to detail. For example, youve got the lines down the side which are reflected in the design of the lights and actually theyre Echo kind of throughout the car. You can spot them down on the wheels as well and while were down here. I like these air vents, they kind of make the front look a bit more aggressive.

It gives this car real presence on the road and Ive got to say. I really like the two tone paint job as well: theres kind of the gray and the black its eye catching. The only thing Im less excited about is the badge on the front: Im, not sure what it is it just doesnt go, maybe its too big its too obvious its too flat. Let me know in the comments below. Is it just me or do you agree? Okay, so red and blue are your only two real colors, because the others are black white and there are two different Shades of Gray, but you can option a black white or gray roof from the Techno trim levels upwards. So at least you can play with a palette a bit but more on the trims later. The launch edition is the only one that gets the gold accents, that Renault call the F1 blade, which is a bit of a shame because theres nothing wrong with a touch of extra bling, now theres, no hybrid or internal combustion engine versions of them again. This has been specifically designed to be an electric car, and that means really efficient use of space. Lets have a little look around back here yeah. It does actually feel really spacious plenty of room above my head plenty of room in front of my legs. It does feel a little bit dark, but other than that you can see how they really efficiently use the space in the car.

The boot is a particular win: 440 liters worth of boot. Back there thats 25, more than your average hatchback and yes theres a false floor so that you can lob your charging cables out of the way. No Frank, though, which does seem a little bit odd in a car thats been designed from the outset to be electric. Now inside you are treated to renaults, open R link multimedia system, which has integrated Google Hallelujah. This is so exciting for me, because genuinely eight that your operating system is constantly being updated, so its super useful. It also means you dont need to worry about Apple, carplay or Android, auto, although it does come with that, if you want to use it instead, you can just use the lovely Google assistant and Google Maps that is already integrated into the car in other cars when Youre using Apple carplay, I find it so frustrating because sometimes the syncing doesnt work its just an automatic, its a faff, its, not always straightforward. So this to me is amazing. I am also going to try the Google Assistant now before we started filming. I gave it a test. Ive asked it honestly about 50 different questions and every time its worked, its recognized my question so now that were doing it to camera lets see if it works, hey, Google. Can you switch on my heated seat? Please got it. Turning on the seat heater for the driver, thanks, Google and theres, my Renault app, that does all the usual things from scheduling charging to setting the interior temperature before you set off to checking your state of charge in real time.

So this should be an easy car to live with. Now, if we were playing a game with Spot the Difference, comparing it to the European version that Wookie reviewed one point for spotting the display screen in his version, there was a much bigger 12 inch portrait display screen. In this version we only get a 9 inch, and that is due to the limitations when its being adapted into a right hand drive, but I still think overall, it aesthetically it works really well now, when you do plug it in the 60 kilowatt hour, battery will Give you 280 miles of wltp range, which I think is a really decent amount of mileage that is kind of expected Now, with an average electric car. I think if you look at what else is out there like the Kia Nero EV and also the mg4 long range its about an equivalent, and the good news is that the charging systems are all pretty good, too 22 kilowatt AC means you can make the most Of any convenient post and 130 kilowatt DC means under half an hour for 10 to 80 charging on a big enough charger. More than that, though, the Megan seems to be really quite efficient, with the energy that you put into it, and that is only going to be a good thing. The McGann E Tech, a loosen basic form anyway, really is quite light for an electric car. With this kind of range, it weighs in at 1 636 kilos when other.

Similarly, sized cars are more like 1800. Now that means that it can be more efficient. Remember if youre lugging less weight around, then you dont need your brakes to be as big your tires to be as wide or Motors to be as powerful to get the same results now. Part of that is due to the fact that Renault have found ways to keep all the hardware, as small as possible were talking everything from the battery, which is only 110 millimeters tall to the motors. When you add in lightweight bits, like aluminum doors, you can see where the weight savings start to top up. The McGann actually feels really quite light from behind the wheel, and that makes it really refreshing its a really enjoyable drive its pointy, its direct, but its not nervous, and you can really feel the nimbleness when you go around a corner or a roundabout. So Im really enjoying the drive. I must say, however, its not the fastest of cars, zero to 62 miles per hour. It takes 7.5 seconds, but its not slow with 220 brake horsepower and the fact that it feels more Fleet footed, I think, means its a really fun car to drive and play around with one thing, though rear Vision. Where is it its not very good? The rear? Windscreen is unusually small, so there are quite large blind spots Id say, so it is probably worth specking. Those rear view cameras. So the versions now the range starts with the equilibrium at 35 995 pounds and that comes with 18 inch.

Alloys LED lights. All round heated front seats and wheel, a good chunk of Advanced Driver assistance systems. There are a possible 26 and aircon as well as the Google stuff that we talked about earlier. The Techno grade starts at 38 495 pounds and adds even funky. Light 20 inch, Alloy, Wheels, rear tinted windows, the option of two tone, paint, hands, free key cards, automatic wipers and a rear view camera, as well as better audio and a host of other stuff. Then theres. The bells and whistles launch edition, which is the one with all the gold bits: thats ‘ 995 pounds and comes with well pretty much everything plus a Harman, Kardon audio, upgrade a surround, 360 degree camera and all the toys as ever the middle child. The Techno grade seems to be the best combo of kit for the money, but since we drove that Megan in left hand Drive last year, the mg4 has arrived and well thats a hatchback electric car with 280 miles of range and decent handling, and it comes in At 28 495 pounds for the SE long range and 31 495 for the Top End Trophy now. That means the top spec mg4 is four and a half thousand pounds less than the basic spec Megan E Tec, an 8500 less than the launch edition. Think about that? One right well, after that drive, I think it is time for a verdict. We have now officially driven the Renault Megan E Tech, electric the right hand, drive version, and you know what I still think it is a really decent car, its stylish, its fun its efficient and its going to be available at the end of the year.

So Renault actually have some calls to sell, which obviously, as you probably know, if youre trying to buy an electric car availability, isnt huge at the moment, Supply is really dwindling. However, lets not forget its very competitively priced competitor, the mg4, because this is going to cost. You an extra four and a half thousand pounds for a relatively low spec model compared to a relatively High spec mg4. So make sure you do your research punch in some numbers and work out which extras is worth having now. The only thing that is left to conclude is that I think we need a twin test between the mt4 and the renima Gap coming soon. The electric car market is definitely hotting up with new models from loads of Manufacturers, its getting difficult to work out, which one might be best for you, but do you know who can help? Yes, selectivine.com? So please do visit the website.