So when the guys went down to London last week, I didnt have a passport, so I couldnt go Im up in Blackburn and Im with our home Renault dealer JDS, who supplies with a lot of great equipment. However, we took the opportunity today to look at something Ive, never seen before and probably well, never see again its the Renault Twizy um. What is that you might ask well were going to show you today and its something which actually is the most frugal vehicle in the world, except youve got a push bike, of course, and its electric. So its got all the things that we talk about: sustainability, frugalness, the future clean air and, of course, where would it be without uh A Renault badge on it? Since Renault were one of the first EV operators in the light field? And, of course, this is by no exception a very frugal EV vehicle. The Renault twizzy Ive never seen one before and were going to make a complete fool of myself today, um looking at something which well whats not to love. This has got to be the funkiest little thing, Ive ever seen now, theres some things in this, which I find it Im struggling to believe. Firstly, its got a 6.3 kilowatt hour battery. Yes, I know when you look at what were talking about when it comes to normal cars Im, always talking about three or four miles to the kilowatt hour. You know this thing is just Bonkers, absolutely Bonkers, but were going to see just how usable it is in Europe.

This thing, apparently, you see in in the summer all the nice places doesnt have doors, but Richard and his team found us. I mean who knew the fact is: youve got to go in through the side and open the door and apparently it pulls out there. We go and lifts up. Look at that just like a DeLorean who knew and what can I say I have to say looking at it. I mentioned a few times ago we were looking at Spartan electric cars, so we looked at the Porsche a couple of weeks ago. Nothing in the Porsche that you didnt want everything you needed. We looked at the Tesla away with a well all it had in the car really was a an iPad. Well show you whats in here. You wont believe well theres, nothing in here, but everything that works and everything you need it to do this. This vehicle is fully rolled fully Road functional. You can use it anywhere. You can use it on a Motorway, but not advisable, because this thing will probably blow over in a big wind, but I have to say its fun, its electric and it has got some great great features and the biggest ones are those its got. A 6.3 kiloh battery only just 50 miles. You know its just amazing, just amazing, coming down to the front, even though I already charge it. This is the charging cable and on a three pin plug an hour and a half to fully charge your twizzy, I mean who knew I mean this is amazing, amazing, like a lot of electric cars, no maintenance, theres, your water bottle water, wash wash your water water, Wash your bottle, as we say easy for you to say, um and actually a lot now Im being told theres an amazing upgrade for this vehicle and for a sensible amount of money, and certainly when you start looking at electric vehicles, you can upgrade this to 12 Kilowatt batteries 12.

. What can I say, double the range and you can also upgrade it to charge with a type 2 charger now thats quite expensive, but you know upgrading a vehicle like this youre talking about charging at seven kilowatts then charge under an hour 100 miles of range, who Knew lets take it for a run, so lets lets get in and have a look at this wonderful Beast all right. So, as you can probably appreciate, the room in here is is quite small um, but lets face it its Bonkers. Its really good! So put your foot on the brake and lets just see if we can get this to to start theres, not a great deal in this vehicle, its a steering wheel, its got a key and well push to go and it says: go on the dashboard. So we go on the dashboard all around flashes, its got a drive and a reverse its galby and – and I think, to be fair. Theyve got a wiper, yes indicators, and it tells you how much charge is in the battery other than that. I guess we need to close the doors, take it for a run and hold on to our house right, so well, get in and well try and close up um Im guessing you can just pull it down and uh the door will close. Hopefully, Music well were locked in now to hold the door. You have to use Velcro. Why wouldnt we so this is a hole is in.

We have a load of velcro which holds the door flat and were good to go seat belts. It has seat belts. Yes, we have a seat belt: oh yeah, wow. This is going to be a trip of a lifetime, so its on its good to go. Um fingers crossed and its in Drive handbrake. Oh found a handbrake under there Music. Oh, my God, as I said, you know absolutely unbelievable, with a six, a six 0.2 or 6.3 kilowatt battery um producing enough power to give you around about 150 miles of range. It is crazy, absolutely crazy and go kart, quick gold, car, quick, not uh! I mean I have to say one of the things for me with this. It was only a week or two ago we were driving the Porsche and today were driving the Renault Twizy. Both electric vehicles, both sustainable the Porsche, was doing something in the region of about 2.5 or 6 miles to the kilowatt hour. This little beast is doing something like 10. um, incredible, really incredible it. It has to be said. It is one of the most interesting electric Journeys Ive ever been on, it has to be say, were on the back roads of Blackburn which, for those who is in the north of the UK, bruising its an incredible experience and, as I said even today, you never Get tired of driving electric vehicles – and this is absolutely no exception. This is completely and utterly mad, and one of the things to mention as well with this it doesnt feel like its got several assisted brakes so or maybe they are in the old fashioned, not electric brakes, theres a big old fashioned turbo brakes, which makes the brake Pedal slightly hard, so you have to push a bit harder again.

A kind of go karty, uh element to it, but youve got youve, got to really give credit where credits you, this vehicle has been going its been on the ground for quite some time its. Not you know its not a new model, its its been out there for a while um, you know to get 50 miles of range or six kilowatts of battery. I bear in mind this vehicle Im in is for four years old or so its covered a few miles and its still giving 50 miles of range. On 6.3 kilowatt hour battery I mean who knew that was even possible. Amazing, under normal circumstances, Ill take electric vehicles out for quite some time and give them a you know a an absolute flattening road test for testing all elements of the vehicle. I think, with this particular vehicle um within a very short period of time, well have tested most things, but you have to you have to give credit for Rich Davis and his team to report. Something like this together, what an amazing little vehicle – and I want to thank Richard at JDS trucks as well for for allowing us to to play with his new toy today and to take us from you, know. Porsches and the high end Teslas into something which actually still has real relevance. You dont realize how small this actually is. Until you come past, the 44 ton well Ill rephrase that until a 44 ton truck passes, you because were not passing anybody um at all were just uh were tootling along, and I certainly its not advisable on the literature to go on the motorway.

Although its road legal to go on the motorway, I certainly wouldnt advise it to anyone who wishes to protect their life to go on a Motorway dodging with trucks. In this little mountain just use it. What it was designed to do, which is absolutely tooling about producing an amazing return. So I have to say we try and talk about whatever there is to talk about and when this opportunity came up to talk about something which had been around for quite a while. Its electric its got a tiny battery, its a vehicle thats returning, you know so much Journey time and an effort from a six kilowatt battery thats been in the vehicle for a number of years and still giving um interesting returns. You know its what its just. Why wouldnt you want to love something like this great to be able to look at something um and a bit of fun. We try and bring some of these things to life where we can and as we will do always got some great stuff coming along. Please subscribe to the channel. If you can, you know we love talking about electric vehicles. This is no exception. I want to thank the guys at JDS trucks rich in his team as well to for making us welcome today and were going to talk to to um Richard now and talk about the journey through sustainability for JDS trucks and and how they see where theyve come From where they are now and where theyre going to from our Fleet sustainable podcast thanks guys speak to you again soon take care Music.