Lots happened in 2022, actually from the ongoing new car supply issues to spiraling used car prices, yep thats right and alongside all of that, we have driven and reviewed some fantastic new cars hold on. What are you doing here well for Old Times, Satan? No, no Nick Ive got this gone. Okay go go on, okay right! Where were we sorry, so yeah? As Nick said, we have reviewed some fantastic new cars here that car buyer and, as is tradition, weve brought them all into one place, to show you the best new cars that you can buy. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2023 car buyer best car Awards Music. Over the next few minutes were going to talk you through our 18 category winners and tell you very quickly why theyve won so whether youre looking for something big, small, a sports car or an SUV, petrol, hybrid or electric weve, got you covered now and always give This video a thumbs up and subscribe to the car by YouTube channel that way, youll never miss a new car review, so were better to start than with RGB the best value new car that money can buy at any budget. You get family car space for super mini money. There really could only be one winner for our first category at the car buyer best car Awards 2023 and our best small car well skoda Fabia, stealing the whim from the excellent Renault Clio is no mean feat.

We were blown away by this cars, practicality, standard kit and affordability when we tested it earlier in the year. Next, we move on to a trio of categories that are actually more important than any other in the new car market and onto a car that has impressed us for years with its engine and powertrain options, its smooth drive and its rock bottom running costs. But this year we drove an all new version. This is the Kia Niro and it is our best small family car for 2023, its everything we loved about the old car, but in a smart, new suit and now were on a bit of a family car roll. How about if you want something a little bit bigger? Well, this one was a bit of a no brainer for us here at car buyer. We were so impressed with this car last year that we named it our overall car of the year and it still shines 12 months later. The Hyundai Tucson is our favorite family car two years in a row. Speaking of last year and previous Car of the Year winners, the Kia Sorrento is our favorite large family car. But, as we mentioned, Rising prices ongoing supply issues, the Kia just isnt as good value as it once was. So we had to reassess, but with its recent midlife facelift, that meant the skoda Kodiak came back into the frame, its got loads of space, its got some Cutting Edge Tech and its got a decent range of engines.

The skoda Kodiak is our favorite large family car. For 2023., Music, but some cars just couldnt, be beaten. This next model, time and time again it not only tops our tables for the best estate cars, but its also one of the best overall packages that money can buy our best estate car for 2023. Is this its the skoda, Octavia thats, perhaps a bit substance over style, but this next car it definitely better Blends those two elements and it tops the pile in the first of our two company car categories now historically, this is an area of the market that prioritizes Low running costs, Above All Else, But in reality well, company car drivers want a car that says something about them that looks good in the office car park, so it has to have premium appeal. It has to drive well, it has to have loads of Kit, and importantly, it has to offer low company car tax rates, so the car that won last year, that was the Volkswagen ID3 this year, its its sister car, its the Cooper born moving up a size Once more weve actually combined a couple of categories here for 2023 and given how much progress weve seen in the kind of mid sized executive Saloon class, it made perfect sense to award this category to what is the quintessential company car, which, for the time being, at Least, is the electric equivalent to the BMW 3 Series, its a BMW I4? We are rattling through these Awards now, but remember you can watch videos of these cars plus read our full six point: written reviews with specs driving Impressions and kit lists over at carwire.

com UK. Just use the drop down menus on the home page, but back to the task can handle on to another new category. Winner 2022 has been a phenomenal year for new cars, as weve seen with the super minis, the SUVs and even the kind of hatchback con Saloon cars like the I4, even sports cars, which leads us on to this next category. The winner of this segment is closely related to the winner last year, the BMW 4 Series. It offers a similarly engaging Driving Experience a similarly plush interior, a good range of engines, relatively low running costs, all in a more compact package, the BMW 2 Series isnt. Perhaps what youd consider a typical sports coupe, but it does everything that an Audi TT does just that little bit better. This is a really good car but, as we all know, its been a scorcher of a summer For Better or For Worse. So what if you want to lift the lid drop, the top and feel the wind in your hair, it kind of makes me wish. I had knit back for this one, but well let me do it without her, for as long as I can remember, this category has been dominated by the mini convertible and despite the fact that its nearing the end of its life, its still our favorite convertible for 2023 theres a new one on the way, its going to be pure electric, its going to have a 250 mile range.

I know almost for a fact, thats going to be a really good car and on the topic of good fun cars. How about this? For the second year on the bounce, our favorite hatchback, its got on the edge handling its got strong practicality, its got a tech field intuitive to use interior. If you want one car that can do it all the Hyundai i20n is impossible to beat, except maybe by this another repeat winner. More and more of you are putting SUVs on your shopping list these days, as is proven by the fact that all three of our family car categories are topped by SUVs or crossovers, but they come in all shapes and sizes. These days with all manner of engines and electric motors, and one of the best of these, we think, is the Cupra for Mentor its basically a Volkswagen Golf R on stilts and when youve got the family in tow its nice and refined its quiet, its friendly. But when you dont its really feisty and fun, this is our best hot SUV for 2023 Spectrum to the other were still seeing significant interest in pickup trucks here at car buyer and for the first time in a very long time, weve got a new winner. Gone is the Ford Ranger and in its place, the sanyong Musa. You just cant argue with the value thats on offer here, its spacious, its got loads of tech, and it wont complain if you put a load of weight in the back and thats before you consider the fact that this thing comes with a seven year: 150.

000 mile warranty value is a huge thing for us here at car buyer and the muso just nails that brief. Well, every single one of the categories in our car buy our best cars list reflects the type of models that you are searching for. These next few awards are more important than most. Our readers and viewers are looking for electric cars in their thousands and with so many to choose from the EV Market can be quite a daunting place, so were going to set things nice and straight here and name our favorite small, medium and large electric cars. Now the first in this list is a new entry, but thanks to this blend of retro charm, good range and strong driving Dynamics meant. There was no argument here at carb rhq, the first and our best, smaller electric car, its the Fiat 500. Music. Now cast your mind back just a moment: thats sanyong muso, and how it offered value by the truckload. Well, its not a dissimilar story with our next winner, our best family electric car. Now mg has been wowing us for some time now, with its accomplished Great Value. Evs and the mgz is just the best of the bunch now its not much more than the fear and its got seating for five and a big boot and a long range it doesnt matter whose book youre looking at that is decent value. I, like the next one you couldnt stay away.

Could you can I do the next one come on, make it quick? Okay, okay, okay, okay, so everything that Richard said so far is right. I hate to say it, but but rich is right. Look in a world where theres a lot of focus on the cost of living and budgets and all that sort of thing electric cars could save you. Thousands, okay, weve had the fear weve had the mg theyre, both great electric cars, but the car buyer best large. Electric car and actually Auto, expresses overall car of the year. The details have also expressed come on description, because thats, where youll find me like And subscribe, is the Nissan area, its good right. It is great its the cabin in there is like nothing weve seen in a Nissan before its full of clever tricks and features. Its got strong range, its smooth and Swift to drive its just a great all rounder. If youre looking for a big family, car and youre ready to make the switch to Electric, I mean we already know that thats. Why Auto Express we called it our car of the year? But you want me to go okay, we know not. Everyone is ready to make the switch to Electric, though, and that is where the fabulous Kia Nero comes back into the frame, the great thing about this car, or was it that car? The great thing about this car is that you pick the car and then you choose your powertrain, so you can pick hybrid plug in hybrid or full electric.

You choose its as simple as that, but for the sake of this award for this specific award, this is our best hybrid for 2023 and then we move on to hybrids with plugs or plug in hybrids. Now, this kind of tech can often be considered as a kind of stepping stone to full electric and with Battery tech, progressing. The way it is. Some of these cars can genuinely be considered as kind of part time EVs and none more so than the Mercedes C Class or more specifically, the c300e are best plug in hybrid for 2023, with a huge 24.5 kilowatt hour battery and a massive 68 mile electric range You could feasibly plug this thing in overnight and never use a drop of fuel. My guess is that this car could persuade even the biggest petrol die hards to go electric next time around and then on to the final award before the big reveal and a natural step on from The Merc to our best large plug in hybrid and its a New one this year, its the Lexus NX, is has come a long way over the last few years and it seems the people at the top of the business theyre. Listening to you theyre listening to us, this new NX is better to drive than ever, and this version offers a genuinely usable, livable electric range and that infotainment system is an absolute transformation over what came before it. No Lexus ever has ticked so many boxes and there we are the 18 best new cars on sale today from the spacious to the sporty petrol electric and as weve just seen with these last few, something in between grab yourself one of these cars and you cant Go wrong, but what is the best car that weve driven all year? What mix is the best of everything, value, practicality, low running costs, strong Tech, comfort? You get the picture well, for us, there really could only be One winner or three.

The 2023 car buyer car of the year is the all new Kia Nero and it didnt seem fair for us to award the top prize to just one of these cars because well, the sheer choice is just so much part of the appeal. No car here ticks. Quite as many boxes as the new Nero does, and for that reason alone it simply had to be our car of the year so thats it thanks for watching make sure you subscribe to the car by YouTube channel and you hit the Bell icon, so youre notified When new videos go live, make sure you check out our website where you can find all of our video reviews and our six point written reviews as well. Let us know in the comments what you think should have won and well see you next time. If you like this video, then why not watch our review of the 2023 car of the year, the Kia Niro and check out carbuy.co.uk for all the latest car advice.