Ultimately, our goal is to make it down to Hilton Head, but were not doing tomorrow. We live in Marietta, Georgia and so were driving down to our daughters. College in Statesboro were going to go to a football game there tonight its in the night in Savannah and then head on to Hilton Head tomorrow. So our plan is to charge in Dublin Georgia, which is about I dont – know 30 minutes outside of Statesboro, because Statesboro doesnt have a ton of chargers in it. A couple slow Chargers, but not a lot of fast high speed Chargers. Um, we actually could make it all the way to Savannah without needing to charge, but we couldnt make it all the way to Hilton Head and because of the football game were going to be late. We decided uh instead of having to find a charger in Savannah late at night, theres, not one at our hotel theres one within two miles of our hotel thats a fast charger, but we didnt – we didnt, want to fiddle with it late tonight and were leaving early In the morning to go to Hilton Head, so we didnt really want to do it in the morning either. So what were gon na do is stop in Dublin Georgia at a fast charger there and charge the car back up to 95 percent um its going to take about 40 minutes, which is longer than you would normally take for a stop but um just the the Way that our trip works, thats, thats, whats, going to be best for us, I have to say the whole trip – is a little intimidating.

We certainly had plenty of um, apps and and different programs, and we actually checked out a different couple, a couple different ones. We did the Ford Pass App and what was the other one, the better route, so we checked those off of each other and those apps you put in your destination, you put in. You know how much charge you want in the battery when you arrive at your destination, because maybe you want to drive around town some before you have to recharge it, and it tells you exactly where to stop how long you need to stop at each place. How fast that particular charger works and you can even see the rates for charging, so it is more expensive to charge the car on the road than it is when you charge at home. Actually, the the electric plane that we have we charge for free overnight. Up to 400 kilowatt hours a month, um but and then its very, very inexpensive, so its costing us so far its about 20 bucks a month to fuel our car and we pretty much exclusively drive this car weve got 2500 miles on it right now and weve Spent a total of maybe forty dollars on gas or fuel um when youre driving on the interstate, just like in a gas car, its less fuel efficient, the higher speed you go, so it does kind of help. You mind your speed, because you want to conserve your battery, although, as weve been driving along the um, the map that we use the navigation tool shows us where Chargers are along the Stop and its like.

Almost every exit, except for really small towns, theres a charger, but in the super small towns, sometimes you dont have gas stations at it at an exit so its not that different, um, yeah and uh were on Blue Cruise, so the car is actually driving itself right. Now, which is nice Id say it does a pretty good job it um. It tends to do a little bit of adjustment on the slower curves, like its got to find its way. It might not be as advanced as the Tesla system because they use a different set of these lidar. Instead of the cameras are in conjunction with the cameras, rather um, that does pretty good all right, so we will fill you in once.