S that have a plug pure battery electric or plug in hybrid thats. Amazing, I think thats, some kind of a record for Auto industry history in this country lets make it more manageable. I just want to talk about the ones that are coming out in 2023 that Ill be keeping an eye on, in particular, this isnt, every single one, but the ones that I think are the most important to monitor the market. Okay lets start with GM because they arguably have the most weight of announcements in 2023, beginning with the Cadillac lyric. Now this one is kind of a cheat on my list because its been slightly available at the very end of 22., its really a 23 story, its the first GM car to use their new ultium battery platform, theyre, making a huge bet on this. Its a modular shrinkable expandable platform that can stick under anything in the future, its different than whats underneath the bolt, and certainly what was underneath the volt. They use pouch cells instead of cylindrical cells, like almost everyone else uses, and, of course the magic will be in all kinds of patented technology. Theyve got for good charging delivering actual range, as stated and making sure the battery stays healthy and stable for a very long time of probably multiple owners. All of that is part of what ultium is all about. The lyric itself is a hot looking little thing that will bring the message, I think, very credibly.

Now, yes, ultiums been attached to things like the Silverado, which well talk about in a minute or the Hummers which are pretty Niche, but this one is a big bang. Both for Cadillac and GM now Act 2 for LTM is arguably going to be the Chevy Equinox. This ones really aimed at mainstream America. Its a compact crossover thats the vehicle. We love in this country that either looks great or techy, depending on the paint Scheme. Im. Not loving that two tone, blue and white thing, but in other colors its a sharp looker itll start around 30 grand for its lowest base configuration thats with the smaller of two batteries that get you 250 miles. Higher trim models can get you to 300 miles and critically 51 miles of range per hour when youre charging at home, and I find that factor important because as people look to live with EVS, not just imagine one itd be great. If you can say you know what I forgot to charge the car Im about to get in the shower, if I plug it in now, by the time I leave Ill have all the mileage, I need, for the day, never mind a full battery thats, a key Understanding, I think a lot of people are going to come to and start to shop around Music. Okay now the new Chevy Blazer is often mentioned in the same breath as the Equinox, but theyre pretty different. This is a bigger, more stylish vehicle.

Chevy says based on the Camaros Inspirations. That means its kind of their answer to the rather successful Ford. Mustang Mach e now note that its a completely different vehicle from the current gas burning thing that they call a Blazer. This one will have 557 horsepower 648 pound feet of torque 60 in under four seconds, using what they call the wow mode and is expected to have between 247 and 300 miles of range, depending on configuration by the way Im not getting a lot into ranges in This story, because almost everyones in the same place, low twos to three more or less now early in 23, well get the first variance of the electric Chevy Silverado. This doesnt need any explanation: does it between Silverado F 150 and I think, later in 24, electric Ram? We really reset what was thought to be the most stubborn part of the car market to move to electrification and I no longer think thats the case. I think theyre, some of the biggest pent up demand around electric pickup trucks. A whole lot of variants are coming on the Silverado, of course, as there are on the gas engine one. I can say this without getting into the Weeds on pricing. Itll probably be higher than initially promised, just as weve seen, Fords, F, 150 Lightning have two major price increases since introduction, but for both of these I dont think that dampens appeal just yet. Okay, Nissan Aria, technically not qualified for my list because its already on the market, but the all wheel, drive versions will be arriving in 2023.

. This is from the company that brought us the Nissan Leaf and prior to Tesla. They were the big bang brand around electrification of cars in terms of pure battery architecture, so this is worth watching. Nissan knows a bit about electric vehicles and the re is a good looker. I never said that about the leaf Music. Now, BMWs line of eye cars began with a bunch of weird oddballs, the I3 little Transportation Appliance the i8 pseudo Supercar. Since then, I mean something completely different IX: I4. I7. It now means the mainstreaming of electrification across recognizable. Bmw form factors, the I5 same thing. It electrifies the 5 series now normally its saying: okay, its an electric sedan, its outside the bullseye of the American car market, but with BMW, its a little different. The three and the five are absolutely critical cars in terms of appeal sales and the image of the company. They are literally legendary Vehicles. So when you see a 5 series, go electric, its a bigger story than just a German sedan going electric this ones a little bit rumored and a little less concrete as of my taping today, but we should see it in late 23.. Foreign also going to bring us a dose of fun in electrification with the Dodge Hornet RT, its a good. Looking compact crossover right off the bat that in itself, is not hard to find these days, but Dodge says its going to be the fastest quickest sub.

30. 000 compact utility thats a nice set of attributes, simple, understandable and compelling, I think, theyve also got a cool gimmick, its called PowerShot. You pull back on both paddles and stomp. The pedal, as I understand it, and you get 25 more horsepower for a 15 second burst its just going to be cool, but you know how many social videos are going to be done about this, its a built in free marketing campaign Music. Now Hyundai only has one electric, only name plate or model so far and its the ionic 5, which we include Bay Area style, call hella impressive. Now they need to show if they can do it twice. That will lead to the ionic six, which has almost no visual relation whatsoever to the ionic five, I mean its a very controversial design, looks to me like a Porsche Panamera had a collision with a Citron DS. I dont love it Ill. Be quite honest. I think its kind of an odd and sort of an attractive. Looking thing, however, Hyundai has a track record, as does Kia, as does Genesis of surprising people who think they dont know what theyre doing when it comes to style and taste and setting themselves apart. This might be a sleeper hit now the Kia ev9 is going to be exciting because it follows in the general footsteps of their wildly popular Kia. Telluride theyre, not the same vehicle and The Styling is notably different in the details, but the volumes and a lot of the cues say yeah.

This is the electric Telluride. If thats, what youve been looking for, they say the cars style and shape was inspired by water. I have no idea what the hell that means, but I do know this is going to be a vehicle thats, going to take a footprint set by a surprisingly popular, conventional SUV that snapped a lot of heads and step in there with a big battery Music. Next up are the Genesis electrified gv60 and gv70. Now the gv60 just makes my list technically because it is shipping, but its really going to be a 23 story at volume, svelte slick, looking crossover that we give High kudos to now. Look at the electric version of the larger gv70 put those two together and youve got a tight one: two punch from a company thats getting taken quite seriously lately as a luxury Challenger as they call it now. Volvo is an interesting story. Theyve been very aggressive on Alternate powertrains for a number of years now, and yet they really only have one electric car, the C40 recharge, two variants of that and theyre kind of overweight on plug in hybrids of which they have an enormous number for a relatively small Company that should be adjusted in 23 as they are expected to bring out a large utility that is pure electric lets, say its like an XC90 thats pure electric, and I believe and always have thought that Volvos audience is one of the most accepting and ready for Cars that are electric, very sparse inside and have a technology message.

I think they have an easier road than a lot of other brands. Now the Mazda mx 30 is really interesting and needs some explanation. This is a plug in hybrid range extender. That means it has a combustion engine and also a good size battery, and you plug the thing in regularly, but its also using that combustion engine not to drive the car directly or conventionally, but to run a generator that creates more power to put into the batteries. As youre driving, essentially an updated Chevy Volt, although theyll hate me saying that the key here is theyre using a rotary engine as that combustion motor, not an inline piston engine thats good, because rotary engines are smoother smaller, lighter quieter. Those are excellent attributes for a range extender engine that does electricity generation heres the downside, most people dont know what a range extender is dont understand. All the minutia. I just explained to you and theyre just going to want to ask about the bottom line. Figures of range charge cost now the Tesla cyber truck is kind of like a Twitter acquisition on Wheels. You never really know whats happening with it, but Elon Musk says it is coming out in 2023. This time, assuming it does, it is probably going to be Story. Number one around electric cars in 23., not because its the most important vehicle but itll, be the most talked about fascinated, debated and anticipated because its so radical because it comes from such a successful electric car maker.

I still dont think it has mass Market appeal, but lets see what happens while were talking about hype. I got to mention that the Hummer electric SUV body style is coming out in 2023 and I find the Hummer electrics to be apropos of nothing its just another vehicle thats going to have all kinds of hype without even getting out of bed in the morning. So I want to mention that it is coming out next year, Music, we get a new Toyota Prius Prime in 2023, and it has to do two things in my mind and Im pretty sure its going to one a radically different style, thats a little more attractive. No one ever looks at a Prius Prime and says oh nice looking car uh no, and it needs to step up its electric only range before the gas engine has to kick in to something closer to 40ish, maybe 50, knowing Toyota, because that means youve got a Plug in hybrid that can almost certainly handle all the daily driving for a large number of motorists, and now youve got a very different proposition than the current 25 mile range plug in hybrid Prius. Prime Toyota knows how to do hybrids and plug in hybrids. Theyve got to nail this foreign or not. The Lexus RZ will be Lexus first pure electric car. I dont think I realized that until I went and looked over their line again, they dont actually have a pure battery electric until this one comes out in 23.

, its a compact crossover that shares underpinnings with the Toyota Buzz Forks, which is bz4x. I can never remember, and the Subaru soltera the RZ has that traditional handsome Lexus good look, though the body does have more edges than your kitchen knife drawer inside they do have that prominent Central tablet, but at least its not that Spartan look of a prison cell Around it, the Lexus has a traditional, I would say, cabin that has beautiful luxury touches and they promise a new high water mark of the interaction between dedicated steering wheel buttons and the head up display for things like vehicle status, audio or media selection and navigation input And display I look forward to seeing that Music car has a key introduction in 2023, its called the pole star 3., the pole star, one was kind of you know off the beaten path. It was a large luxury sedan that was a plug in hybrid fun. Then came the pole star 2, which is kind of this utility sedan. Looking thing that looks like its not happy being that the pole, star 3 is finally going to hit us with a nice mid size, utility Great Looks pure electric thats.