Today you can see some Vehicles over my shoulder because were right in the middle of that transition period of the electrified vehicle and what that means for you guys. You have different choices of not only vehicles but powertrain options, whether thats, hybrid plug and hybrid hydrogen fuel or even full electric. So, as you can see, were out front of the Toyota HQ weve partnered up with them for this video and their main goal is to reduce Greenhouse submissions as much as possible through a large vehicle approach or a large portfolio approach. So this will give you the option, or I guess, a little sneak peek into what vehicle choice you have were going to hop into the RAV4 first, because thats, the one that Im eyeing lets take our first drive all right. So, as I mentioned, the RAV4 Prime, which is the one that Im most interested in, you can see that its juicing up right now, as this is the only true plug in hybrid, that we have of the three vehicles, and I know some people get a bit Confused the difference between hybrid and plug in hybrid, as the name implies, a plug in hybrid, has an actual plug, as it has a separate battery that you can charge on its own. So a hybrid is mainly a combustion engine with an electric motor, but all of that gets recharged through the regenerative process of braking, whereas this you can rely solely on the electric battery to get actual range.

So, on the electric battery alone, you can get around 68 kilometers, which is honestly great for just driving in town in the city and combined. You are looking at 979 kilometers, thats close to a thousand kilometers on a single tank and, of course, a single charge, and underneath the hood, we have a two and a half liter four cylinder gas engine with a 6.6 kilowatt AC charger. It does, of course, come nicely in the back and you can kind of see with the exterior styling of this car. The RAV4 has come a long way the wheels. I always look at Wheels first, so 19 inches. These are some pretty big Alloys. Those are looking really good and around front. We have really aggressive. Styling weve got some extra scoops. I think they might be fake to be honest, but uh it doesnt, look good to be honest and coming around. You can see that its actually just plugged in we are pretty much at a full charge and pretty simple. I just got to get the key out unlock the car. This comes out and, I think, were ready for our first ride, so the RAV4 Prime and, like I mentioned when we were just outside this, is a plug in hybrid. I love the idea of being able to cruise in the city in town solely on battery and when you need that extended range, when you need some of the gas engine to get you to further places, you have that option and if or when you have access To a charging port, you can Juice It Up, so you can get a full charge in two and a half hours with quick charge.

If you have a 240 volt charger like I said this, one is tough for me or a lot of people that say live in condos that dont have access to that. But when we are building a new house, we will have something in the garage where we can plug in an electric vehicle. So I think thats really great. And when you look around the interior we have perforated seats. Theyre, nice and comfy weve got the red deviated stitching around. This is the xse model, which means it has a larger nine inch display once again, Im going to say this in comparison to the tundra, which has the most up to date, infotainment system. I cannot wait to see that trickle down. It serves its purpose but Im sure that will come in a future update when they refresh the interior. If I am being super nitpicky, I know I can get really geeky about this stuff. The gear selector not even faux leather, but it has this foam almost that wrinkles a lot once again just trying to nitpick everything here. The ride, though, is super comfy and the RAV4 is known for obviously, affordability, the fact that it can haul stuff whether thats camera gear. Like myself for this shoot, we have so much gear that were bringing a dog groceries. It is the all arounder and it doesnt end up breaking the bank and on that electrified scale that Ive been talking about. I think the plug in hybrid is still this sweet spot, because you dont need to worry about range anxiety.

You dont need to worry about. Always plugging this in this one literally gives you the best of both worlds. I think okay, so the Camry, I have very fond memories of this car. This was actually the very car that I got. My drivers license in uh, not this specific model, but to my ex girlfriend at the time her parents had to lend me their car and that it was very different. Looking it was the classic Beijing beige how far we have come from that point, uh exterior wise. It is completely different. All the little bits are blacked out, so the mirror caps, some of the badging, the 19 inch Alloys which are in gloss black. It is very, very different, looking very, very sporty and you can even see coming to the interior decked out in red leather, off white stitching and, dare I say this car might be the one that surprises me, the most, even that little wireless charger up front. I know a hundred thousand dollar plus cars that still dont have that for the rest of the dash, or, I guess, the infotainment system. This is where it feels just a little bit dated, especially when I took a look at the tundra. This does have a larger display, nine inches, it works, but I feel like Im reviewing a laptop, sometimes slightly chunky bezels as we get moving onto the highway. But when that infotainment system from the tundra comes to the rest of the lineup, I think that will be nice and updated and underneath This Hood a two and a half liter four cylinder engine and out of all the ones that I have driven.

This feels the sportiest, it feels the dirtiest and thats, because it has a different chassis, its the tnga chassis platform, and you can hear it as I gun it down merging onto the highway. I like this car. I like this one a lot. Actually, it has a certain responsiveness, as we kind of hammer down flat out that a lot of cars in this segment dont quite have and um changing my mind on the camera. Actually, I I dig it: weve got different driving modes and Ive got mine set to sport, always which makes it the most responsive and even the gear. Selector does come with faux leather around that the RAV4 needs to take a couple notes and unlike the RAV4, which was a plug in hybrid, this just being a standard hybrid Falls at the very beginning of the electrified car Spectrum. You still get around 600 650 kilometers. I saw on a full tank and you get the best efficiency in terms of not needing to wait to plug this in. There is pretty much zero downtime and I think I think I already know I like this cars handling the best and last but not least, this is the new Tundra Crewmax, and you can already tell maybe even by the distance of where this camera is. This thing is huge and Im, not gon na lie Im no expert at driving trucks Im, not a truck guy, but from getting into this I could be so well start off with the exterior first.

Obviously, it is looking pretty good. Its got 22 inch wheels full resin toe bed, which you can get extended and has these little fancy automatic step up? Ladders thats, not the correct terminology, Step Up platforms on the side and on the back as well. I think you know what were saying were going to put it into gear, and I know that this model or the tundra specifically has the updated UI package and Ive raved about that when Ive gone in the other two cars. This is what we need to see across the entire fleet. It is updated its modern, its got thin bezels. It operates as quick as a smartphone. It feels like it belongs in 22, 22 going into 2023 Wireless Apple, carplay or Android auto. You just need to connect to the Toyota app which isnt too difficult and, like I said for me, the interior is whats winning all the awards. Weve got the two tone: leather, this gorgeous wood trim even little things like the wireless charger for your phone, its on an angle instead of flat, like the other two models, and obviously we got ta talk about powertrain, as this rain has literally come out of nowhere. Three and a half liter twin turbo, V6 Hybrid engine on a 10 speed, Auto 437 horsepower 583 foot pound of torque, which a lot of that comes in at the low end and thats. One of the benefits of a hybrid most people will talk about hybrids.

For the efficiency, obviously for the range, but theres also that flip benefit on utility and for having a heavy duty vehicle like this, something that hauls something that torque Advantage. You get all in the low end range and the numbers for towing and torque show that, and I think a lot of you know we are in the process of building a new house trying to store stuff in an SUV. Just doesnt cut it. So this could actually be the most practical vehicle for me, and this is probably the vehicle that I like the most. I could be a truck guy in Toyota. If you want to. Let me keep this one. I wouldnt mind that, to be honest on this little gear, selector youve got the different Drive modes, tow haul, not that we did anything too heavy duty, our off road testing involved driving through a park just getting off onto the grass area. Thats. The extent of my truck skills, I told you Im not really a truck guy, but I could be. I definitely could be after this all right, so we are at the end of the week of my electrified Journey. The Sun is setting on the final day. Ive had around two ish days with each vehicle, and if you were to ask me which one my favorite was brutally honest, I would honestly say its a hybrid mix between all of them. If we had the interior of the tundra, the infotainment system, it was the most modern of the three.

I honestly cant wait till that trickles down into the rest of the Toyota, lineup and obviously the space we all crushed team lunches inside so much roominess. So much extra space and obviously the bed in the back. When I could move around stuff building my house throwing Link in the back, I dont know if youd jump out, but we probably wouldnt. Try that just having that extra real estate is a huge difference on the RAV4, the range, the true plug in hybrid. For honestly, my lifestyle, it doesnt work as I dont – have a plug at my condo. But if I make that shift to that house to a spot with an actual plug, that would make a lot of sense and we didnt even talk about their full electric car, the bz4x, obviously thats at the very end of their electrified portfolio. And, to be honest, the one that surprised me, the most, the Camry it has come such a long way extra your styling having all the blacked out bits. The blacked out, mirror edges honestly took me by a bit of surprise. The handling was the best. The acceleration was the best, so if we could create that hybrid of three of those Vehicles, my favorite features, I think that would be my fave.