But the reason I am here is to drive this. The 2023 Volkswagen id4 – and you know when you take a look at it, it doesnt look that different than the 2022 model and thats, because its really not yeah. There are some new paint colors a few new details here and there, including that light up badge on the back that accompanies the one on the front that was here last year. Well, Volkswagen decided to add one to the tailgate. Looks super cool really like the way that lights up but anyways outward appearances, not all that different, but the changes for this year are significant, starting with where it is made. This is now built in Chattanooga Tennessee, which is actually where Im headed to. As we speak, a drive route from Nashville to Chad to do go were going to do a little Plant tour, but Volkswagen wanted to give us a chance to drive the 2023 that is built in North America and for us Canadians. The significance is that it is now going to be available across the whole country last year. You could only buy it in BC. Quebec and Ontario BC and Quebec make an awful lot of sense because of the provincial incentives on EVs and then Ontario. Well, hey its just a huge Market, but otherwise you were out of luck that all changes, though, with this 2023 version – and there are some other new important points to cover too starting with this new 62 kilowatt hour battery pack.

Now that is not the one Im driving right now. I am driving the 82 kilowatt hour battery pack that was available when this thing launched, but that new one well. It does lower the cost of Entry quite significantly, but thats, not the only thing to talk about, because there are some other key points to cover as well like the fact that this thing now has a 170 kilowatt DC fast charging capabilities up from 135 last year. Theres also, this new 12 inch touchscreen thats standard across the board, no more 10 inch in the base version. Every version does get this larger touch screen software, its been updated, apparently its a little quicker, its meant to be more intuitive. Well, get to that in a minute. The other cool thing in here this new console – and this is North American specific youre – not going to see this in other markets where the id4 is sold the significance. Well, hey we like to keep a lot of stuff. I guess the old one wasnt really cutting it. Some customer feedback wanted something that had a little bit more storage, so thats. Why this thing is here, and then these interior colors are new too, including this really cool white that I am in right now, but overall, the drive hey its kind of what you would expect if youve driven an id4 or really any other electric vehicle in this Segment, even the Hyundai ionic 5, the Kia eb6.

Now that KIA, I will say its a little sportier, just inherently a little stiffer in the suspension. This thing is definitely softer, but it all kind of touches that same you know, efficiency first, this thing especially, is that way: dont, let those quick acceleration times, fool you. This thing really is all about efficiency. Volkswagen says this all wheel drive version that I am driving. Can do the Sprint to 60 miles an hour in like 5.7 seconds, but all EVS are quick. You guys know the deal all of that torque its instantaneous, so even in eco mode, this thing takes off really quickly, but to me its all about efficiency. So right now, Im cruising around. I have my drive mode selected here: Ive got it Nico. Ive got the air conditioning set to eco mode. Everything is about efficiency. I even have the drive mode in that b, setting thats kind of the one pedal the closest you can get in this. It doesnt have that regenerative, braking where you can kind of vary it its either on or its off this, not quite as good as others. On the market, like the ionic 5 and the ev6, as well as the Genesis gv60, all three of those use paddles on the steering wheel, so you can adjust the regen, but all things considered this isnt terrible but Im not so crazy about the interface in here. You know Volkswagen did tell us about this update its meant to be a little simpler, but I find its almost like been made so foolproof that its foolish, if that makes sense to you guys, just the way everything functions, even the way when you get out of It it automatically turns the vehicle off thats, very frustrating and, admittedly thats something that I find frustrating on a day like today, where Im running around trying to take photos and video of the vehicle.

Every time I get out it shuts off, and that means I have to turn it back on. I got ta reprogram my drive route into Google Maps. Here you might be thinking: well, hey Dan thats, your problem, not mine and thats true, but lets say youre on a road trip and you want to grab a drink out of the back youre by yourself, get out its going to turn off if you hit this Start button to kind of set it into accessory mode, well, thatll work, but as soon as you lift your butt out of the seat, it turns off again its very, very annoying all the steps you have to take and theres no way. At least I can see to change that so something Im, not so crazy about and then the rest of it again so foolproof that its foolish, because youve got this square button, thats how you go back to the home screen and then you tap this to open Your apps, its just not as intuitive as labeled buttons, like you, have down here for climate as well as this self parking system, drive mode and all of the different driver assist systems, so that part is cool. I just wish the rest of it was as intuitive as that stuff. But overall I do like this vehicle. I like driving it very soft suspension, really soaks up the bumps pavement out here in Tennessee pretty nice, but you know it is nice to have that cushy suspension just overall, no theres not much steering feel, but this is electric.

What can you expect overall? I do think this is good, especially when you start talking about value, because if you take a look at that base version, I was talking about earlier that 62 kilowatt hour battery pack. That thing starts at something like 44 Grand before tax. That is really cheap. It actually undercuts all of its key competitors even by just a little bit, so the Kia ev6 well thats, like 500, more for the cheapest version, so Volkswagen pretty strategic with the pricing of this thing, and I really do tip my cap to the way it has Been priced in Canada and then it ranges up to about 53 Grand before tax and Freight, but there are a bunch of options packages as well. They vary from 4 200 to 5 000 bucks. Then you get this glass roof. A few other features they do add to the price, but even so I think you can Max this thing out at about 62 Grand which is pretty competitive still with the ionic 5 and the ev6, which are the two that I think this thing really takes on Head to head, but this does have quite a bit more space in it, at least in my opinion, I like how big the back doors are tons of room. This is a great family vehicle. I really do think this might have leapfrogged those two vehicles for my favorite Eevee on the mainstream market. Im gon na have to do a little bit more testing of this thing.

Maybe back home well do a full, Deep dive review, but just with this experience here in Tennessee, I really am impressed and I like the fact that you can get it now anywhere. You live in Canada.