This is the ATO 3, and if the specifications and feature list is anything to go by, it is absolutely promising Music. Music. All right lets start with the design. The first thing is the face and in typical EV fashion it gets all the typical EV cues, because you have a closed off Grill not much happening, and the overall shape is very, very futuristic, very concept. Car, like you, get LED treatment up front, LED headlamps, you get LED drls as well, and it is a very sleek and discreet front. End of that. You have something that mimics the air dam as well. Of course it doesnt get any, and in here there is no frunk as such inside you get a permanent magnet synchronous, motor good for 204 horsepower and 310 mm. That means it can go from 0 to 100 in just 7.3 seconds, and that is quite quick. The motor takes power from a 60.48 kilowatt hour battery pack that gets byds blade technology known for better thermal efficiency. Longevity and has also passed the stringent nail penetration test over to the side. The 803 definitely has the proportions measuring well over 4 meters long but more importantly, it is the 2720 mm wheelbase. That is the Highlight, because that is what enables this to have a good amount of room on the inside. The other need touches, are 18 inch wheels. Give the car a lot more proportionate look and, of course, you have NFC on the drivers, side or VM, which means, if you have the key card with you, all you need to do, is tap and the car will unlock something that will be an issue.

Is the ground clearance because it is 175 mm unladen, which means for our conditions that is going to be a bit tricky but design wise? It has that nice sloping curve. Youve got some elements at the d pillar as well, and I think those things are a bit more aesthetic not for everyone. So definitely do let us know in the comments. What do you think, but I think overall, it definitely has the proportions to have the bragging rights now, where there is with the excitement of the 803 tapers down slightly, because it is a lot more subtle. Look you get this nice long, LED light bar. You get a bit of a spoiler and thats about it, but whats really interesting is you also get an electric tailgate and that opens up a boot space of 440 liters, which you can further extend by flipping down the seats to 30 1840 liters? Now, of course, you dont get a spare wheel in here, but you do get eight puncture repair kit, but hope you never have to use that. That was the exterior. Do. Let us know what you think about the design on the outside, but I think a lot more interesting is whats on the inside, because the design on the interior of the 803 is quite something Music. Now would you just look at this interior? It is absolutely out of eight comic books, because theres so much funkiness going on in here and Im, not sure everyone will like it.

It will definitely split a lot of opinion, but yes, it does look unique and it will stand out starting off with the steering youve got this nice sporty steering nice and chunky to hold a lot of red stitching as well. But you get a host of features on the inside, then you have the screen, which is not too great in terms of resolution, but you do have this trick where you can add a touch of a button, transform it into a portrait style tablet. Quite neat. We saw this on the E6, but of course that was manual, this was automatic. Then, of course you have. The shifter, which is come on right out of a game really looks the part and the lengthy list of features this car has is absolutely astonishing. Wireless charging, Apple, carplay, Android, auto 360 degree camera you get powered front seats as well, a panoramic sunroof. I mean this thing is absolutely loaded. Funky bits on the inside include strings on the door pad imitating Akita and mood based ambient lighting as well, and the safety. Seven airbags you get abs with EBD youve got brake assist, youve got a TPMS monitor as well inside and, of course, you have the level 2 Adas, which is absolutely superb. Now, in the back of the addo 3 – and the first thing you really like is the amount of roominess this has and thanks to that 2720 mm wheelbase, you have a good amount of leg room.

What isnt that good is the under thigh support. Now, at my height, no car is that good, but in this you can see that Im seated quite knees up. The good thing, though, is that the floor is flat and seating. Three abreast is not going to be a problem as well, and the drama continues on the inside. Where you have these lovely speakers, there are also the door handles and they just look so funky. The overall fun factor of this car is absolutely up there, panoramic sunroof doing its job as well. You also get a center armrest and overall, not a bad place to be. If you are not over six feet, bundle. High support is not going to be a big problem, and overall, it is quite spacious and roomy booking for the i23 have started from 50, 000 rupees and deliveries will begin starting January 2023.. How it performs out in the real world is yet to be seen, but as far as first impressions are concerned, the ATO 3 has left quite a lasting one, but of course, wed love to know your thoughts.