What 22 Ford F, 150, Lightning Lariat without launch control brake boost, thats, quick yeah! I got nauseous horsepower: dork 580 horsepower 775 pound feet of torque from a 132 kilowatt hour battery and two electric motors hit me with the range since we have the extended range option. This one has 515 kilometers of range and we filmed the 100 charge. According to the gauge cluster as well, so this is all wheel. Drive weve got two electric motors here. This is four by four, because its a pickup truck, okay, whatever I get it yeah, we have electric motors in the front and the back, and you can actually see them underneath its really really cool to see the electronics underneath and the beefy aluminum control arms, which Is probably the uh significant portion of the price of this vehicle and then more cool stuff? This only comes in this configuration of bed and doors, correct you cant, get a shorter bed or less doors, and where did we get this F, 150 Lightning from Meadowvale Ford? Thank you guys so much for providing the car, because we couldnt get one through Ford, Canada, if youre in Mississauga and youre. Looking for a Ford, only go there theyre going to have a bunch of lightnings for you guys to buy if youre in the states, tsb.truecar.com thats right in stock pricing, discounted price offers, but only if youre in the states, if youre in Mississauga Meadowvale. So this has independent front and rear suspension, which is kind of like the Raptor, not like your Raptor, no like the new Raptor, the Bronco Raptor uh.

Well, actually, oh, you got ta be more specific, these days, thats so annoying and trucks off up front. This can also tow up to ten thousand pounds, but the extended range battery affects the payload capacity. So if you get the shorter range battery, you can have a payload of I think 2000 or 2200 pounds. This is only 1800 pounds and has a built in scale in this infotainment, which is really cool, so Yuri stood in the back in the bed and it actually affected the scale. So it does work and then this interior, compared to a normal, newer, F 150. Has the Mach e tablet style infotainment, which I am not a fan of? I would much prefer the normal F 150 infotainment, and I totally agree this is usable, but the one that they put in the regular F 150 just functions a little bit better, more truck stuff. The dart capacity is actually quite good in this. Just like a regular F, 150 yeah theres, no little Dart Nookie up at the top anymore, no its uh. You can still put them there, but theyre gon na Rattle and slide everywhere, but we do have two glove boxes up there as well: normal F, 150, stuff yeah, and then we can hide the shifter just like we can on the regular F 150 and make this Into a workout thing, we got our power right here and then we also have power in the front.

We got a couple Outlets, USB USBC, which is pretty awesome, and then we got power in the back and this one can power your house. Even if you get the special adapter to your house yeah, so apparently it can actually power your house for up to three days, Ford says in standard conditions, whatever that is, and even more, if you just hyper mile, your house yeah. I just like put your fridge down in a setting and stuff, but its really cool. You can actually power a house from this truck yeah and I did find a way to use the charger from the truck to charge itself from the pro power on board. Okay, here we go charger which one Yuri this is a bad idea. I dont want to be part of this blue. I think thats, good okay, here we go here, you get. The inside lets see what the truck says. Here we go its charging. I did it Im a genius if this is charging its showing blue Laughter Im. A genius unlimited power is that I should unplug this problem. This is the best thing Ive ever done in my life: infinite power whats that uh thing called that people are trying to uh, make the something something: machines, yeah the generator thing, the the theres a word for it, the spinning thing, unlimited power, yo, hacksmith whats – that Called perpetual motion machine – ah, yes, that is what its called.

I was thinking of something else, and since this is an electric truck, you want to know how long it takes to charge on a level three from 15 to 80, its 44 minutes. If you can find a charger thats working yeah, we havent attempted to charge any cars out in the wild for a while yeah we havent had many EVS in a while. We just want to give the charging infrastructure a chance to catch up before we get. You know angry at all the Chargers again yeah yeah, so if you buy one of these just make sure you have a home charger like you, cant basically live without one with one of these all right. What side do we charge from? Because I see two identical uh charge or flaps on the fenders, you tell me which ones the real one, because ones fake the one on the left. The one on the right is just the dummy one to match, which I think is pretty cool. Im Im not offended by that, you know what thats, probably just planning for the future theyre like yeah its a dummy one now, but in the future itll also be the youll have to you, have two plugs for the for the Rex. Generator youll have two plugs that you can charge both at the same time for triple the speed, and this launched really well. I did break boost it. I think it actually launches better without a brake boost, so I want you to launch it without a brake boost, but while were driving more motor normal mode, I was in normal mode as well.

Okay, Ill, try, sport mode, traction off and half in the gravel, yes, but right now Drive even normally like this is pretty quick and when you let off it coasts, yes, in regular mode with the one pedal driving off. But if you have one pedal, driving on itll, obviously slow down more and then in sport mode, even with one pedal driving off it has a bunch of regen built in yes and then were also missing something in this, because this is the lariat theres, no propulsion Sound its quiet and you get that in the top trim, which sounds exactly like the machines yeah. So with that you have to get the Platinum for the sound, which I think is kind of a weird decision. Considering this an electric car, like its literally just a setting, I dont know why they didnt. Do that, like its like how iPhones you pay like an extra 300 bucks for like another 256 gigs or 500 gigs, because its just the way to upsell yeah, its all good, I get it yeah anyways suspension on this is really good. Its a little bit floaty. Just like every other electric car, permanent Baja mode, yeah, so its kind of closer to a raptor than it is a regular F, 150 and thats like a good thing, maybe its getting ready for when it gets a lot of weight into it. I mean it already. Has a lot of weight? No but yeah yeah when youre towing or you got some stuff in the bed, but um yeah lets see how this does through cliche corner and Im gon na put myself in the sport trying to get.

If I can remember how to do it here, we go here. We go sport here. We go okay, sport mode tractions still on and lots of body roll lots of tire squeal, but it actually gets through pretty quickly because its a stab and go stab and go you can you can definitely lose stab and go right now. Oh yeah theres like more understanding its more understood than the makis yeah way more, but uh. It actually does do pretty well through there and its really comfortable through there. If you dont want to just be flooring, it like an idiot, which I really dont think you should do in this truck, even though it is really quick. I want to see someone like just dump one and make it look like an old thing in red. Yes and then swap in a Supercharged V8 and then take out the back doors. Yeah yeah lets swap you in here now you ready, ready all right. Music got a chirp out of it, thats quick, its really fast nauseating. Let me put it back into normal. We also have off road and tow haul and there is a locking differential option in there too, but uh normal will be a little easier and well that can accelerate as hard. I dont like the nauseous feeling I want slow electric cars and fast gas cars dude. So do I thats thats all I ever want okay back into this uh exterior, because we havent really talked about that.

We talked about it in our live video. You guys probably watched it and enjoyed it, make sure you subscribe in case. We ever go live again. Yeah one of the first ones in North America at the time we have these cool drls that go around and they are like covered in a matte thing. So its not like a normal bright LED but theyre pretty dull during the day. But they look amazing at dusk and at night, yeah theyre, real chunky, but you got ta, have some headlight on with it, which kind of sucks but like overall, really amazing, looking front end totally agree and then the tail lights as well. Its got that like really thick uh, bezel bevel, whatever around it, yeah yeah, just the thick boyness, and that is the headlights and the tail are based off previous gen. F, 150, not the new style lights right, the actual like shape of them yeah, and they go all the way across at the back. I think it looks awesome, headlight and taillight wise and then Body Lines and everything else. Normal F, 150 cant complain and the best part is this. Car actually exists. Yeah, like a cyber truck and unlike rivians in Canada yeah. I havent seen a single one of either of those on the road they dont sell, rivians in Canada, yet I dont think theyre able to sell cars. I feel like Ive seen a photo of one people have driven them, they drive them up and they drive back down okay or buy them in the states and bring them up or something temporarily.

I dont, like I dont, think its I dont know. I dont know we havent driven one yet so anyways this is here and you can actually buy it at the Ford dealership, yeah thats, our Hummer EV. I guess I havent seen one for sale yet other than the one that we drove and then this doesnt have those cool electric wheels that I saw on pretty much every other F, 150 lighting yeah. I think you may need to get the Platinum to get those, but whats cool is the tires that are on here. Whats, the Continental recommended tire for an F 150 Lightning. The terrain contact at – and we do have General Grabbers on here, which is owned by Continental heck yeah. How about the exhaust tips lets listen to it from the outside Music. It actually does make sound yeah, but nothing like crazy. No, like theres theres, I feel like theres, an electric car that had like an outside sound. I mean Porsches kind of do: yeah, look at the charger yeah the charger, yeah, exactly tape them on the back with zip ties and just send it yeah. And then we got the lightning badge with the blue outline on the sides, which is cool, but this one at the very back does not have the lightning bolt America flag, yeah, maybe Canadian ones dont get that or maybe its a platinum thing yeah. Let us know in the comments, because we actually dont know the answer to that, and then this is like the mid trim, theres a lower trim and then I think, theres also like a work truck version too yeah, the pro, which is like way cheaper, um, but Thats all I know about it probably way less range as well.

So then looks wise. Would you take this over the new Silverado EV, this isnt as futuristic? This is definitely more tame. I guess, if youre more subdued person – probably yes how about this compared to cyber truck or Rivier, it looks wise, so that counts, yeah. And then I guess the tailgate as well. Its got the one that you can like automatically like flip up and its got all the rulers and stuff at the back, the normal F, 150 stuff youre not missing out on anything no at least I dont think youre missing out anything. It feels like Im not missing out on anything, no, it doesnt how about back into the interior. Are you comfortable in the seats up here Im very comfortable in these? They look really nice as well. Yeah, no complaints, uh everything else is pretty much normal. F. 150 stuff, but I mean this full digital gauge cluster is different than a normal F 150 gauge cluster like when we change our modes. We dont get cool transitions because its all in the tablet, right, which kind of sucks because, like those transitions, were nice, but you can see like some electricy stuff and like your power distribution and its got a good amount of things in there. Then our infotainment. We can make it white or we can make it black its a lot easier to see during the day if its white, I personally think or just leave it in Auto and let it do its thing – Apple, carplay, Android, auto.

We can sketch and write some stuff. Like like theyre like fun, little mock e gimmicks and then we got SiriusXM, it was a little tricky to get to the station I wanted to digging through while driving. So I used the voice controls and it worked very well to get to 341 Utopia. The best station check it out and if you want a couple free months of Cirrus XM, hit up siriusxm.care.com the straight pipes and then we also have heated and cooled seats that are through the infotainment as well uh. So that part sucks, but its nice. That we have heated and cooled then we also have park assist, which is a hard button for that thats, pretty cool yeah. But to get to your camera, you got to go through your infotainment or dont like but its nice, because, unlike Volvos, you can see the front or rear with the 360. At the same time, Volvo has not figured out how to do that yet yeah and its very good resolution as well yeah, and then we also have like all around lighting. What other cool stuff do we have on here? We got a smart hitch stuff, so I guess locking onto trailers and stuff like that yeah we got features for towing, like they thought of everything that people would want to do with this yeah and in a good way. So youre not like intimidated by some like weird electricy thing that, like I guess, F 150 truck buyers.

Dont want right. If you got out of a previous gen truck or even a 10 year old truck like my 2010 F 150 Raptor and got into this youd. Be like cool. I understand whats going on youre not going to be weirded out. No, not at all. This is a normal truck. I dont want to drive a Prius. I want an F 150 there. We got it exactly. Then they did nail the regular truck. That happens to be electric and then how about back seat, room, fantastic, no complaints, tons of room and this interior is generally such a quiet place to be. This truck is so quiet. Oh too. Quiet like quieter, like quieter than regular, F, 150s. Obviously, because theres no engine, probably thanks to the tires yeah, actually it could be okay visors. These are Big theyll pass three two one full pass, and then our cup holders look like they will fit cups. Just fine, just like all F 150s. Do nothing weird here and then the sound system really good, really really good. In here Bang and Olufsen, okay, traction control off sport mode through cliche corner Gon na. Take It Easy. This is much better taking it easy, but if I did the fast way like I did earlier, it would be all over the back yeah yeah there we go yeah good its going as long as youre not trying to get to the edge and when you are At the edge its just like youre fighting it, but youre still going fast exactly, and this one also does have blue Crews, and it does work really well.

So with all that, out of the way, I think its time to get the price its a lot of money, it starts at 68, 000 for the base, lightning, Canadian, and this one is 100 000.95 hey whatever man. Cars are expensive and Electrics. Expensive and people want it. So theres no reason to price it for less and its not like its out of line from its competitors either. So its probably even a little bit better value. You want a nice truck. You got to have money yeah its not like a Raptors cheap yeah. Exactly people buy those. So then, if you could have one free electric vehicle from Ford, would it be the Mach e GT, or would it be this Ford F, 150 Lightning, and I have my current vehicle lineup of my five dumb cars? Yes, that is correct. I would go with this. One because it could power my house ah and the Mach e is not enough performance for me. Yeah. I think I go Maki GT really like I dont need a truck. No, I know you just too much like I. I know like theres a lot of people buying a truck for the first time with this, because its cool but like I, I dont, think I think Id be happy with an SUV. Let us know what you guys think this one Maki or any of the other competitors that are actual competitors, that are trucks like the uh Hummer and the uh, the futuristic Silverado thing and the rivian that we havent driven okay, its coming one day.

Oh, and do you mind the name lightning at first, I did Im over it.