The eqs is also the first model to be based on the modular architecture for luxury and executive class, electric vehicles, fusing technology design, functionality and connectivity. The eqs is designed to Delight both drivers and passengers. The 2022 Mercedes Benz eqs sedan is the flagship of the Brands electrified future in one of the fanciest EVS ever its curvaceous body, effortlessly slips through the air for maximum efficiency and its palatial cabin boasts, luxurious appointments and state of the art features for the all important Wow factor as an exceptionally intelligent vehicle, the 2022 580 eqs has up to 350 sensors on the highway. The dual motor eqs 580 comes across as heavy and Powerful, given the 516 horsepower 380 kilowatts and 631 pounds to foot 856 newton meters of torque aerodyne Dynamics is a big part of the picture here on the inside. The eqs offers the full Mercedes experience. Music. 2022. Mercedes eqs 584 matica, beautiful sedan and many colors options: Music, the Mercedes eqs, injects true luxury into the world of electric vehicles. Model number Benz, eqs580 2022 made in German body type sedan, Music, 2022, Mercedes, Benz, eqs 584 Matic AMG line Edition 1 color high tech, silver obsidian, black eqs 584 Matic starts at 135, 291 euros and 10 cents. Just look at features highlights at a glance of Mercedes eqs: 584 Matic sedan, 5 passenger capacity. Dual permanently excited synchronous, PSM power, HP, 516 horsepower combined single speed, 516 horsepower combined power, HP 400, kilowatts, all wheel, drive the front is combined into a black panel unit, Innovative headlights connected by a light band and the Deep black radiator Grille black panel form the distinctive Face the exclusive look of the black panel radiator Grille, with the design picks up on the original Star of the Daimler motor Angus, a shaft which was registered as a trademark in 1911.

. There are two options available: initially the qs450 plus and the eqs 584 Matic. There are three main trims available with each of the models: standard exterior with electric art, interior, electric art, interior and exterior and AMG line, exterior and interior. Depending on the model chosen. There are five different equipment packages available, advanced advanced Plus premium Premium, Plus on the top of the range business class. The eqs 580s hatchback lifts to reveal 21.5 cubic feet, 610 liters of storage, which nearly triples to 62.5 cubic feet, 1770 liters with the back seats down about what one would expect from a Fastback design is excellent, but the back could have been better Porsche and Audi Are ahead compared to this, for the back design, Music wheels are 21 inch. Amg multi spoke with black accents 9.5 by 21 front and rear tires are 265 40 or 21 range optimized summer, beautiful, digital, electronic key and SS an option. The eqs has automatic Comfort doors 4 at the front and rear when the driver approaches the car the door handles extend then as they approach further. The drivers door opens automatically on the inside its Space, Age, interior and born electric platform. The eqs offers the full Mercedes experience that includes brushed metal, shiny, black plastic wood, leather suede and led accent, lighting the Mercedes Benz user experience. Hyperscreen is the absolute highlight in the interior. This large curved screen unit sweeps almost from a pillar to a pillar. Three screens appear to merge into one as they sit under a single glass cover.

The 12.3 inch OLED display for the front passenger gives them their own display and control area. Mercedes put a lot of effort into the interior of the eqs hyperscreen, a one piece curved screen that stretches across the width of the dashboard. It is impressive, no doubt, but the 56.7 inch wide screen is prone to Reflections in sunny conditions. Despite the inclusion of a sensor that automatically Alters its brightness, it does work with impressive speed, though thanks to an 8 core processor and 24 gigabytes of RAM, either display setup is controlled by the latest generation. Very smooth, distinct design on off button commands very decent and luxury feel unique. The cup holder is removable. If you want, you can also remove it from here storage space, especially with a very strong design, high quality materials, a Mercedes feel and Windows command, buttons, very high quality, a futuristic interior and a huge hyper screen front seats. Leather quality finishing takes you to the comfort and luxury look of Mercedes, but the huge paranomic sliding moon, roof and sunroof are extremely luxury. The back seats are also very spacious, but a little less leg, space than the S Class. A little tight on the fifth seats. When fifth seats are folded, device and other control, entertainment buttons can be operated, theres plenty of leg room for everyone as well, and our 580 was equipped with a 1 700 executive rear seat package plus, which means massages for everyone in the car.

Tesla and Porsche may be ahead in speed, but the Mercedes eqs 580 line Edition is ahead in interior luxury, AC charging definition, type 2, 9.6 kilowatts, USA, only 100 and 11 hours, 30 minutes type, 2, 11, kilowatts, 100 in 10 hours, type, 222, kilowatts, 100 in 5 Hours lets look at the competitors for the eqs injects true luxury into the world of electric vehicles. Howdy e tron, the 2022 e tron SUV and sportback skip the weirdness and deliver all the luxury and performance of Audis. Other high end models just fully electric poesh take n4s. The 2021 Porsche taken is no Tesla fighter, but its the Benchmark for fully electric performance. 2021 Tesla Model. Essence La model X. If you can look past the gimmickry of the Falcon doors, the 2021 Tesla Model X can render the Big Gas guzzling family SUV obsolete thanks for watching the video please like And subscribe.