I have empty five, which is just down there, which are pot exchanger. To give this. What do you think nice looking car lets? Take a for a spin right. I have to say Im so impressed with this car the Driving Experience a lot better than my old mg5 have to say its not as soft as mg, but its also nice hard as some of the competitors I have tested before I have been driving electric cars For over six years now – and this is my fourth electric car and so far the best I did – let me have a look at some stats here – I did 64 miles. I have set up the mg pilots on. I never thought Ill say this, but I really enjoyed her when people were saying about mgpine at how great it was, and I was like now. I, like my Driving Experience, um too much that I just let it running by itself. But you know what, on the longer Journeys its absolutely amazing, you dont really need to worry about the distance. The car will just slow down really nice. Basically, the last 64 miles. I didnt even touch the brake paddle, because the car was just adjusting all the speed by itself really impressed Im averaging two point: sorry Im averaging 3.2 miles to the kilowatt hour, which is average because I set up cruise control for 70.. So I dont have much time to do much regenerative braking, I have to say, but yeah really enjoy now its speed up again, because the car just moved in front of me to the other lane, brilliant and the car is stopped again.

This is such a clever piece of technology. I mean, I have to say, oh the car manufacturers. They should be worried because this car is going to be a game changer. In my opinion, for the Eevee industry. I know its not cheap car when youre looking over it, but for an EV, absolutely incredible value for money. You know I bought this car. This is the long range with 64 kilowatt an hour battery and this guys capable of doing up to 281 miles in the summer. That shouldnt be really be much trouble to get to that figures. I was driving mg5 and my personal best distance was 225 miles. Family of five going to the seaside from Stafford, I dont remember the place we went to and we still had five percent remaining. I literally just drove to drop my mg5 and parts to take this one and I did 202 miles. This is October. The third, the second sorry, a temperature when I took off was five degrees and then it grazed up to 13, and I managed to do it with two percent remaining, which is pretty amazing. I have to say, and the 75 percent of the journey was on the motorway shes doing quick top up. I like the light indicator, so you can see thats each quarter of the battery, so thatll be half three quarter and a full battery, which is quite nice. Sadly, this is only 50 kilowatts. Well lets see how quickly we can top it up to 80 90 battery charge 98 in just over an hour happy with that all right guys.

I think this car is pretty amazing Im, not a card journalist. You know this is just my personal opinion. I mean look at that LED lights. I, like those Sharp edges, 17 inches alloy wheels, look at the interior. I think that looks pretty good way much better than my old and my everything I mean look at the space at the back five foot. Ten still got space, looking good, oh thats, very clever for isofix nice, USB port to the back some space there. Some cup holders – nice, I dont – think there is another card – just looks like this. Just has that nice unique touch decent sized boots around 360 liters. It is smaller than mg5, but it should be fine for us. They dont do granny cables anymore. The guy said well, type 2 will do and again look at that half a battery to indicate love. This whats also worth mentioning that there is no key button to start. You literally sit down the car and youre ready to go. Lets have a look again whats inside here. This is the uh SE model your glove box, doesnt like that, you can pull this. I really like this storage here, its quite a bit of space, to be honest, but also youve got another huge space here, and this could be also used there for phone. But there is a massive part here and even my huge Samsung Galaxy s22 old truck can fit it in quite easily.

You go yeah challenge touchscreen, and then you got your main screen here, but yeah. What do you think guys? I have to say. I really like this floating console. However, you can see the fingerprints on those black here already and that was the same thing with the mg5, but sadly you cannot have everything. This is my average consumption 3.5. I wasnt going slowly because I spent nearly eight hours driving and Ive done over 400 miles already, no sorry, 500, because when I collected the car it was Zero, so I did 300 and to get to my final destination. That was another 200, so I did 500 overall, not in this car. Oh, so what I like, you can customize those buttons here when you press the star, you go your climate control and then you can just use the buttons to change the temperature and adjust the things which is nice, bring it down Ill, bring it up. Foreign got all your settings for different modes. I was using Eco today and a little bit of more and normal mode to start with thats the originative braking again Im, not a huge fan of the high one. So I was just doing the Adaptive and it was doing a pretty good job mg pilot, as I said, doing, a pretty nice job thats it for today hope you enjoyed this episode to see uh my honest review of mg5 after having it for over a year.