This is the new 2023 id4 Pro s Im going to take this on a little Joyride and see exactly what Volkswagen EV is all about. Lets get it. So my name is Fernando with electrek and, like I said today, we have the id4 for an all day kind of road trip situation and to kind of see what its like to really Drive in one of these things. Like I mentioned earlier, we are using the id4 the 2023 model in the Pro s trim. Now this Pro s trim starts at 47 495 MSRP, and that does not include any tax incentives that your state and federal tax gives you for purchasing an EV. Now the pro s model does bring premium, LED projector lights with adaptive front life system. We also have poor weather lights, which improves visibility in inclement weather, which was hard to test today, because it was such a beautiful day and we also have some nice other things that I noticed as I was driving the car. So we have an illuminated front and rear Volkswagen logo and a front light bar. We have a heated steering wheel, which is great for somebody like myself whos in the Northeast, and it does get relatively cold once these October November December marks start to hit, and then one of the biggest things that surprised me about this car from a feature set Standpoint, it doesnt really do anything in terms of how it drives and how it feels, but it does make it extremely comfortable when dry driving, and that is the ability to have a massage function now its not a crazy, massage function.

If youve been in an S550 or S600 one of those higher end cars, those massage chairs are probably a little bit nicer, but this one for the price. It does have lumbar support that moves up and down automatically, which was extremely comfortable, especially when youre going on a long five to six hour car drive, which gives you about 268 miles on a full charge. The real range is about 240 to 260, but overall, its a very plush experience, but were just going to take this out for a joy ride and learn about the infotainment system. Learn about the EV, see what its like to charge it up and also see what other technology you know. Volkswagen is added, because Volkswagen in their German line has always been very. You know very stable and a very true car, something that just always works, especially with myself as a Volkswagen owner Ive owned about four different Volkswagens. But this is my first go around in the EV space with Volkswagen. So, Im excited to take it on this little joy ride. So stick around for the video its going to be a good one. So, as were going on this journey Im going to just update you guys on the little quarks and feed features that I do notice. As we go along, but you can see that the trim is very nice plush leather, the stitching is beautiful and you just have two main screens its a very minimalistic design.

You know very EV, of course you have the main Dash right here which gives you the speedometer lets. You know how fast youre going lets. You know exactly what kind of Lane assist is going on and you can actually feel when on the highway. You know everything kind of keeping you in one lane. You feel the steering wheel, kind of like nudge, you a little bit when you are kind of drifting off into a certain Lane, so thats always good to see, and then we do have a beautiful 12 inch monitor right here with apple carplay, both wired and wireless, And you also have Android auto capabilities which is beautiful to see so the car is very intuitive. I just turned on cruise control and its very, very simple. To set up. You know, classic everything is a capacitive touch button, so you do feel a vibration. You feel a click, but its actually not doing anything. You know and thats to each their own. Some people like the physical buttons, some people like totally touch screen. This is kind of like a middle ground where its capacitive, so you feel it and you get feedback when pressing the buttons quote: unquote, but again its not an actual button that youre pressing, but to set up the cruise control. You can see that we have it activated for 68 miles an hour and then also, if you press this little button in the center right here, you can actually dictate how far away you want to be from the car in front of you, and you can see With little that little lever right there, where it shows you how many distances and I believe its about 10 feet per and then its easy to just speed up also, we can speed up.

It speeds up in increments of five miles an hour, but also keeping in mind that there is a truck right in front of us. So one really nice thing that Im noticing about the adaptive cruise control in this id4 is that some cars actually disengage cruise control. When you reach a certain mileage per hour, but this one I dropped as low as 25 miles an hour, and not only does it keep my lane behind this car right here, but it also keeps a safe distance that I personally establish and then slowly lowers and Its only lowers and speeds up, depending on how far a car in front of me is no matter how low that miles per hour is at least so far the lowest Ive seen. It goes 20 miles an hour curious to know if it goes any lower, but as I go right here, go to 45 its starting to speed up, because the car in front of me has been speeding up as well Id love to see it another tidbit about This Volkswagen id4 is a 0 60 for this model, specifically, I believe its 5.4 seconds, but for the lower level model, the 62 kilowatt hour, one will be 5.7 seconds. So yes, its not that Tesla speed, thats 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, but a who really needs that much in terms of torque and power from 0 to 60 and B, its still an electric car. So you still get that giddy up and go.

You still get that instant torque. You still can pass people up very, very easily and Im going to show you guys what it feels like, especially from somebody from my end, where I dont have too much experience with EV, so were going to slow down here. To about 20 miles an hour and then just hit the gas pedal and lets see what it looks like in terms of my reaction. So three two one slingshot engaged whoa and it just feels kind of like a little spaceship and its its fun. Its definitely a fun fun car to drive, so I did want to show off a little bit of the infotainment system, even though this is more of the tech, specs and kind of the battery. You know data in use right now, so you get to see exactly you know, whats going on from a battery perspective with your car. So how many miles you get per kilowatt hour? How your distance has gone so weve gone 52 miles. Your average speed? How long youve been going for and then your average mileage per kilowatt hour, which is again great data to have and at 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour? We have about 197 miles left with a 74 charge. So, just to give you a quick idea of what the infotainment system looks like this is the built in nav. You have the Bluetooth settings right here, or you know your mp3 player, so Im currently wired in to my iPhone and playing music.

You have the car information right here and then you also have the ability to go to carplay as well. So that is the home button. Then you go in here for multiple menu options. You know phone navigation control, the sound. You also have the ability to use the Wi Fi thats built into the car. So, as you guys can see this connection right here is actually the data connection in the car and then, if I go into carplay, you can actually see that thats. The data connection for my phone and you can see my phone – is Wi Fi, enabled and Wi Fi connected to the Wi Fi in the vehicle. So you can see that the buttons there is some texture to the buttons on the steering wheel and some textures to the buttons on the actual Dash themselves. But in my opinion I would rather either gone one of each way either make them fully touch screen or give me some actual tactile buttons. This has taken the approach of haptic feedback and they are capacitive buttons so like when you do press them. You feel a little bit of feedback, but its a little bit mushy in my opinion, so if thats, something that you cannot get over, then again, maybe take a second look but overall from a function standpoint everything does exactly what its supposed to do its just a Matter of getting used to the capacitive touch buttons, but again I wish they went one of either way either fully touch screen or they went with actual knobs, especially for the climate control.

Then, obviously, you do have the hands free, easy, open and easy close remote power, rear liftgate, which also is very convenient when traveling with a lot of groceries, because, yes, this rear trunk will provide a lot of space for those larger grocery runs for those larger grocery Runs and anything else, whether you go to maybe a Home Depot or Lowes, and you have some larger equipment where you do have to put the rear seats down. So at the end of the day today, I do think the id4 is well worth it. If you are thinking about going EV and especially if you are in the Volkswagen family already, so if you are in the Volkswagen family, this is a great next step. If you do want to get into that EV world, because there are a few things happening, that you should take note of so firstly, is that Volkswagen is moving its manufacturing for U.S sales of Volkswagen, id4s and other Volkswagen cars essentially, but theyre moving it locally. So theyre putting it in Tennessee in Chattanooga they have a 7 billion dollar manufacturing plan to make everything more localized and personalized to the US. Consumer and theyre. Also introducing the new id4 standard, which is their 37 495 dollar 62 kilowatt hour. Rear wheel drive id4 for 2023 thats, going to be only for the US and North America and its going to be produced here in the US, which is great to see so everythings more localized.

Everything is much easier to get, and ideally it will ramp up manufacturing and make them more readily, and I think thats, 62 kilowatt hour id4 will be great as a beginner EV, especially if you want to stay with a German made car. But that is pretty much going to do it for this id4 review. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below. Is this a car that you would pick for yourself for your family members, or would you go a completely different route? Just always curious to know, but I think the id4 lineup is a great lineup from all the way at that 37. 500 price point all the way up to almost 54 000, with the new id4 all wheel, drive Pro S Plus but thats gon na.