I think we have a pretty good challenge lined up for it: thats not only going to test the power and pulling capability of this vehicle, its also going to test that really cool four wheel steering capability, and how can that help you in tight spaces, pulling a Really long trailer, Music but lets first talk about the easy, toe and thats the jet skis and guys. This is going to be a really short segment, because the jet skis simply tow like theyre, not even there, and the efficiency doesnt even really go down, and I think its because the Humvee has such a large aerodynamic cross section that the jet skis are within the Slipstream behind the vehicle – and they dont even really affect the aerodynamics of the full package. So, at the end of the day, your range does go down a little bit, but it wasnt what I expected and, like I said, you really dont, even know, theyre there and just an FYI. These little electric scooters do wonders when youre loading jet skis by yourself, and you have a boat ramp, a mile and a half from your house Music. Your neighbors are definitely going to look at you, weird Music, but thats, pretty par for the course. These days, all right its time to take actual par 37 cross cabin out of the water for the season, but definitely not without a little bit of 80s music Im fortunate enough to have a Humvee, so lets see how this thing does now.

This is not going to be a long distance toe Im, basically going to bring it to the Marine dealership, but it is going to give us a good opportunity to see how it feels to tow a 14 000 pound boat and trailer with the new electric Humvee. I know theres, probably somebody out there thats like hey, wait a second thats twice the rated load. You shouldnt do that. Well, I did it worked out. Fine, so be a Karen or a Ken somewhere else on somebody elses Channel and with that disclaimer lets move on to actually pulling the boat out of the water Music. Now this is not a performance review of this vehicle. I know theres a ton out there and I dont need to this thing is a monster, its a thousand horsepower guys, but its a thousand electric horsepower. So the torque curve is just monstrous and you can really feel it when you pull the boat out of the water. You just theres zero lag to zero hesitation, it doesnt even dry, even for a boat and trailer setup that weighs you know 13 to 14 000 pounds. I dont even think I put it in low range here. I did find it pretty important to make sure that the Humvee is set in the lowest or the middle ride height setting when youre towing these larger vehicles Music. I will say that, due to the Humvees excessive weight at 9 000 pounds and its massive torque and horsepower curves that I dont believe that the towing weight limit at 7 500 is set because it doesnt have the power or the ability to control the load.

I think its set simply for efficiency. They just want you to have more range when towing a vehicle. In order to do that, you have to tour lighter setup, but power and weight to be able to tow a heavy load are two things that this vehicle has plenty of: Music Music. Thank you, Music. 0 to 40 acceleration tests Towing this boat. Its pretty impressive youll see that I never even flat footed it. We got it to about 460 kilowatts, which is about 616 horsepower. I suppose you could put it into WTF mode and do a 1000 horsepower launch, but maybe not with my truck while Towing this boat youll see that it doesnt wobble at all. It doesnt push it doesnt, sway its a very stable ride, but again keep in mind. This is a short rural trip with speeds that were under 60 miles an hour. The last thing Id like to talk about, which is the big differentiator between the Humvee and all the other trucks, is a four wheel steering, but not before I throw it forward a decade to the 90s Music. Just so happens. I lived on a pretty tight driveway Im, not sure if I would have made this without this four wheel, steering sorry about the Drone jerking issue, guys Im, actually driving the truck and flying the Drone here at the same time, look closely at the rear tire Music. When you go ahead and put it in automatic four wheel steering mode pretty intuitive and it does pretty much what you need it to do, yeah it doesnt take too long and you get a feeling for how you operate it in automatic mode to put that trailer Tongue, where you want it, Music, well thats, going to wrap it up, and I hope you guys have enjoyed this Towing review for the electric Humvee at the end of the day, its not a Ford 550, with a towing range of 300 miles and a huge diesel.

This is, however, if you have small boats and Jet Skis this thing, tows incredibly well for bigger boats like this going longer distances, you probably do want to move to a dually diesel setup, but for most purposes and towing practices under 7 500 pounds yep the EV Humvee tows, incredibly well with a reasonable towing range of 150 to 170 miles per charge and again that big differentiator is that four wheel steering it allows you to maneuver, even heavy big trailers, down pretty tight Pathways with ease and accuracy and, as you can see, even On soft wet loam surfaces, it owns that 14 000 pound boat stay tuned for our next video, which is the Key West World Championship races of 2022, its one of the best times in the Boating industry in 20 seconds youre about to see the beginning of last Years race, it gets crazy, so stay tuned to the end of this video Until Then boat, safe, boat, happy.