Welcome to the channel this video Ill, give you a quick Handover and go through the basic features about this vehicle, so this video will basically helps you before you go to either test drive or I and youre driving a long car or driving a courtesy vehicle youre Driving a rental car somewhere or before you get on the road so just to go through the basic features. Therell be a quick guidance if you want more mg features or tutorial review, please check my link down below that will go through all the things. Instead of just basic stuff and if youre looking to buy one in Auckland New Zealand, make sure you contact me, my name is Jerry. I work for a bit and, if youre looking for more videos in the future, please make sure you subscribe and like down below. So quick guidance keys. This is how the key looks like we have lock when were all locked up and unlock just like that. So we also have kitty Sentry on the door, so just press the button to a lock or press the button to unlock its pretty simple at the front. We have the charging ports so press this cover open as on the vehicle, is unlocked Central locking. We have type 2 on the top and the combined CCS for DC charging, so thats pretty easy when you plug it in it will lock itself and when you want to unlock the charger charger, just press the unlock key to make sure it before you pull it Out, basically, you can indicate on the right that tells you if its charging or not charging will give you blink or breathing if its charging to a certain percentage, um yeah its pretty standard.

It opens but pushing logo on the top and we have a quite deep space. You can also lift this up to a higher level, so this is the sort of two level stage level, so its the higher level underneath we have our charging home charging port and the tire fixing kit so Ill. Hopefully, do an individual video in the future about how to use that, but its pretty simple cool. You get the instruction on the menu and you can take these off. If you need to small hooks on the top, you can drop. The CT pin too well show you that later manual tailgate just lock it at the back seats. We have pretty much a standard things air in so the back USB charging USB a and USBC and isofix points. We have all the three tethering points at the back: armrest great easy go up and down. You can press the cover to unlock the armrest and, if you do want to drop the seats, just pull this lever and on both sides the seats will drop nearly flat and you do want to make sure you. You take the seat belts before you push it back in, and the small Pockets at the back small cup holders on the side, so pretty easy and when were jumping youd, actually see it on the drivers side. This is the essence model by the way, if you on the X side, dont, have the electric seats were on the passenger, just manual adjustments, thats, pretty easy, go up and down fold forward backwards and recline forward backwards and poke it and window controls or Central locking.

The vehicle drives off, oh its, my light unlocks its the standard mode. Then you get the electric windows on all the sides and electric window lock for the rear windows just safely and once were jumping. If you want to switch on, you have to make sure you push the foot on the brake and press this button, another vehicle block and look and start it up on the right. We have Wimmer adjustments, so left go up and down sorry right up and down to change the right, Wimmer left up and down right, swimmer and headlight adjustments. So you can do the leveling! So normally, if you just want to paper inside zero or one will be okay, but if your vehicle is fully loaded with luggage and five people, you might want to do two or three just to lower the headlights so thats how to change that. Aarons unlock unlock thats pretty easy and we have the indicator on the left and lighting control on the left so auto light that stays on auto and rear fog lights. So we only have rear ball guides, so we can switch forward for vehicle four Glides windscriber on the right, just Auto wipers or push the lever up to one position. Its automatic then switches forward backwards or you can go up and down to two menu. So to say again, this is not available Music. That means you havent actually turned the motor off for the vehicle, and we can change this thing and we can change the digital dashboard go left and right so different menu.

We have four menus on the top. You can see the small lines, so this is the basically vehicle information menu. We can see the tire pressure and the Turbo socket 12 volt battery. Sorry and you can see good condition and settings. Okay go right, thats your setting menu, so it basically brightness settings. So change your brightness level higher low or high, and so you can press ok to go sorry, high, medium or low and the speed limit alert. So that means, if you set 100, the vehicle give you 1800 instead or 105 110 and once youre, okay, just press. Ok, so thats pretty simple, go right again. We have the vehicle information, so we have the current journey and motor vehicle speed. Everything once you start driving itll show you you can go up and down to change your to change your current Journey or long journey. So that shows you off. So the battery consumption information like that voltage and all those things turn right again. Thats your adapt. Your cruise control and then departure warning information over there, so thats pretty simple. We also have the speed assistance systems its showing you the speed limit over the area underneath we have the cruise control so very simple. Just push all the way thats off and pull back thats on. That means its ready all. You need to do just press set button to sit and go up or down to change your set speed and twist forward backwards to change your distance between you and the front vehicle.

You can also engage the traffic traffic jam assist by pulling against the steering tights. The traffic jam assist is on. That means you can use traffic jam, assist and the vehicle give you steering balance a low and high speed, and if you do want to cancel it or pause it just very light, touch pulse or resume like touch back to resume or completely cancel push all the Way, thats completely cancel no light on the dash, so thats a tentacles control and when we jump into Home Center screen, so Ive done a full video going through all the things but Ill show you the quick guidance we have the battery. So you have your charging. Discharging information everything on the top and you can also do discharging so you can buy a vehicle too, to load system cable that allows you to do a charging and discharging basically so thats how that works, and then we have Apple carplay, Android auto. So you do need to connect your iPhone Android phones to the USB cable to connect those devices. We also have radio, so you can press this that allows you to play radio through the screen and go left and right to change your radio stations or swap left right to go to and radio stations. You can see the all the radio stations available well, see the favorites lets save the favorites either by cleanliness or the different, whichever whatever you want to call it.

Dab is not available Music, then straight name straight address and suburb. Everything or you can see different favorites. Recent other things so very clever system. Again Ive done video of going through that so check my video. If you would like to go through the details on the right, we have the phone connection, so weve done the management and we have AC sorry well, show you the AC, so press the AC button. The AC shows up. We have heady seats on the essence model, but no Helix is on the X side by the way on and off AC button. This is all just quick Theory button. Then you can click the red button underneath for aircon temperature aircon fan speed, and here we have volume, adjustments for fan, speed, aircon, rear, demister, quick adjustments for the front windscreen and on and off push and hold to switch on switch off and volume and home button Is pretty simple and lets go back to home? Again we have done AC, so Bluetooth, very simple as well. So if you want to connect something just make sure you, this is already connected to my phone. So if you want to connect something, just search Bluetooth, then search the mg logo on the top very handy to use, and you can make phone calls through the vehicle. So now you can see the phone button and where the source button allows you to change your interface of the music playing the vehicles allows you to set up quite a few things.

First, one is mg pilot with the other system systems. Again, I have done a full video about this. If you do want to check details, you can do that. So what you need to do is engage disengage. Whatever the features you like or you, dont like convenience, you can change all the things about the door, locking you can change the lighting information. You can see the vehicle information everything like that, so these are pretty simple and next one we have the 360 camera. So, as once, you put the vehicle in reverse, the 360 camera will ultimately pops up. But if you dont want it, you can just push it back to a park. Thats pretty easy. All you want to engage individually. You can also press this button. You can click 3D click, different camera angles on the left and right to show you all the things video you can actually play video through the USB cable again, which Ill show you in another video settings thats about the screen settings that allows you to set the General things about your you know: brand names, everything, Bluetooth and connect to Bluetooth and sound change. Your sound settings. You can also swipe this up to the system, so that allows you to see the system and software on other things. You can also do USB storage to see whats in your USB and you also have user menu. You can check your user menu going through this and find your vehicle that allows you to actually compound your vehicle with your phone to do the mobile app control, so thats, pretty cool radio weve done that manual.

Weve done that so yeah thats about pretty much all about the screen on the essence. We have the wireless charging pad just simply place your phone over. There were on the X side. You will need to use either the USB or turbos okay to charge your phone mode button that allows you to change to driving mode, go up and down that change to normal. You can see over here normal spot and go back and Eco, so change your throttle response and acceleration, because thatll go through the different sort of chain, regenerative braking so number three or number one or number two. So number three is heavy number. One number two is light and moderate battery. Basically, it just shows your battery information on the top, nothing special dear change, so were on park at the moment. If you do want to go for drive, you have to make sure you hold it very heavy and right to drive from left to neutral, go all the way to left to Rivers, otherwise push down top for Park. So if your handbrake is on youre going to drive as long as youre holding brake, I dont know if it goes in good condition. It should automatically release your handbrake and then, when you push back to park, your handbrake should automatically come on. You can see the light over here. You can also see the light on the dashboard, the parking light, so thats pretty simple, but if you dont manually, release just push down to release and pull it up to put it up and we also have Auto hold.

So, as long as you have your seat belts on, you can engage this function when the complete stop it will automatically stop for you, stop the brake for you and when youre ready to go just press the accelerator, the vehicle goes forward, so thats, pretty simple and Couple, the storage and small storage here your own menu should be in here and on the essence. We have the so on. Both models well have the light control on the top, so this is door. Light means when the door is unlocked. The light will come on reading lights, reading lights and all the reading lights. Everything on the essence. We have the sunroof just push back and forward close the shade, and then this one Fields open push forward to close well open the glass just like this close. Of course, just like this, so yeah overall, this is just quick guidance to get you around the vehicle to make sure you understand the basic buttons here and there, if you do want to the. If you do want the in depth review on everything we in depth tutorial and everything make sure you check my playlist down below Ill show you all the extra information you want to know so yeah thats, all the for todays video. I hope you enjoyed it. Please please subscribe and like if you this, is helpful and well see you next video.