First, one is Titanics on EV Max and the second one is Mahindra XUV 400. Now I will give you a brief introduction about these. Two electric cars Titanics on EV Max is the later version of Tata Nexon, EV and Mahindra. Xuv 400 is the first SUV electric car from Mahindra company. Talking about the drivetrain comparison Tata, Nexon EV Max is having a 40.5 kilowatt hours battery pack with this battery pack. It is having a climate range of 437 kilometers coming to Mahindra XUV 400. It is having a battery capacity of ‘.4 kilowatt hours and its claim range is 456 kilometers. The battery is used in tata, Nexon, EV, Max and Mahindra are IP67 rated. Titan, X and EV Max can be fully charged in 15 hours with 15 amp plug in point, and if we use 7.2 kilowatts AC fast charger, it will take 6.5 hours with DC fast charging option. It can be fully charged in 56 minutes only for Mahindra xov 400. It will take 13 hours to charge it fully with 3.3 kilowatts, 16 amp home socket and 6 hours, 30 minutes with 7.2 clothes and 32 amp outlet. It is also having first charging option with which we can charge the car in just 50 minutes. Only actually Mahindra XUV 400 is having slightly less battery capacity, but still it is having a climate range more than Tata Nexon EV Max. We already made a customer review. Video on Titanics on evmax – and we got to know that Tata Nexon EV Max – is delivering a real world range of 300 plus kilometers talking about Mahindra XUV 400, as it not touched the Indian roads till now we cant estimate Its Real World Range Tata company is Using permanent magnetic synchronous, AC motor, which is having 143 BHP power and a torque of 250 NM Mahindra, has not shared the details of motor, but it is having 310 NM of torque Titanics on evmax can attain 0 100 kmph speed in 9 seconds and Mahindra can Do this in 8.

3 seconds only Mahindra, XUV 400 is having larger boot space compared to Tata Nexon AV Max its boot space is 378 liters and Nexon EV Max boot. Space is 350 liters. Only coming to dimensions of both cards Max is having a length of ’93 mm and width of 1811 mm and a wheelbase of 2498 mm, where XUV 400 is having 4200 mm length, 1821 mm width and a wheelbase of 2600 mm coming to the features Titanics on Ev Max is having ventilated seats, air purifier, electronic parking, brake, Auto dimming, irvm, four wheel, disc, brakes, ESP traction control, region, level, 4, Z, Plus apps connectivity, and many more and Mahindra. Xuv 400 will have features like six airbags, dual front side and curtain. Health start assist Hill descent control, Electric parking, brake raid disc, brakes, rear parking camera with the dynamic guidelines, ABS, with EBD safety and Driver assistance system, safe exit, assist Highway, Drive, Assist blind spot view, monitor 360 Degrees, View, Camera, rear parking, assist system, tire pressure, monitoring system And more Tata, Nexon comes with four color options: intensity, pristine, White, Daytona, gray and midnight black. That is dark. Edition. Mahindra is having five color options: Arctic blue Everest, white, Galaxy, gray, nepoli, black and infrared blue Tata, noxon EV Max, is having an extra room price of 18.34 lakhs. This is exit plus variant, price and Mahindra is having an expected price range of 16 lakhs to 22. Lakhs Tata is offering 80 years or 1 lakh.

Sixty thousand kilometers warranty on battery and motor and Mahindra has not revealed the details of warranty and Mahindra is expected to touch the Indian roads in January 2022., Tata and Mahindra. Both the companies are having vast experience in automobile industry coming to Electric Vehicle segment, Titanics and EV Max is already a proven vehicle and Mahindra. Xuv 400 need to prove its strength and, of course we can say. Mahindra XUV 400 can be a correct rival for tatanix. On EV Max and as of now Tata, Nexon EV is the best selling car across India. Now we have to wait and watch whether Mahindra can beat the tatanexon and reach the top position, or not thats, all for now, friends, thats, all about Tata next on evmax and Mahindra XUV 400. Comparison, video, If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video with your friends and family members for more such videos. Please subscribe to our Channel and press the Bell icon to get instant notifications whenever we upload the videos go green.