Welcome to Autogefhl and welcome to the BYD Atto 3.. Now, if youre scratching your head and thinking, why does that sound familiar to me Its because that quite well known car rental companies Sixt just placed an advanced order with BYD for 100000 units.? The bulk of those are thought to be Atto 3s.. Now a lot of commentators have said Well thats an advance order.. Well believe it when we actually see the cars on Four Courts., But to say that its a market disruptor is probably putting it a little bit. Mildly. Right from the get go, if you look at this Chinese car design, you know that its a serious proposition. If it looks in any way slightly familiar in terms of styling thats, because all of BYDs designs come from their Head of Design, Wolfgang Egger. Sound. Familiar. Formerly the head designer with Audi., So the pedigree of this car is pretty good to say the least.. As you look at this head on. What I really like about it is: it is a great expression of individuality, whilst at the same time representing exactly what you want from this class of vehicle., So some pretty unique touches., This really wide chrome strip across the front goes elegantly straight into this headlight design, Which does have a very European feel to it, but with a Chinese influence., A lot of German manufacturers say theyre, moving away from Chrome and Chrome finishes, because they dont feel its sustainable.

Its interesting to see such a bold statement right at the front of this car. Where theyre saying Well hold on a minute. Were not convinced were completely done with that design look. And I like the way it really does make a completely new statement.. I think the way that it presents says Yeah its okay.. We get European design, but we have a little something extra to offer for ourselves.. So for me, front of this car, a really big hit., 4.45 meters or 175 inches. Around at the side. This car starts looking like a lot more familiar. Territory. Compact crossover SUV.. Well, this doesnt do anything to either disappoint or amaze in equal proportions.. I, like the rugged appearance of this ready to use solid, looking base. And the styling on the side has just enough flair to break up the visual aesthetic.. The chrome trim on the windows, the panoramic roofline. Nothing here is reinventing the wheel, but its all delivered really nicely. And I hate to have to say whats, obvious and predictable, but you can feel that German design influence.. I think when you look at this car in profile, you start to really understand exactly what it is that Sixt is thinking.. I think this is going to be insanely popular within the rental market and I think its going to be very, very popular at home as well. Around to the back well Im pleased to see that nobodys perfect. I dont know if this is just for show effects, But Im not completely convinced there are a stack of customers who would love to have that decal on the back of their car.

, Its a pretty bold statement and one that kind of almost makes you want to rear end it a little bit.. So I hope thats. Just there for show effects. And in any case the rear of the car doesnt need it.. Look how nicely this light finish is carried out. Right through it., Again theres more accenting using a chrome finish tying in nicely with the red.. You know this really does make me think that theres a lot of the more understated Chinese design language in here than you might think at first glance.. A lot of these features are quite common in Chinese release vehicles., But here theyre, more elegantly and more subtly delivered.. So its a nice round back, but its still got sleek elements of design that youd expect from a European design, but a little bit of a Chinese twist.. I think this is an absolutely fantastic piece of design work for its brief.. What do you think Well before you look inside lets check out that build quality. Im really putting a bit of energy into that, and it sounds nice and solidly put together., So great, aesthetic, outside., Great, build quality. Panels will look nicely matching and well fitted.. I think this might be where this car and I, however part company, because whoever had the design brief for the interior of his car was clearly told, think differently. Check this out.. Well, that is definitely going to be an either love it or hate it.

. It is not hitting my buttons., But then again everything new and different always looks a little jarring. The first time you see it., So a radically different approach to door design.. I guess thats going to be the exit and entry point. Standard controls down here.. I dont even know what design genre you would put this into. And then, when you look at the bottle holder in the rear, bizarrely mounted to the speaker grill to look like guitar strings., As is so often the case that would have looked fantastic on a designers. Notepad. In real life, however …, Oh theyre even tuned differently. Do I want that in my car? Well, its gon na suit people who want things a little different. And you have to give him credit for not just doing the same old, boring thing again again and again.. This is definitely a new approach to an interior of a car. Lets see how the cockpit works out., Okay, so my first question is: who is this car designed for? Well, I just have my first answer. Jonas just spent a full 3 minutes trying to play Smoke on the Water on the door pocket.. Now I guess that was the point of the design., Its supposed to engage the user in a different way than you, standardly get from cars., Fair enough., But I dont know if Im ready for a world in which a car has optional musical elements that I can Twang.

Im from an era where drumming on the steering wheel and the dashboard is the most important thing.. Maybe Id really like having a guitar built into the door.. I dont know. Im very keen to hear your thoughts., But meanwhile its interesting to note that that kind of design idea or a direct retro link back to almost 1950s Rock and Roll from the States, which is almost where some of this kitsch gets. Its design feel from. Think of a 1950s diner. Thats. Almost the style of the interior.. Look at this and tell me that that doesnt look to you like a stack of CDs on a shelf ready to be played.. This is obviously the heating and cooling vents and they are significantly different to whatever youre likely to have encountered before.. So you know what Im going to stop being a grumpy old, man. And again Im going to have to take my hat off. Whats. The point of doing everything the way its always been done before. If youre going to come new into a market, you should make a statement. And my goodness, theyre, making a statement Now. I really do want to make this point right off the bat look at this drivers display screen. Its very small but its perfectly placed.. Not only can I see it really clearly from my driving position, but because its further out from the dashboard, its relative size, actually doesnt upset you visually whatsoever.. All of the information you need on there.

Nothing to distract you.. I think they might have followed that design. Aesthetic through slightly to the infotainment screen, which is, to all intents and purposes, a gargantuan iPad right in the middle of the car.. Well, okay, I know I know. Ever since Tesla. This is just how things are done now., But I would have liked a slightly more subtle approach, but is it fair to expect a subtle approach from a car that has a rack of CDs for heating and cooling in the middle of it big red bulky wheels? Although well done tactile and easy to adjust. And a gear lever that looks like it will be more at home, either in a flight simulator on somebodys desk or the Starship Enterprise.. Well, we wont know until we drive it., But if fun is high on your list of things that you want out of a car interior, I think you would struggle to find one thats much more inventive than this.. If, by the way, you have two main thoughts, when you look at this, the first being Man, I wish there were more things in my car for my child to fiddle with. and two being. But what happens if I want a different perspective, every 3 minutes. Dont worry, theyve got you covered., Look at this., Wow., So kind of a cool feature.. I like that idea from the point of view of while I want different things from my car when Im stationary in it and waiting to pick somebody up than I do when Im driving thats pretty cool.

, But it does feel a little bit distracting.. But that said, it is very nicely executed.. Now before you start thinking, Come on Brian, Stop being so miserable.. What about the kids Dont? They deserve to enjoy the car and have fun too Dont. Worry they havent forgotten you, because … Dun, dun da, is that Eye of the Tiger. I can see this driving me nuts.. Every door has this fitted. And if you think that sounds like immense fun, try sitting in a supermarket queue or a petrol queue in Paris. Currently, for three and a half hours with four children in it under the age of 10, and see how you feel about it then., But meanwhile it does look fun and funky.. You get the same CD rack, air controls in the back. USB and a USB C, and the finished quality back here is first rate.. They really done a good job with making this car feel extremely high. Quality. Spacious. A little bit lacking in headroom., Im 510 or 178 centimeters, but I have a long torso.. So you compare me to around about 61. And, as you can see, Im a little lacking in headroom., But I dont want to be uncharitable.. I can adjust my position and still be pretty comfortable., So long story short great for four adults., A bit of a squeeze for five, but completely achievable. Electric cars, obviously not having that central transmission mean that you can make better use of the middle.

. This is not having said that a comfortable middle seat. And beyond a short trip, youre, really not gon na – want to spend a lot of time sitting back here., Good storage, though.. Look at this. I dont think Ive seen that before. An actual two part pocket in the back of the seat., Ah good., Even more places for children to put sweet, wrappers. Excellent, But lots of fun lots of light lots of space, good use of light good use of colors.. Really, I have to say it again: I am really pretty impressed.. This car is a disrupter., I think, is going to bring change and I think its going to sell, like hotcakes. Were going to take a quick look at the boot to see how practically usable it is.. But first I wanted to draw your attention to this design. Detail. Looks rather a lot like fish scales and I think it speaks very well to the entire design quality right throughout this car.. The attention to detail is excellent. Is the boot usable Lets, take a look and find out. Well. First of all, we have to practically see if we can actually get into it.. Here we are. Wow, look at that. That is a pretty impressive amount of space. Im gon na guess. We can adjust this floor to make it higher, so we have a flat entry.. So yeah. There we go., If you want flat entry, you put the base into its highest position.

. So lets take a look at that first.. That is going to give us a total depth of …, Oh its, not as big as you might think. Around about 79 centimeters or 31 inches.. So pretty shallow.. You might struggle with a big suitcase in there. A load area width of around about exactly, I would say, 98 centimeters or about 38′ inches., And if you take those side, additional storage areas into account. Well, thats, where you do have a bit of extra space.. That goes all the way up to about 1.20 meters or around about 47 inches.. So I guess the backs. Neither fish nor fowl. Youve got a really pretty decent amount of room as long as you dont have anything too deep to fit in.. Meanwhile, this drop floor is really pretty handy., As you can see now they have sort of made it look as if theres a lot more space than there actually is by removing the standard tools that would obviously be in there.. But that looks to me like it is enough room for a charge cable., So thats, pretty good.. And if I drop this floor down to its lowest point. As you can see, there is significantly more depth in here. And if you look at these side string pockets, it clearly looks as if the design is intended to work. Generally. This way for most of the time.. Now those seats can and do fold down. Im going to fold one down just to show you.

Whats interesting here is, as you can see, the flow through is designed to work with this shelf in its higher position, not its lower one.. So if you want to use the load through generally, you want the shelf in its higher position.. As you can see, the seats dont fall flat., But if you do put them as low as theyre gon na go, that is going to give you an overall large space.. Thomas is like a master of using this thing. It still feels a little bit awkward to me. There. We go. Total load depth of around about 155 centimeters or 61 inches., So a pretty competitive boot. Really when you take the batteries into account. And while were on the batteries, lets, take a look at the charge. Point. Dont yet have any reliable figures for battery performance, but the batteries should be available initially, at least in a 50 or 60 kWh flavor.. So you can probably get a pretty accurate idea yourself of what distance thats likely to lead to. More information on that to follow.. You can be pretty sure its going to be competitive. Design execution two thumbs ups for me. Im very excited to see how it drives and see it on the road a little bit less to travel with multiple children in it..